10 anime characters who are really good at keeping secrets


Many anime characters have secrets, but some keep them better than others. Some have managed to keep their secrets hidden for a long time or even until their death, no matter how dangerous they would be if they were revealed before.

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Some characters such as Junko, Clear, and Heathcliff have kept their true identities a secret from others by pretending to be someone else. Others kept aspects of their lives private, like Ray, Misaka, and Chiaki, hiding traces of their financial history or other jobs and hobbies they had. Whether these secrets had actual life or death consequences depended on their circumstances, but they were still largely kept secrets from the rest of the cast for a long time.

ten Junko pretended to be Mukuro (Danganronpa)

Junko strikes a pose

Junko and Mukuro Enoshima were twin sisters in Danganronpa, but they disguised themselves as each other. Junko pretended to take Mukuro’s identity and vice versa. The original plan was for Junko to ask Monokuma to jail Mukuro as “punishment” for acting early on and scaring the other students into submitting.

However, Junko betrayed Mukuro and killed her whenever she could, taking Hope’s Peak Academy for herself and setting the events of the rest of the series in motion while keeping her Mukuro disguise intact. Luckily for the students themselves, they eventually discovered Junko’s disguise and forced her to reveal her own identity.

9 Ray was a spy for Isabella all along (The Promised Neverland)

Waving ray

Ray from The promised imaginary land proved to be a spy for Isabella from the start. He was born by artificial insemination and did not suffer from infantile amnesia, unlike the rest of the orphans. After realizing that his true memories and the reality the orphanage had taught him were inconsistent, he finally discovered the truth about the entire orphanage.

This later led him to make a deal with Isabella. In exchange for keeping an eye on the other orphans, he asked Isabella for gifts as long as he was “good” to her. However, he used these gifts to create a transmitter paralyzing device to help eventually escape the orphanage of many other children.

8 Misaka Ayuzawa was secretly working in a maid’s cafe (Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!)

Misaka Ayuzawa in maid outfit

Misaka Ayuzawa was the “demonic president” of Seika High School through her post as student council president. She also worked part-time at a maid’s cafe in Maid Latte, as she came from a poor family and was only able to join school due to her low tuition fees.

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She kept her job as maid a secret from the rest of the school out of shame and fear that no one would respect her if they found out. Takumi Usui, the other protagonist of Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama !, later found out about her work, but kept it a secret.

7 Heathcliff was Akihiko Kayaba throughout (Sword Art Online)

Heathcliff was revealed, in Sword art online, to be none other than Akihiko Kayaba, the same person who created Aincrad and trapped everyone in the virtual world. He made a success of his life as Heathcliff by pretending to be one of the people trapped in the game and formed a guild called the Blood Knights as a leader. Asuna was one of the members of this guild, and Kayaba even made Kirito join after Kirito lost a duel against him. If Kirito hadn’t observed Heathcliff’s abilities up close, Heathcliff had planned to turn out to be the final boss on the top floor of the dungeon.

6 Light Yagami hid his identity as Kira from most people until the finale (Death Note)

Light Yagami written in the Death Note in Death Note

Light Yagami sadly hid his identity as Kira while killing countless people with the titular Death Note. Although L always had an idea that Light was Kira, Light was able to prevent L from having solid proof of her identity as Kira, and even managed to kill L and his assistant Watari.

Light also continued to prevent the rest of the investigative team from finding out that he was Kira after L’s death until Near finally found out his identity in the finale. Considering that being discovered as Kira would have serious consequences for Light, the fact that he successfully kept this secret for years while being surrounded by so many people who might discover his identity was impressive to viewers.

5 Chiaki Hoshinomori was secretly a game developer (GAMERS!)

PLAYERS Chiaki Hoshinomori!

It was revealed a few episodes in PLAYERS! that Chiaki Hoshinomori was more than just a regular player. She was also a game developer. Unknown to the main protagonist Keita, Chiaki developed many games that he was a huge fan of and was also one of his closest gaming friends when playing an MMO game together.

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In real life, however, Chiaki and Keita were enemies as they had a lot of disagreements about the game in general, so they had a harder time connecting offline than online.

4 Tsubasa Katsuki Secretly Comes From A Rich Family (Comic Girls)

Tsubasa Katsuki from Comic Girls

Although Tsubasa initially introduced herself as a normal girl, just like the rest of her mangaka peers at the dormitory of Comic girls, it was revealed in a later episode that she came from a wealthy family. She has also adopted a different character in front of her family, including keeping her hair long, pretending to know nothing about being a mangaka, and even wearing dresses, which is far from her usual casual attire. Tsubasa later revealed to her friends that she kept this chic character at home because her family didn’t support her as a manga artist at all.

3 Hidden erase the fact that he’s a robot (Dramatic murder)

clear dramatic murder

Clear from Dramatic murder was a robot. This surprised many viewers new to the series who didn’t play the visual novel first, as he looked incredibly human except for his weird ways of wearing a gas mask when he was in. audience and initially around the main cast.

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It was later revealed that he kept his identity a secret because he was not supposed to exist initially. He was originally created to serve the last villain, Toue, with his vocals. However, it was faulty compared to other robots and had to be scrapped. Instead, the person in charge of his disposition took Clear as his son and left Toue’s organization with him to keep him safe.

2 Saphentite Neikes was supposed to kill Glenn if relations between their families deteriorated (Monster Girl Doctor)

Saphentite Neikes and Glenn Litbeit, Monster Girl Doctor

Saphentite Neikes, also known as Saphee, was Glenn Litbeit’s main assistant in Doctor girl monster. She came from a family of merchants, and it was revealed that in the past their families agreed to work together during the war to help the wounded and secure medical production on both sides.

Saphentite has been sent to live with Glenn’s family as a political hostage to make sure the deal runs smoothly. What Glenn and his family didn’t know, however, was that Saphee was supposed to kill Glenn and the rest of his family if relations between the two families deteriorated. Fortunately, things never got there.

1 Syaro Kirima is secretly poor (is the order a rabbit?)

Syaro Kirima is the order a rabbit?

Syaro Kirima from the anime Slice of Life Is the order a rabbit? is secretly poor, although she presents herself as an ordinary girl compared to her peers. She lived in a dilapidated house next to Ama Usa-An, and she and her neighbor Chiya were the only two people who kept this secret hidden from the rest of the cast. However, after Syaro accidentally revealed her secret to Chino, Cocoa, and her other friends later, none of her friends judged her for it. They always accepted her regardless of her social class, much to Syaro’s joy and relief.

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