10 anime characters who keep being captured over and over again


The “damsel in distress” trope has always been popular in fiction, where the hero must save an innocent prisoner from the bad guys. As time went on and more and more stories were made, the trope started to become a bit less limited, allowing just about any type of character to be captured and in need of. to be saved, even the protagonist in some cases.

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The anime is no different in this regard, featuring numerous characters who are not just captured once or twice, but roughly once a week – so many times that getting kidnapped for these characters is practically their super power.

ten Ciel relies a little too much on Sebastian (Black Butler)

Ciel Phantomhive Black Butler shota eye patch child

black butler Ciel Phantomhive made a pact with the demon, Sebastian Michaelis, to take revenge on those who killed his family, as well as to become his butler and trusted bodyguard. Ciel may be just a child, but he’s wise beyond his years. Unfortunately, that doesn’t quite translate into defending yourself.

Ciel is captured multiple times throughout the series, usually prompting Sebastian to come to his aid. Ciel relies on Sebastian and his other minions to defend him so much that he never really needs to learn how to fight, but with the frequency with which he is kidnapped, maybe he should.

9 Tsukune is always rescued by his admirers (Rosario + Vampire)

Tsukune Aono, Rosario + Vampire

In fairness to Tsukune Aono from Rosario + Vampire, he’s the only human in a monster school, so the rift between him and his comrades has always been there. That being said, it’s also because he’s human that so many members of the Yokai Academy pursue him and, of course, capture him.

Whenever Tsukune is over his head, Moka Akashiya and his other admirers come to save him and set those responsible on fire. While in the manga Tsukune eventually grows stronger and learns to fight for himself, in the anime he remains weak and basically needs 24/7 rescue.

8 Lucy has a bad luck streak (Fairy Tail)

Lucy taken hostage by Phantom Lord

If there is one thing to say about Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy tale, is that she is both extremely lucky and extremely unlucky. On the one hand, she managed to join Fairy Tail and be part of one of the strongest teams in the guild, while also building strong friendships with its members. On the other hand, she has a real knack for getting into trouble and that includes being captured a lot.

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Despite being a powerful witch in her own right with all of her celestial spirits to support her, Lucy has been held captive several times throughout the series and she often has to wait for someone to save her, usually Natsu.

7 Polnareff is always in the wrong place at the wrong time (JoJo’s bizarre adventure)

Jean Pierre Polnareff 36 years old

Jean Pierre Polnareff was presented in the third part of JoJo’s bizarre adventure when he joined his fellow booth users to defeat Dio and save Jotaro’s mother. While he and his Stand Silver Chariot are tough in a fight, Polnareff constantly stumbles over a mess that he can’t always get out of.

Often wandering the deadly sights of Dio’s henchmen, Polnareff always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time or get in the way of his head. If Jotaro or the others can’t save him, he must think outside the box to save himself.

6 Elizabeth, a princess in constant need of being saved (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Elizabeth, Seven Deadly Sins

Elizabeth is the Princess of Liones and a reincarnated goddess in The seven deadly sins. Originally meeting Meliodas in order to save her kingdom, Elizabeth becomes an unwavering ally of the Seven Deadly Sins and awakens to her own powers in time. That being said, she has never been a great fighter and is often captured.

With her status as a princess, goddess, and Meliodas’ love of life, Elizabeth is a person of interest to villains who often use her to prey on sins or on Meliodas himself. Although she has freed herself on occasion, it usually doesn’t take long before she is captured again.

5 Subaru is captured almost as much as he is killed (Re: Zero)

Suddenly transported to another world, Re: Zero Subaru quickly discovers that his isekai adventure is not quite what he would have imagined. With the power to die and resurrect in a new timeline, Subaru strives to create a better outcome for himself and for those he cares about. However, he is sometimes not the most capable and gets captured almost as much as he is killed.

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Subaru’s weakness makes him easily captured by enemies, forcing Emilia, Rem, or some of his other friends to come and save him. While he may kill himself to get out of those difficult places, this plan doesn’t always work, causing him to live long enough to suffer and see it go wrong at first.

4 Ryuko often has to save Mako (Kill La Kill)

Mako is held captive, Kill la Kill

The student body of the Honnōji Academy at Kill the kill has tried to go after Ryuko in various ways, though one of the most popular seems to be holding her best friend Mako hostage in order to challenge her to battle.

Mako isn’t always the brightest, which sometimes makes her easy to capture. Once, she was nearly lured into an old-fashioned basket trap by a trail of cheese. While Ryuko is able to save her before one of the weirdest students in school does anything to her, Mako is almost never too bothered by anything she has captured – it is just an average day for her.

3 Mokuba is kidnapped almost every two weeks (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Mokuba from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Yu Gi Oh! Seto Kaiba can be a cold person at the best of times, taking care of no one other than his little brother Mokuba. With that in mind, Mokuba basically has a target on his back at all times, as many have kidnapped him in order to threaten or motivate Kaiba for one reason or another.

Whether it’s Pegasus, Marik, or the digital Noah, Mokuba has been captured so many times that it’s amazing Kaiba never used all of his wealth or technology to put more security around him. At this point, fans have treated Mokuba’s repeated hostage status as a running gag.

2 Eren is apparently a magnet for kidnappers (Attack on Titan)

Eren about to be eaten by Annie, Attack on Titan

The attack of the Titans Eren Yeager may be the show’s protagonist with the ability to transform into a Titan, but he’s surprisingly often kidnapped despite it. As the heir to the Attack Titan and the Founder Titan, Eren quickly became a target for Marley’s forces, especially the warriors who repeatedly held him hostage, forcing the Survey Corps to pursue him.

Considering that the Marleyan warriors had more time to hone their Titan abilities, while Eren was figuring out most of his as he went along, Eren really didn’t stand a chance at first. Eventually, over time, Eren learned to use his talent to be captured as a force when he attacked Marley himself.

1 Team Rocket Trapped Pikachu Too Many Times (Pokémon)

Pikachu prepares to electrocute ashes

Pikachu is Pokemon Cute, cuddly and instantly recognizable mascot who is always “super effective” in battle. Pikachu has been traveling with Ash for years now, and although they’ve traveled to so many different regions, they’re still hunted down by the relentless Team Rocket, who always have a new trap to capture the Electric Mouse.

Despite how often Ash meets Team Rocket, he is never prepared for their turns and often ends up having to save his partner after catching him. And no matter how many times Ash and Pikachu send this trio of villains to pack their bags, they always come back to do it pretty much week after week.

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