10 anime characters who better match Rei Todoroki than Enji


In My hero university, the supporting character Shoto Todoroki has a complicated relationship with his family. His bitter feud with his tyrannical father Endeavor is well known, while his mother, Rei, is another story. She is naturally a kind and caring person who just couldn’t bear to be married to Enji Todoroki and his energetic ways.

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Rei’s marriage to Enji was nothing more than an alter marriage, among other inter-family policies, and My hero university fans might wonder what kind of man Rei would have married if she had the chance. In an alternate timeline, Rei could have taken her pick from many suitors across the anime world and started a loving family with a number of them.

ten Isshin Kurosaki is a brave and funny family man (bleach)

Isshin Kurosaki was little more than a comedic relief when he first appeared in this shonen series, but he’s more than it looks. Isshin had once been a Soul Reaper, Captain Isshin Shiba, and he didn’t hesitate to sacrifice his powers to save Masaki’s life one fateful night.

Isshin then married Masaki and had three children with her, and he missed his wife very much when he passed away. Despite his grief, Isshin has remained strong and is attached to his three children. Rei would be very impressed.

9 Maes Hughes was a parent and model officer (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Maes Hughes smiling

Like Isshin Kurosaki, Colonel Maes Hughes might have been a prankster, but he was absolutely devoted to both his family and his duty in the Amestris Army. Maes was a skilled and very popular officer, and he endured the horrors of Ishval’s civil war without breaking down. He has remarkable courage.

Maes may not have a Quirk or Alchemy, but that’s not what Rei needs from a partner. She would trade any Quirk for a potential husband who would love and protect her, and Maes would be a great candidate. He would love any of their ice slinger children.

8 Captain Akitaru Obi is reliable and reliable until the last (Fire Force)

Company 8’s Captain Akitaru Obi is similar to Maes Hughes, totally lacking in a supernatural ability while surrounded by overpowered people. However, Rei has no interest in Quirk weddings; she only wants a spouse who will support and respect her. Akitaru Obi is ready.

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Not much is known about Akitaru’s personal life or story, but his personality and actions in the story are promising enough. With his honesty, courage, loyalty and integrity, there is no doubt that he could raise a happy family with Rei Todoroki.

7 Thors risked his life for his family twice (Vinland Saga)

Thor Vinland saga

Thors was once known as Jom’s Troll, an almost invincible warrior fighting for the Jomsvikings in the late 900s. Eventually, however, Thors grew tired of fighting and fell in love with Floki’s daughter, Helga. . They escaped together to start a new life, despite the risks.

Thors is determined to use his strength to defend his family and promote peace, not to wage war. He cares deeply for his wife and children on the Icelandic coast, and he gave his life to protect his son Thorfinn when Askeladd cornered him in the Faroe Islands. Rei couldn’t ask for a braver spouse.

6 Byakuya Ishigami helped his adopted son, Senku, realize his potential (Dr Stone)

byakuya ishigami dr.  Pierre

Byakuya Ishigami only played a background role in this semi-isekai series, but even with just a few flashback appearances, it became clear that Byakuya Ishigami is an anime steller father. He had his own ambitions, but he invested most of his energy in his adopted son, the brilliant Senku.

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Byakuya always put Senku first, and when he returned to Earth after the Wave of Petrification, he spent decades preparing for Senku’s future success, because he trusted this boy so much. That, and he’s a funny, kind person who can get along with anyone. This is exactly what Rei is looking for.

5 Jonathan Joestar will give anything for the people he cares about (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Jonathan Joestar was the hero of the Ghost blood arc of the story, and he was a shonen stellar protagonist until the end. He considered himself a true Victorian gentleman, and he proved it when he fearlessly faced and defeated Dio Brando, all while showing kindness and compassion to those who mattered most to him.

Jonathan may be strong, but he’s never been arrogant and he’s never done anything on his own. Instead, he was ready to face any danger and pay any price to protect the people he cared about, including his wife, Erina. If Jonathan had been born today, or if Rei had been a young woman in the 1880s, they would be a perfect match.

4 Hakoda was a model parent and leader of men (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Hakoda of the Southern Water Tribe commanded respect from all around him, especially his fellow Water Tribe warriors and his son and daughter. Hakoda didn’t appear much in the series until Book Three: Fire, but he made a big impression during that time.

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As a true tribal leader, Hakoda is brave, intelligent, and charismatic, and he is ready to take on any challenge and pay any price to defend his tribe and family. He has great confidence in his son and daughter and is extremely proud of their progress. Rei would love to meet him, and vice versa.

3 Kazuma Sohma was a father figure of Kyo (fruit basket)

Kyo's father

Kyo Sohma was a brash and rebellious kid, and he got along very well with his cruel father. Fortunately, Kazuma Sohma is another story. Kazuma is Kyo’s martial arts instructor, and Kyo has long viewed him as a surrogate father figure.

Tohru Honda had a wonderful impression of Kazuma Sohma, and Rei Todoroki too. Kazuma is wise, level-headed, and totally dedicated to giving Kyo the best possible life as an unofficial son. Such a nurturing spirit is what Rei needs in a husband, without a doubt.

2 Asuma Sarutobi was totally dedicated to Kurenai and his students (Naruto)


Asuma Sarutobi was the jonin in charge of Team 10, and he was almost like a father figure to them. He cared deeply for the well-being of his three students, and he was harsh but fair to the three of them. Asuma was also romantically linked to Kurenai Yuhi and made many charming gestures of affection to him.

All of this suggests that Asuma is a rather paternal person, and although he died before the birth of his child in Shippuden, there is no doubt that he would have adored his child. Rei Todoroki would be delighted to meet him if Kurenai wasn’t in the picture.

1 Ochaco Uraraka’s dad is clearly a wonderful parent (My Hero Academia)

ochaco dad my hero academia

Rei’s anime universe is home to a few notable fathers, and not all are tyrants like Enji, or absent, like Izuku. The story of Ochaco’s father and even his real name is currently unknown, but based on his brief appearances in the main story and in flashbacks, Mr. Uraraka is fighting back well.

It is already very clear that Mr. Uraraka is part of a happy and healthy household with his wife and daughter, and he is immensely proud of what Ochaco has achieved so far. He celebrates her victories, comforts her when she is defeated and has complete confidence in her. He’s the kind of man Rei needs as a father to her children.

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