10 accessories to improve your office setup

You’ve built your new PC, you’ve got a nice IKEA desk, and your home office is slowly falling into place. One by one you will collect new accessories for your office setup that will make it more complete. But you feel stuck and need some suggestions? Here are 10 of the most useful accessories we recommend for your office setup.

1. LED pixel clock

There are several different versions that we recommend. The first is the LaMetric TIME, an LED smart clock for anywhere in your home. It is only available in black, so it will perfectly match the aesthetics of any room. The clock connects via Wi-Fi and has a host of features, which include custom animated clock faces, a stylish display of time, weather and incoming calls, and even works as a built-in speaker. bluetooth speaker. It can also control your smart home lights, such as Philips Hue.

It’s a bit pricey at around $200, so if you like it primarily for aesthetics, the Divoom TimeBox has plenty of similar features for just under $70 in a smaller package.

2. Headphone holder

If you’re like most people, your on-ear headphones are tucked away in one of your desk drawers or sitting somewhere on your desk, taking up space until they’re needed again. A better solution may be to make or buy a stand for your headphones. It can come in the form of a stand or a clip-on hook on the back, side, or under your desk. It’s such a small feature but gives you a bit more desktop space than before.

Something simple like the Lamicall helmet mount would work great for any setup.


3. Desk mat

Once you’ve laid out your desktop the way you want it, you may find that it looks slightly empty. If you want to spice up your setup a bit, desk mats are a perfect way to do it. They come in an abundance of colors and styles and are a great way to keep your keyboard, mouse, and phone from slipping.

A good size to look for is 18 x 24 inches, which would quite easily fit any size keyboard, mouse, and a few other accessories.

4. Acoustic foam panels

It’s the one that few people think of but is more useful than you might imagine.

Content creators mainly use acoustic foam panels to reduce echoes, making recorded audio sound a bit cleaner than before. Even if you don’t make YouTube videos or podcasts, having foam panels by your desk in your home office is a great way to make your room slightly quieter and make your voice a whole lot nicer when talking to people. friends on Discord.

These foam boards also come in a variety of shapes and colors, so you’re bound to find the right ones for your home office.

5. Ambient lighting

No gaming desk is complete without some extra colored lights to accentuate your nerdness. If you want to spare an arm and a leg, you can opt for the Philips Hue Lightstrips, which work wonderfully with all your smart home gadgets and adapt well to any setup. However, if you’re on a budget, Govee’s smart LED strip lights are much cheaper and work well with its mobile app and various smart home voice assistants.

LED strip lights are perfect for placing behind your desk, monitor or around your bedroom; they provide a lot of extra light and of course increase your gaming performance.

6. Desk lamp

When RGB lighting just isn’t enough, a nice floor or desk lamp will do. Edison lamps provide warm, bright light and don’t take up much space; Getting one that’s dimmable with built-in USB outlets, like this one from Bosceos, would be a perfect fit.

7. Wireless Charger

If you’re more of a wireless charger, Belkin has some great ones for Android and iOS. The one linked here works for Samsung, iPhone, and Google Pixel devices and charges at around 10 watts. Although some people like to create beautiful cable-managed charging stations right next to their desk, a wireless charger can also be a practical and aesthetic solution.

For more options, check out the best Qi-certified wireless chargers for iOS and Android devices.

8. Desktop Organizer

A boring but essential accessory, a quick and easy way to organize notebooks, pens and other quick-access office supplies is a must. There are several ways to do this, and a monitor stand with drawers underneath is a great solution. However, if you already have a monitor stand, Lipper’s Bamboo Organizer is also a more compact and affordable option.

9. Computer speakers

Especially if your monitor doesn’t have built-in speakers, some high-quality external drivers will be very helpful. The Creative Pebble Plus received MakeUseOf’s Editor’s Choice for Best Affordable PC Speakers. The Creative Pebble Plus costs just under $50, is USB powered, comes with a subwoofer, and offers excellent sound quality for watching movies and listening to music.

While over-ear headphones are better for immersive gaming experiences and audio editing, a good pair of computer speakers still come in handy.

10. Scenery and figurines

Custom decor is where your office setup really comes to life, showcasing your passions to the world. This could take the form of figurines, such as Nintendo Amiibo or Bionicles, your favorite art and photography on the wall, or a fake plant or two for a more minimal design.

The possibilities are endless, and this is where you can have the most fun.

Your home office will never be complete

Once you find everything you need for your home office, you will reach a certain level of comfort. After a while, however, you may get a new game console, a second monitor, more artwork, etc., making you want to buy more or get rid of some parts of your desk. .

Your bedroom will always be an ongoing project, and that’s okay. As we evolve as humans, so does our environment, and change is always good.

We hope you like the items we recommend and discuss! MUO has affiliate and sponsored partnerships, so we receive a revenue share from some of your purchases. This will not affect the price you pay and helps us provide the best product recommendations.

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