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If there had ever been a list of the most unlikely heroes of all anime, a piece Usopp would be among them. This long-nosed sniper is the resident sniper of the Straw Hat Pirates, as well as a bit of a coward and a liar who has a tendency to find himself in dangerous situations – but he’s by no means case left in a fight.

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Over the years Usopp has established himself as a pirate and has had tons of Straw Hat adventures, but not much in the pursuit of love. While romance is not really the focus of A piece, It’s interesting to speculate on the types of anime personalities who would get along with the Sniper King himself, despite some of his flaws.

ten Sheska: a total bookworm who would love to hear her stories (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Sheska, Fullmetal Alchemist

If there is one thing to say about Fullmetal AlchemistThis is Sheska, is that she has an undying love for reading. An excessively bookworm, Sheska often throws herself into the pages of a book, sometimes to her detriment. She also has low self-esteem, much like Usopp.

Aside from being birds of a feather in their low self-confidence, Usopp’s stories (about his real adventures and the ones he made up) might just be something Sheska would like to hear – maybe even. write a book about them.

9 Charmy Pappitson: A Food Crazy Personality Who Is Easy To Get Along With (Black Clover)

At this point, Usopp is used to seeing Luffy fill his black stomach hole, so those with a big appetite probably don’t shock him anymore. He has a bit of an appetite himself, especially when he ran aground on the Boin Archipelago full of food, so someone like Black clover It would be easy for him to get along with Charmy.

Similar to Luffy, Charmy is generally carefree and is always looking for a good meal – although, unlike the Straw Hat Captain, she enjoys sharing food with others. Despite her small size, being partly dwarf, Charmy is also a tough fighter with her cotton magic, perfect for Usopp to hide behind in hairy situations.

8 Aqua: Useless maybe, but probably ready to believe Usopp’s great tales (KonoSuba)

While Aqua would try to make people believe that she is a powerful and competent goddess in KonoSuba, she is anything but. Much like Usopp, she’s a cowardly liar who talks about a big game and puts her in hot water most of the time.

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Aside from having similar personalities, Aqua is also incredibly gullible and believes that no one is able to lie to her, which could work in Usopp’s favor as Aqua would believe all of her stories no matter how badly they might. be invented. to be. Not to mention that Aqua’s ability to repel ghosts would be of interest to Usopp.

7 Kale: Both are shy, but fierce and loyal (Dragon Ball Super)

Kale from Dragon Ball Super

While Usopp can be a great coward in the face of danger, he is always loyal to his friends and tries to help as best he can despite his fears. Over time, he became fierce in battle. With all of this in mind, he has some similarities to the shy Saiyan warrior of Dragon Ball, Kale.

Kale is rather sweet and often feels negative, but she will get into a fight if her friend Caulifla needs help. In a way, she and Usopp are soul mates, although Usopp has to be careful whenever Kale rages in his legendary Super Saiyan form.

6 Kumoko: Good Thing Usopp loves spiders (So I’m a spider, so what?)

Kumoko, spider form and arachne form, so I'm a spider so what?

Usopp is known to be afraid of a lot of things, but surprisingly he’s not arachnophobic. Apparently Usopp used to play with spiders as a child, so he developed a certain fondness for eight-legged creatures. Maybe it’s something that Kumoko from So I’m a spider, so what? might be interested in him for.

While his monster spider form may be of interest to Usopp, Kumoko’s Arachne form might communicate with him better. On top of that, Kumoko’s courageous and invincible optimism could have a good influence on Usopp, who certainly needed a positive attitude.

5 Ristarte: The two are on a similar wavelength (Cautious Hero)

Ristarte, scared and cautious hero

Cautious herogoddess of healing, Ristarte (aka Rista) is already used to dealing with the most cautious of individuals, so someone like Usopp would be a walk in the park by comparison. His immense healing abilities would also suit Usopp’s persistence and silly luck when it comes to trying to stay alive.

Other than that, Rista and Usopp seem to be on a similar wavelength, panicking excessively in tense situations, while remaining loyal to those who matter to them no matter what. Unfortunately for Usopp, Rista may only have eyes for Seiya.

4 Rosetta: A Shared Appreciation of Plants (Granblue Fantasy The Animation)

Rosetta, Granblue Fantasy Animation

After his visit to the Boin archipelago, Usopp developed a kind of green thumb through the use of Pop Green seedlings as ammunition. Even before that, it could be said that Usopp had a level of appreciation for nature – enough to attract the attention of a certain primordial beast of the forest.

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Rosetta’s intentions in Granblue Fantasy are often a mystery to many, but she’s very kind to those around her and she loves gardening, which compliments her herbal powers. Considering Usopp and her common interests in plants, they might just make an unexpected match.

3 Mey-Rin: Snipers Must Stay Together (Black Butler)

Mey-Rin, black butler

Usopp isn’t the only famous sniper in anime history – there are plenty of snipers out there who could give him a bang for his buck. An example is Mey-Rin, a maid from the Phantomhive house in black butler which may seem awkward and awkward, but like Usopp, there is more to her than meets the eye.

Mey-Rin is actually a very talented sniper whose foresight allows her to take out enemies with pinpoint accuracy without even needing a scope. Having similar talents, the two would make a pretty unstoppable team.

2 Sabrina: She likes a guy who makes her laugh (Pokémon)

At first glance, Sabrina, head of the Psychic-type Pokémon Gym in the Kanto region, appears to be a cold, distant person whose emotions are tightly locked in. This is actually true, but after meeting a very goofy Haunter, his love for humor and his ability to laugh became more apparent.

Considering all of Usopp’s hilarious expressions and reactions, as well as all the funny stories he told Kaya at the time, Usopp would be one of those people who could make Sabrina laugh. She might just be able to appreciate the pirate on that basis alone.

1 Yoko Littner: a sniper and a mecha pilot (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

Yoko by Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann Yoko is a sniper who is able to take out tough enemies on her own with nothing more than her Sniper Rifle – even the tough and powerful Mecha Gunmen. On top of that, she’s a skilled pilot in a Gunman, able to fight with the best of them.

With his sniper abilities and Usopp’s penchant for robots (if his reactions to Franky and all his gadgets are any indication of that), there’s a good chance the two will get along pretty well. A nice but unlikely couple.

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