10 anime characters who get scared too easily


The anime world has characters of all types, and as Halloween approaches, it can be fun to categorize anime characters by how long they would survive in a horror movie, or what characters would do. great horror movie villains. But there’s more to horror than the monster itself – there’s also how a character reacts to it.

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The horror protagonists can scream in terror and flee for their lives, or they can brave the monster with an improvised weapon in their hand and try to save the day. Many anime characters would take this latter path and become a hero, but many more would run away and hide, waiting for it to be over. Which anime characters get scared quite easily?

ten Red blood cells scream in terror at the arrival of germs (cells at work!)

Cells at work! is one of the most colorful edutainment series on the market, and the cells of the human body are depicted as workers in uniform in a huge city that represents the body. The co-star is Red Blood Cell, who has a habit of getting lost and panicking during the workday.

The red blood cell is not an immune cell, so it has no defense when germs appear. Not only will she run, but she will also scream in horror and panic until White Blood Cell or the Killer T Cells arrive to fight off the invading pathogens.

9 Tohru Honda don’t like scary things (fruit basket)

Tohru with the fruit basket hat

When faced with bullies, Tohru Honda is actually very courageous, and she has the compassion and patience to coax the best side of the most traumatized or distressed people around her, like Kyo Sohma the Tsundere or Isuzu. .

When it comes to traditional horror, however, Tohru is easily scared, and she’s not the type to stay up late watching classic horror movies. In fact, she once visited a haunted house and lost her temper, so Hatsuharu made up a heartwarming story about animatronic monsters to make Tohru feel better.

8 Narumi Momose can’t stand horror movies (Wotakoi)

Narumi Momose is a closed otaku, and in particular, she absolutely adores the boyfriend or BL genre. She is also a talented artist who writes and draws her own doujinshi comics every year without fail. She has a vivid imagination, but she rarely goes astray in horror.

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Narumi has watched a horror movie with her friends before, and while her boyfriend Hirotaka was totally unfazed, Narumi was frozen to the bone. There’s no doubt that she’ll be asking for a horror-free feature film for the group’s next movie night.

7 Taro Kabakura is not as brave as he looks (Wotakoi)

taro kabakura wotakoi

Narumi is not the only one Wotakoi character who is easily annoyed by horror movies. His senior colleague Taro Kabakura likes to be tough and cool, but when a horror movie is slipped into the DVD player, he quickly hides behind the pillow and hesitates to watch it.

This is in stark contrast to his horror-loving girlfriend Hanako. She finds it hard to believe how creepy Taro is, but Taro might deny that if anyone brings up later. He’d rather watch more conventional anime shows than something gory or scary.

6 Shoko Komi fears a lot of things (Komi cannot communicate)

komi can't communicate shoko komi function

Shoko Komi is popular because she is beautiful, calm and dignified in school, but in reality she just has a hard time talking to people and feels terribly lonely due to her social anxiety. Fortunately, her new friend Hitohito Tadano helps her get over this and she makes many new friends.

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Still, Shoko isn’t too keen on horror or scary things, and she’s even afraid of thunder. In one chapter of the manga, she hides under blankets and rests on her mother’s lap until the storm is over. She also panics when strangers ask her a question.

5 Megumi Tadokoro gets nervous (food war!)

Megumi Tadokoro is a talented young chef who has had extensive seafood experience since spending her childhood in a port town in the Tohoku region. However, poor Megumi immediately lost her temper at Totsuki’s elite school. She almost failed, being totally incapable of asserting herself.

Megumi now has Soma Yukihira as her friend and number one trainer, and she has learned to cook with confidence. Still, she is easily triggered and intimidated, especially when it comes to aspiring Yakuza student Etsuya Eizan. It is easy to scare him with a hard gaze.

4 Zenitsu Agatsuma is notoriously cowardly (Demon Slayer)

Zenitsu beaten

Zenitsu Agatsuma is a fully trained demon slayer, but he rarely acts like that. When Tanjiro Kamado meets him, Zenitsu panics and tries to hurry to find a wife before his impending doom cuts his life short. So far, however, he has certainly survived. Her hasty marriage can wait.

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Zenitsu will find any excuse not to fight a demon or even enter his territory, which sets him apart from the reckless Inosuke, who fears nothing. In some cases, Zenitsu faints from pure terror, but then he can use his true powers in his sleep and turn the tables against any demon.

3 Aqua tends to panic when things go wrong (Konosuba)

Aqua is widely mocked for being a useless goddess, although the reality is that her skills are just too specialized for most of Kazuma’s missions. She works best when it comes to water purification and curse, and she has amazing stats. The real problem is his personality.

Not only is Aqua spoiled and spoiled, but she’s also likely to panic and flee when a monster approaches, like the giant frogs that keep trying to eat her. Aqua easily loses her temper during an adventure, and Kazuma quickly tires of her screams.

2 Chiyo Mihama is easily scared (Azumanga Daioh!)

chiyo mihama in azumanga daioh

Chiyo Mihama is somewhat of a child prodigy as she entered high school at the age of 10 and outperformed most of her classmates. At first, his older classmates are intimidated, but then they realize they can level the playing field by playing a prank or scaring him a little.

Chiyo is ultimately just a kid, and it’s easy to surprise or scare her with pranks, horror stories, or haunted house attractions. Troublemaker Tomo Takino, in particular, likes to take Chiyo down a notch or two by playing with her creatively.

1 Minoru Mineta panics at the enemy (My Hero Academia)

Minoru Mineta Angry Superhero Quirk Cries My Hero Academia

Aside from his extreme perversion, Minoru’s habit of panicking in battle is one of his worst qualities, and it’s a habit he must immediately lose if he seriously considers becoming a professional hero one day. Even if it means risking their life, a pro hero should never falter in the face of a villain.

Minoru totally panics when the League of Villains storms the USJ compound, and he’s intimidated when Midnight tries to corner him during Sero’s mock battle with her. Gradually, however, Minoru learns to be braver and risk everything in battle.

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