10 anime characters who could single-handedly solve Marvel’s Infinity War


Infinity War is one of the most memorable Marvel movies of all time. It has a fairly straightforward storyline – Thanos, owning several of the Infinity Stones, travels to Earth to win the last one in order to change the universe to suit his whims. The Avengers faced him head-on, but, in the end, he was still victorious.

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The anime world is full of characters with abilities that would have made Thanos’ goals unattainable, possibly preventing Thanos from fully executing The Snap.

ten Zen-Oh can erase the Infinity Gauntlet from existence (Dragon Ball)

As powerful as the Infinity Gauntlet is, there are very clear limits to what it can and cannot do. It’s even more limited in the Marvel Cinematic Universe compared to its comedic counterpart. It barely survived a single use before it was destroyed and could no longer be used. Zen-Oh is powerful enough to automatically undo everything Thanos has done, even if he managed to achieve his goal. Of course, being successful on its own would be difficult as it couldn’t exceed Zen-Oh’s abilities in the first place. He would probably be erased from existence.

9 Saitama could just beat Thanos before getting the Last Infinity Stone (One Punch Man)

Thanos simply won’t be able to keep up with Saitama. Saitama is not really a serious character. He’s a gag manga character and his power is only limited by the joke’s fun nature. Each fight in which he participates ends with a single punch. When he gets serious, he eliminates the beings who have conquered the planets with their own strength. Thanos wouldn’t be able to collect all of the gems as Saitama would have just knocked him out at the start of the fight. All that’s left for the Avengers is the cleanup.

8 Sosuke Aizen would convince Thanos that he had used the Infinity Gauntlet and then take it from him (Bleach)

Aizen flies over the city of Karakura

Aizen can’t keep up with Thanos in terms of sheer power. But he doesn’t need it. Aizen was able to stop someone with the ability to see all space-time and how it was working in his favor, making him believe that he had seen something that he had not actually witnessed. Aizen’s bankai is too powerful for a living being to resist.

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Even owning the Jewel of Reality would not be enough. Once Aizen used his shikai, Thanos would probably have think he used the power of gemstones without actually doing it. That would be enough to get the gauntlet before Thanos could use it properly, giving Aizen the chance to get rid of it.

7 Kaguya Otsusuki would stop Thanos with Infinity Tsukuyomi (Naruto)

Kahuya facing Naruto and Sasuke

Kaguya’s goal was to create a jutsu strong enough to hypnotize the whole world. The “Infinite Tsukuyomi” is used with the Rinne Sharingan. Anyone who watches genjutsu is completely under its spell. They are completely immobilized, unable to retaliate or do anything else. Kaguya could not only stop Thanos, but she could also stop his entire army with this power. And what makes it even more ridiculous is that she would continue to fuel the jutsu by draining it of its energy. Only those who also have the Rinnegan or those who have been revived can avoid this power.

6 Lelouch Lamperouge could use Geass to hand the gauntlet over to Thanos (Code Geass)

Lelouch of Code Geass is pictured

Lelouch isn’t powerful enough to fight Thanos. But he’s smart enough to outdo him. The others had no other plan but to try to force their way out of the problem brutally. But Lelouch doesn’t need brute force. He can simply use the power of the Geass to convince Thanos to hand him the gauntlet. Or he can use it to convince Thanos to want to disappear. Or he could ask Thanos to destroy the gems. Lelouch’s Geass is so powerful that he is indeed invincible, possessing enough power to bend the Mad Titan to his will.

5 Kamijou Touma would break the infinity stones (some magic clue)

With the power of Imagine Breaker, Kamijou Touma could wrap up Infinity War in minutes. He’s not the most powerful person ever, and he couldn’t beat someone like Thanos in a fight. But what it has the ability to do is destroy any form of magical power or ESPer. There also doesn’t seem to be a limit to what he can break. Using his powers to destroy even one of the gems would make Thanos’ victory impossible. Touma would still be defeated as he couldn’t match Thanos in terms of sheer strength.

4 Irene Belserion Might Make Infinity Stones Too Hard To Find (Fairy Tail)

Irene belserion using enchantment magic

Thanos’ biggest problem was acquiring the stones. But the power of Irene would allow to put as much distance as necessary between him and the stones. Irene’s special power, Universe One, allows her to rebuild an entire continent as she wishes.

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In Fairy tale, she used it to shrink a continent, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t able to enlarge one as well. Magic can also teleport people to different locations, making it impossible for it to attempt to collect the remaining stones on Earth.

3 Rimuru Could Take Down Thanos’ Entire Army With Ease (Reincarnated As A Slime)

rimuru storm teleportation ability

Rimuru has already shown his ability to send out an entire army without any help. He wiped out thousands of soldiers in a matter of minutes … and it was before he was raised to power. In his current status as a demon lord, there seems to be no limit to his abilities. He can break complex spells, he can predict future attacks, he can summon beings from within to aid him in battle. Not only could Rimuru wipe out Thanos’ entire army, he can distract Thanos long enough to take the gauntlet.

2 Choushin can alter reality and erase the infinity stones (Tenchi Muyo)

The goddesses of the Tenchi Muyo world are clearly above anything Thanos is capable of. They can see out of space and time, and would be able to manipulate the powers of the glove, completely nullifying powers like reality and time gems. With that in mind, Thanos becomes someone who can only fight with his usual abilities and perhaps the simpler gems like the Power Gem. But even at this level, Thanos would be outmatched, as they are able to wipe entire space fleets from existence without a second thought.

1 Beerus would use his powers of destruction to wipe out Thanos (Dragon Ball)

Beerus is someone who could literally fight Thanos on a standstill. Thanos wishes he had the power to erase half of existence, while Beerus has the ability to do it naturally. In theory, Whis could do the same as well, but breaking the rules would lead to him being wiped out. Without such limitations, a god of destruction like Beerus would be able to simply destroy the gauntlet before it was used with the power of the hakai. Thanos even daring to try to destroy half the universe would probably be boring for him.

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