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Welcome to the school of demons, Iruma-Kun! is a charming animated series that mixes many genres and ideas into one colorful package. It contains isekai elements regarding Iruma and the Netherworld, but it also contains high school hijinks and, every now and then, some exciting shonen-style action scenes. Some Iruma-Kun! the characters are really powerful, including Azazel Ameri.

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First and foremost, Azazel Ameri is the tough but fair president of the Babyls Student Council, but she can also get by in a fight. Ameri is ranked 6th out of 10 and she has proven herself against the mighty monsters of Walter Park with her romantic talent. With such impressive strength and speed, Ameri could take on a wide variety of anime characters and defeat them in fair combat.

ten Tsukasa Shishio Lacks Demonic Strength (Dr. Stone)

Tsukasa hair blowing in the wind

Tsukasa Shishio was once famed as the strongest high school student in the world, and his massive build builds on years of experience fighting in UFC games. He has learned all kinds of martial arts techniques, and he can break trees and kill lions with his bare hands.

Tsukasa’s advanced technique would help him outlast Ameri than any other human, but that’s still not enough. He just can’t match Ameri’s demonic romantic strength, and once he’s received a few crushing blows, he’ll finally surrender.

9 Combustion Man cannot hit a target like Azazel Ameri (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Some Firebenders are actually Combustion Masters, including P’Li and the unnamed Combustion Man Assassin. They can set off explosions from a distance with their unusual firebending, and to back that up, Combustion Man also possesses a sturdy physique and a strong metal arm.

Even Ameri will get hurt if Combustion Man can catch him with a blast, but with Romanticist active Ameri will be too quick and nimble for Combustion Man to land a solid blow. Then, in a close combat, Ameri can overpower him with his incredibly powerful kicks.

8 Snek is not ready to fight real demons (One-Punch Man)

Snek is one of the many heroes of martial artists who fight for the Hero Association, and while he can easily take on thugs and ordinary criminals with his snakebite-inspired style, he would be overwhelmed if he took on Azazel Ameri. Saitama or Genos could handle it, but not A-rated heroes.

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Snek’s strength and durability cannot match Ameri’s, and Ameri would send Snek flying high in the sky with his powerful kicks before Snek could land a solid blow. Or, she could just throw it into the ground and smash the dirt underneath.

7 Itsuka Kendo’s big hands can’t protect her from Ameri’s wrath (My Hero Academia)

itsuka mha

Itsuka Kendo is the intelligent and responsible class representative of Class 1-B, and she and Azazel Ameri would get along well if they met, as they have so much in common. Itsuka would also challenge Ameri in a fight and realize that Ameri’s “Quirk” is much stronger than his.

Itsuka is a powerful melee fighter with her big fists, and she’s gotten even stronger recently. However, his firepower is still lower than that of Azazel Ameri, and no doubt a few well-placed kicks would decide this fight in Ameri’s favor.

6 Raphtalia Needs More Than A Sword To Beat Ameri (The Rising Of The Shield Hero)

Raphtalia facing her former shield hero

Against other sword-wielding opponents, Raphtalia is a powerful and skilled warrior, and she can also take on many thugs or generic monsters at the same time. This is especially true if Naofumi Iwatani protects her flank with her shields. Alone, Raphtalia can challenge Ameri, but she won’t win.

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Azazel Ameri’s strength and speed are too much for Raphtalia, and she would kick that sword out of Raphtalia’s hand and demand surrender. Raphtalia would have no choice but to give in once disarmed.

5 Nobara Kugisaki’s nails will not bring down Ameri (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Nobara Kugisaki is a first year witch, just like Yuji and Megumi, and she is quite fierce in combat. Nobara’s fighting style centers around hammers and nails, and she can deal serious damage to curse or rival wizards from a distance. She also has more advanced techniques, but they work better on curses than characters like Azazel Ameri.

Nobara can get by in most fights, but alas, the romantic’s only power is too much for her, and Nobara’s fighting style gives her some valuable defenses. Ameri could escape Nobara’s fingernails, then walk over and give her a few kicks to send a clear message. Nobara must give in.

4 Mikey’s demonic attitude can’t match a real demon (Tokyo Revengers)

tokyo avengers mikey intro

Mikey is just a 15 year old boy, but he’s already a stronger melee fighter than most adult men. He’s recognized as a prodigy, and he has unusual strength, reflexes, and durability for his age. He can easily defeat entire groups of offenders his age with punches and kicks, among other techniques.

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Azazel Ameri’s technique and reflexes might actually be slightly inferior to Mikey’s, but that won’t be a problem. While many punks may see Mikey as a demon, Ameri truly is one, and his supernatural strength with Romanticist will surpass even Mikey’s legendary durability.

3 Ameri narrowly defeats Nezuko Kamado in a demon duel (Demon Slayer)

boxed nezuko and tanjiro

Azazel Ameri is perfectly willing to take on other demons, and that includes the adorable demon Nezuko Kamado. If they met, Azazel would love her like a big sister, and she would get along with Tanjiro too. But if they fought, it would be a very intense battle.

Nezuko is good at kicking and she can also regenerate lost limbs, something Ameri has never seen. Still, Ameri has more raw power thanks to Romanticist, and she has more experience in combat. After Nezuko receives a few heavy punches, she will surrender and retreat into the backpack.

2 Ameri can take all animal forms of Lisana Strauss (Fairy Tail)

Lisana Strauss is much stronger than her laid back personality suggests, and she can use the same takeover magic that her big brother and sister can use. With it, Lisana can transform her body into that of an animal, often bird wings and cat claws, among other transformations. She can even fly.

Lisana’s main strengths are her flexibility and agility, which will help her hold out against Azazel Ameri longer. In a clash of strength, however, Lisann has no hope, and a few solid kicks fueled by the romantic will knock him out. But it won’t be easy to catch up with her – Lisana can really move.

1 Major Alex Armstrong will give Ameri a good fight (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Fullmetal Alchemist Alex Louis Armstrong

Major Alex Louis Armstrong is a powerful state alchemist, and even though he’s only human, he can hold out against the demonic strength of Azazel Ameri for a long time. After all, if he can take on the muscular sloth, he can fight a teenage demon as well.

In battle, Armstrong mixes his powerful physique with aggressive alchemy in one package, and he could also use alchemy on defense, to slow Ameri down. Ultimately, however, he cannot triumph over the sheer power of the romantic.

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