10 anime characters for Shoko Komi fans

Komi can’t communicate is a popular slice of life from the shonen series that takes place in an ordinary, fairytale Japanese high school with anything but ordinary students. There’s the ultra-extroverted party animal Najimi Osama, the ruthless yandere Ren Yamai, a student ninja, a buddha-like student and, of course, the mega-popular Shoko Komi.

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Shoko Komi is revered as a cool beauty who is too perfect for mere mortals, but the truth is, she’s just a shy, shy girl who longs to finally make real friends. Soon, her empathetic classmate Hitohito Tadano befriends Shoko and helps her branch out, and her true kind and playful girl nature is revealed. Fans of Shoko Komi should check out similar anime characters who have a thing or two in common with her.

ten Miku Nakano is calm but gentle (The quintuplets par excellence)

Miku Nakano, Quintuplets par excellence

Miku Nakano is the third of five Nakano sisters, and she is a fan favorite because of her kind but gentle personality. Anime fans are often drawn to sweet girls like her and develop protective feelings for them. It’s easy to put down roots for a romantic underdog like Miku Nakano.

Miku may have bad grades, but she does her best to study under Futaro’s tutelage, and she slowly muster the courage to express her feelings and see if she can get Futaro for herself. But she would never do anything to upset her four sisters in the process.

9 Kosaki Onodera is polite and sweet (Nisekoi)

kosaki onodera

Kosaki Onodera is a supporting character in the rom-com series, and she’s a romantic rival for the brash but loyal tsundere Chitoge Kirisaki. As Raku’s heart is on Kosaki, and vice versa, Raku must also keep up appearances as Chitoge’s supposed boyfriend, and Kosaki feels a bit left out.

Being a gentle and humble person, however, Kosaki won’t dare to interfere with Chitoge and Raku, even though her friend continues to pressure her to steal Raku from Chitoge. Kosaki should remind fans of Shoki Komi in all kinds of ways.

8 Sakaki is calm but likes cute things (Azumanga Daioh!)


Sakaki may not have a communication disorder or social anxiety like Shoko Komi does, but all the same, she is remarkably similar to Shoko, as they are both great, popular high school girls who find joy. in the little things in life.

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Sakaki is a cool, reserved girl who doesn’t get angry easily, unlike her troublemaker Tomo. Then again, Sakaki loves cute things, especially all feline things, and she will show off her warm and fuzzy side every now and then. It’s similar to how Shoko sometimes spontaneously has fun at the playground or at home.

7 Sakura Kouno is shy but has a good heart (Horimiya)

Sakura Kouno is a shy but generous girl who attends the same school as lovebirds Izumi Miyamura and Kyoko Hori, although she has a tendency to blend into the background at times. Sakura also has a good work ethic as a student council member.

Sakura, however, is unassertive and shy outside of schoolwork, and she finds it hard to confess to her crush, Tooru Ishikawa, until much later. She is also quite self-deprecating and doesn’t make friends very easily, but she will try anyway. She also has a sweet and balanced personality that everyone would love.

6 Ko Sakuragi is shy but kind (Wotakoi)

ko sakuragi wotakoi

Ko Sakuragi is a fairly tall girl who usually doesn’t wear girlish clothes, so she is sometimes mistaken for a boy, which happened when her crush Naoya Nifuji first met her. Regardless of appearances, however, Ko is a charming, if rather shy, person.

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Ko has similar social anxiety to that of Shoko Komi, but if a person is gentle and patient, they can gain Ko’s trust and become his friend, which was the case with Naoya. Ko tends to be left alone when playing games, but if the right person shows up, they’ll open up, and that’s something Shoko Komi can relate to.

5 Kisa Sohma learned to trust others again (fruit basket)

Kisa Sohma is one of the youngest members of the Sohma family that heroine Tohru Honda has met, and unlike fierce tsundere Kyo Sohma or playful Momiji Sohma, Kisa struggled to assert herself or even s ‘express in full sentences. She had retired to a shell due to difficult experiences at school.

Kisa was bullied at school, so she became withdrawn and vowed never to speak. That all changed when she met Tohru, whom she quickly saw as a trustworthy big sister, and she finally started to laugh, smile and talk like any ordinary child her age. She’s like a miniature Shoko Komi in that regard.

4 Kirsta / Historia was completely removed at the start (Attack on Titan)

Historia Reiss looking at the sky

For years, Historia Reiss has kept a profile so low that she hasn’t even used her real name to hide her royal status. She introduced herself as “Krista Lenz” to her friends and allies, and she tended to blend into the background as a humble, unassuming soldier.

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However, “Krista” had a good friend in Ymir, who understood her better than anyone, and Historia was ultimately inspired to become a more daring and decisive hero. She even became the queen of the island paradise, but then she took precedence over half-brothers Eren and Zeke, whose clash would decide the fate of the entire world.

3 Rem is a humble but loyal servant and fighter (Re: Zero)

rem with tears in his eyes

Rem is one of two sisters employed at the Mathers Estate, and Rem’s warm and heartwarming personality clashes with the abrasive attitude of her pink-haired counterpart, Ram. At first, Rem and Ram were suspicious of Subaru Natsuki, but Rem quickly warmed up with him and even helped him fight enemies like the Witch Cult and the White Whale.

Rem is a much stronger fighter than Shoko Komi could ever be, but that’s not what fans love her for. Like Shoko, Rem is a gentle and generous person who puts others first, and she is known for her healthy and honest personality, just like Shoko Komi.

2 Megumi Tadokoro has learned to appreciate her talents (food war!)

Megumi Tadokoro is a talented chef, but at first she refused to accept any praise or compliment due to her low self-esteem. Megumi was a shy and assertive student leader who almost got kicked out of Totsuki, even though she had the talent to pull it off. She must have been inspired, and soon enough, Soma Yukihira arrived.

Like Shoko Komi, Megumi’s life was turned upside down when a unique and kind boy extended a hand of friendship, and Shoko and Megumi were both inspired to reciprocate and do something on their own. Megumi and Shoko are two wonderful people. They just need a little bit of external motivation to prove it.

1 Nodoka Miyazaki was the shy girl in the library (Negima !, UQ holder)

nodoka miyazaki negima

Ken Akamatsu’s original Neguima! and UQ holder The manga series share a universe, and while their anime series has failed in comparison, fans still get a clear impression of most of the main characters, and that includes the lovable Nodoka Miyazaki. At first, she played the “shy library girl” trope, and she even covered her face with her bangs.

Nodoka slowly emerged from her shell as Negi Springfield became her friend, and Nodoka quickly established herself as a courageous and loyal student, and she even became an action hero able to read minds with a magic book. . She also developed a serious crush on Negi and slowly found the courage to tell him. Her good friend Yue encouraged her all the time.

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