10 anime characters who never got the closure they deserved


Ideally, every anime – regardless of genre and demographics – should end with a satisfying conclusion. Whether it’s a happy ending or a sad ending, the characters audiences have grown closer to deserve a closure at the end of their story.

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This is not the case with some anime, however. Where the lives and futures of some characters have been left in limbo due to production issues beyond their reality and control, others have no one to blame but themselves.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

ten Highschool Of The Dead – Survivors were last seen at a seaside resort

Say that High school of the dead closed with an open end is an understatement. Just as the world fell into nuclear war, Takashi and his surviving companions narrowly escaped the Takagi mansion. The anime ends with them about to embark on yet another adventure, which turned out to be the beach-centric schlocky OVA, The Wanderers Of The Dead.

Takashi and his friends were left in the midst of the zombie apocalypse because, unfortunately, the manga artist Daisuke Sato passed away before they finished their story. Rather than hanging out, Shoji Sato (the artist) and the Madhouse studio chose to leave High school of the dead as is, the OVA being the closest thing to a final.

9 Ouran High School Host Club – Haruhi and Tamaki’s romance may or may not be official

Haruhi saves Tamaki at Ouran High School host club

For the majority, Ouran High School Host Club wrapped up nicely, but it still left fans frustrated. In the two-part final, Haruhi, Tamaki and the hosts managed to save their club from closure. Better yet, Tamaki’s arranged fiancé accepted that he loves someone else (i.e. Haruhi) and let him go after trying to force their marriage.

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The anime ended with Haruhi hanging out with the hosts, who are now her dearest friends, but it left her romantic endgame hanging. After building a love triangle between Haruhi, Tamaki and Kyoya and then leaning towards Haruhi and Tamaki, Ouran High School Host Club ended before anyone cemented their relationship status.

8 Panties & Stockings with Garter Belt – The panty was left for dead after the stockings got bad

Stockings murder panties in panties and stockings with garter belt

After saving Daten City and pushing Corset back to Hell, Stocking suddenly reveals that she is a demon and has cut Panty into 666 pieces. Worse yet, Corset miraculously survived the final fight and scattered the pieces of Panty across the world, leaving Garterbelt’s new team (Brief, the Daemon sisters and Chuck) to fix things.

These deliberately absurd twists and turns were part of a hypothetical Panties and stockings with garter belt A season 2 which has not yet seen the light of day since, according to director Hiromi Wakabayashi, the rights to the anime are out of their hands. As a result, Stocking’s betrayal, Panty’s death, and the fates of everyone else are endlessly stuck in cliffhangers that may never be resolved.

7 Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun – Chiyo Sakura and her friends are back where they started

Nozaki confesses to Chiyo in monthly girls Nozaki Kun

Romantic comedy Monthly Nozaki-Kun for Girls ended at the summer festival fireworks display, with Umetarou Noazki, still unconscious, confessing to Chiyo that he loves fireworks. After a few stunned seconds, Chiyo laughs and closes her story by saying that staying by Nozaki’s side is more than enough.

About Monthly Nozaki-Kun for Girls halfway through, the silly couples slowly got more serious, especially Chiyo and Nozaki’s. Instead of confirming who reunited or not, the anime ended with a teaser for more romantic hijinks. While the gang’s story has continued in the manga, a sequel season has yet to be made, let alone announced.

6 Deadman Wonderland – Ganta Igarashi never cleared his name

Ganta gets beat up in Deadman's Wonderland

Basically the game of death / prison anime Deadman wonderland talks about Ganta who fights to prove his innocence and bring The Red Man to justice for the murder of his entire class. Problem is, the anime ended with Ganta only getting a clue as to who The Red Man was through a lullaby. Worse, the next OVA, The red knife bearer, was a prequel.

The main reason why Ganta never got the shutdown was because Deadman wonderland abbreviated its source material. The anime rushed through or cut entire arcs, infuriating fans so much that its ratings were bombarded almost instantly. Up to The promised imaginary landthe second season of, Deadman wonderland has been considered one of the most notorious anime botches.

5 Kiss him, not me – Kae Serinuma relaunched his harem story

Asuma flirts with Kae in Kiss Him Not Me

Even if it was a parody, Kiss him, not me was still a rom-com harem at heart. The grand finale was staged when unconventional shojo protagonist Kae realized her five suitors’ feelings for her. The anime ended with Kae picking no one, teasing audiences with a second season that never came.

Although this goes quite well with Kiss him, not mecheeky parody in nature, he failed to give his characters and fans a real sense of closure. Compare that to the manga that had a concrete conclusion, where Kae ultimately chose his laid back high school student Asuma Mutsumi and even started a family with him in the epilogue.

4 Berserk (1997) – Guts sort of escaped the eclipse and never got his revenge

Guts returns to the Falcon Party in Berserk

The first ultraviolent Berserk the anime adapted the Golden Age Arc, showing how Band Of The Hawk’s gruesome demise and Griffith’s rise to divinity transformed Guts into the monstrous Black Swordsman. The anime worked well as a tragic Guts origin story, but it fell through when the last episode left too many questions unanswered.

Most blatantly was how Guts escaped or if Casca survived, since the Skull Knight was not animated. Either way, Guts had a post-credits scene where he prepared for a war that never happened. Whether or not Guts avenged his comrades has never been answered, and it has worsened now with the indefinite end of the story following the unfortunate death of mangaka Kentaro Miura.

3 Her Situation – Yukino and Armia went around in circles after becoming a couple

Yukino and Arima take a look at his situation

Halfway through his situation, Yukino and Arima confessed their love for each other and eventually became an official couple. It seemed like the second part of the story would then focus on the ups and downs of young love and high school life as seen in the manga, but it couldn’t be further from the harsh reality of it. ‘anime.

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Due to a perfect storm of production issues and creative differences, the animators were forced to steal the last third of the anime. It led to too many flashbacks, recaps, and spinoff episodes that brought it all to a halt. With no clear idea on how to end things, Yukino and Arima’s story meandered after taking their love to the next level.

2 Wonder Egg Priority – Everyone gave up after Neiru Aonuma’s big reveal

Asuma flirts with Kae in Kiss Him Not Me

There’s probably no recent anime ending as polarizing as that of Priority to wonder eggs‘s, which melted the goodwill of the show seemingly overnight. Not only did the mysteries of the girl’s and Frill’s suicides go unanswered, it was as if Ai, Rika, and Momoe had given up after finding out their friend Neiru was in fact an artificial human.

Worse yet, the four girls managed to beat the game and brought their respective friends back to life, only so that they wouldn’t have any memories of their past interactions. Rather than dwell on the heavy implications of a multiverse or the truth behind Neiru, Rika and Momoe left the story for greener pastures while Ai only returned at the last second.

1 Gantz – Kei Kuruno just disappeared in one of the most infamous anime endings of all time

Kei and Sei wait their turn in Gantz

With or without comparison with his (in) famous manga, Gantz‘s The anime’s original ending is still one of the most baffling conclusions ever. After defeating his murderous foil Hajime Muroto, Kei and a critically injured Kanda are transported until one day Kei is run over by a train. After shooting the train with a finger gun, Kei disappears and the anime ends.

This borderline absurd ending was the conclusion of an otherwise straightforward death game story, and it’s left viewers scratching their heads for years. To this day, no one knows what to do with GantzIt’s a seemingly random choice to teleport Kei to the time of his death or what that means about his growth as a person.

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