10 anime characters who are really bad at keeping secrets


The secret is rife in the anime. To have secret identities like Sailor moon Sailor Scouts to have secret powers like My Hero Academia’s Mojo. While some characters do their best to keep their secret from coming out, it doesn’t always turn out that way.

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Sometimes the person who uncovers these secrets can either keep them to themselves or be a gossip. For example, once Bakugo finds out Deku’s big secret instead of telling everyone, he decides to keep the secret to himself so as not to reveal Deku. However, not all anime characters can be like Bakugo and can’t help but tell everyone what the big secret is.

ten Each member is an open book (Chronicles Of Going Home Club)

Reviews of the homecoming club

In Episode 7, the members of the Going Home Club discuss their secret plans to throw a birthday party for their member Natsuki. The only problem is that Natsuki is there in the room as they all discuss these secret plans.

Despite their plans being a big, secret birthday party, these girls couldn’t help but plan everything in front of Natsuki, the birthday girl herself. She even tries to tell others it’s not a secret party if she already knows about it and is expecting everything.

9 Astolfo reveals everything (Fate / Apocrypha)

In Destiny / Apocrypha, Rider of Black / Astolfo can’t keep a secret to save his life. Astolfo constantly lets out very sensitive information, things like the real names of the servant and noble fantasies.

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This is something that is very problematic for The Black Faction. The Dark Faction is a bunch of indentured assassins, which is understandable why Astoflo’s loudmouth can be quite annoying to members of this organization.

8 Every Gym Member Spills Tea (Hajime No Ippo)

Every member of the Kamogawa Gymnasium is known to keep no secrets for themselves. Whenever Ippo tells a gym member about his romantic getaways with Kunmi, everyone at the gym the next day already knows every detail.

The main gym tea dispenser is Itagski, he loves to tell everyone about Ippo and Kunmi, but he also enjoys telling the secrets of other gym members. Although he promised the members that he would keep his mouth shut, that never happens.

7 Kana tells everyone about the secret location (Minami-Ke)

Minami-Ké Kana

In Season 4, Episode 13, Kana uses secrets to her advantage. After no one seems interested in watching the cherry blossoms fall, she decides it’s time to spread some secrets. After hearing various groups telling each other secrets, Kana approaches these different groups and tells them about a top secret location, in the hope that they will spread this information.

At first it seems her plan doesn’t work since she’s the only one there, but slowly all of the bands start showing up, it’s rare once that not keeping a secret has actually played out in everyone’s favor.

6 Asahi and her granddaughter can’t keep anyone’s secret (My Monster Secret)

My secret monster Asahi

In My Secret Monster part of the plot is that Asahi can’t lie or keep a secret. One day, after deciding to finally confess to his crush, Youko, he finds out that she is a vampire and will be forced to drop out of school if her secret is revealed. So, Asahi has to do her best to make sure her crush stays in school.

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Also, in one episode, Asahi’s granddaughter from the future appears, and the biggest clue that she’s her granddaughter is that she wasn’t supposed to tell anyone that she’s from the future, but told Asahi the moment she met him.

5 Haruna can’t keep a secret if it’s entertaining (Negima! Magister Negi Magi)

Negima!  Magister Negi Magi Haruna

Haruna Saotome is the type of character who won’t keep a secret if he’s too juicy to keep on his own. One day, Haruna threatened to torture her friends if they didn’t tell her a secret they were hiding from her.

However, as soon as they told her, Haruna already started telling everyone, which is why they hid it from her in the first place. She is also very close to telling Anya a big secret about Negi’s Pactio, which concerns her magical contract.

4 Miyuki struggles to keep her secret identity a secret (Smile Pretty Cure!)

Smile pretty remedy!  Miyuki

Similar to Sailor Moom, Smile pretty remedy! involves a group of magical girls with secret identities. Miyuki is the leader of the group despite his clumsiness and his big mouth. Miyuki, throughout the series, finds it difficult to keep secrets, especially when it comes to her secret identity and the identities of the other members.

One day after everyone who was under the Bad End spell comes out of it, they easily recognize the cures, making it even harder for Miyuki to keep her mouth shut.

3 Megumi’s Secret Identity Revealed (HappinessCharge Pretty Cure!)

BonheurCharge Jolie Cure!  Megumi

BonheurCharge Jolie Cure! is the eleventh anime of the Nice cure! franchise. Just like Miyuki from Smile pretty remedy! (ninth anime), Megumi is the leader of her group and can’t keep secrets either.

However, unlike Miyuki, it only takes three episodes before Megumi reveals her secret to her best friend Seiji. However, Seiji could already tell that she was hiding something big from him, due to her inability to keep secrets.

2 Ruby is another character who confuses everything (Rave Master)

Rave Master Ruby

In Master of raves, Ruby is a Sentinoid creature that resembles a penguin, and one day he decides to join the Rave Warriors after they save him. However, instead of being a useful member of the group, Ruby is anything but.

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This sentinoid penguin likes to blurt out whatever it thinks. Ruby even exposed the group’s battle plans in the midst of battle, rendering them helpless in the heat of the moment.

1 Clara acts like a child who can’t keep a secret (Welcome to the school of demons! Iruma-Kun)

Welcome to the school of demons!  Irma-Kun Clara

Valac Clara from Welcome to the school of demons! is known to act like a very horny child despite being a demon. Due to her childish and bubbly personality, it’s no surprise that she can’t keep any secrets from herself.

For this reason, all of her classmates find Clara quite boring and can’t stand being with her. Clara knows her classmates feel this, but that doesn’t stop her from acting like her usual childhood.

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