10 Anime Characters Who Would Do Better In Naruto

The scenario of naruto emphasizes the importance of protecting comrades, never giving up and believing in hope. Many naruto characters embody these values ​​while other characters represent the antithesis of these ideals. In a way, both sets of characters teach viewers lessons about those values.

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Rock Lee proves that hard work trumps talent, Itachi teaches Kabuto self-recognition and how to believe in others, and Naruto shows the ninja world how to persist as he ascends the Hokage throne. However, naruto isn’t the only anime that teaches these lessons. Several other anime have characters who fulfill similar roles and whose ideals would easily join those of naruto.

ten Zenitsu illustrates what it means to be a Shinobi in Naruto

Although Zenitsu’s demon slayer often cries and cowers in fear, he finally remembers his grandfather’s encouragement to never give up. Zenitsu first tries to run away from the Spider Demons, but later decides to fight back and does his best to suppress the poison in his body after winning the battle. Also, Zenitsu cares about his comrades. After Tanjiro tells Zenitsu that the box Nezuko is in is precious to him, Zenitsu gives everything to protect Inosuke’s box. Zenitsu’s loyalty and determination would make him a great addition to narutoit is cast.

9 Kurapika’s Desire for Vengeance Resembles Naruto’s Villain Philosophies

Although Kurapika follows the path of revenge but remains a hero in Hunter X Hunterit fits the common pattern of how naruto the characters become villains. Innumerable naruto the villains start out as friendly people who later become obsessed with revenge, obstructing their vision of how to achieve peace in a world full of hate.

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Characters such as Nagato, Obito, and Sasuke lose faith in the world and sink deeper into darkness as they figure out what peace means to them. As the last survivor of the Kurta clan, Kurapika has a similar story.

8 Chopper can sympathize with Jinchuriki

chopper in A play can sympathize with Jinchuriki in naruto because he understands what it’s like to be a foreigner. Wherever the Jinchuriki go, others shun them because they possess powerful beasts, which makes them feel like outsiders. Likewise, because humans treat Chopper like a deer and deer treat him like a human, Chopper has a hard time fitting in with anyone. Nonetheless, he perseveres through the struggles to be different like Naruto and the other Jinchuriki do, and would prove their worthy friend and loyal companion.

seven Genos works harder than anyone to become a powerful hero

Genos in One-punch man has a work ethic comparable to that of Rock Lee. Both Lee and Genos rely on drive rather than drive to improve their skills and won’t let anything distract them from achieving their goals. Because Genos dedicates his life to becoming stronger, he moves in with Saitama, meticulously analyzes everything Saitama does and says. He even goes so far as to keep a notebook handy to record new tips. Genos personifies the value of hard work and would therefore fit in well with narutoMessaging.

6 Giyu Tomioka follows his heart

Giyu of demon slayer is not afraid to break the rules to follow what he believes to be the right course of action. He shares this quality with Itachi Uchiha, who massacres his clan to preserve the peace even though he knows he will become a criminal who cannot stay in the Leaf Village.

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Likewise, despite having a duty to kill demons, Giyu allows Nezuko to live and sends Tanjiro to train under the tutelage of Sakonji Urokodaki. Giyu’s willingness to sacrifice himself for others makes him a good fit for the world of naruto.

5 Biscuit Krueger would be an excellent Sensei

Krueger cookie Hunter X Hunter trains Gon and Killua to harness their Nen abilities to enhance their strength and knowledge, proving that she can also train students in naruto for Chunin exams. With many years of experience, she knows the ins and outs of how to properly develop students. Thus, Krueger could play a role similar to that of Kakashi, the leader of Team Seven. By pushing his students to learn how to grow the hard way and employing rigorous training regimens, Krueger would have his students ready for anything.

4 Nico Robin sacrifices himself for his comrades

Nico Robin demonstrates how much she will protect her friends in the Water Seven arc of A play. She goes to the government to allow the Straw Hat crew to safely escape the island and avoid a Buster Call. One of the fundamental lessons Kakashi teaches Team Seven is to never let anyone threaten those who are precious to him. Robin embodies this lesson better than most anime characters with her selfless spirit, as she prioritizes her friends’ lives over her own.

3 Mikasa Ackerman protects those who are precious to her

The attack of the TitansMikasa Ackerman embodies everything a ninja should be. She’s calm under pressure, gets the job done, and most importantly, fights not only to slay the titans, but also to protect those dear to her, like Eren Yeager. Mikasa cherishes the bonds people share as much as Naruto does, and others know they can count on her to complete missions with an emphasis on teamwork and caring for her comrades. As a prodigal and caring person, Mikasa would be a respectable and high-ranking ninja in naruto.

2 Garo powers up similarly to the Uchiha

One-punch manGaro’s shows reveal that he is similar to the Uchiha Clan members in his fight against Genos, Bang, and Bomb. Members of the Uchiha clan have a reputation for becoming stronger when they experience intense emotions.

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For example, Sasuke’s chakra becomes thicker and colder due to his anger at the top of the Kage. Throughout the arc, her powers such as the Susano’o evolve. Likewise, when Garo remembers the pain he felt as a child, he suddenly becomes more powerful despite the injuries he may have.

1 Eren Yeager doesn’t let anyone get in his way

Eren Yeager from The attack of the Titans has the tenacity to pursue his goals no matter the obstacles that stand in his way. His determination inspires others around him to be the best versions of themselves and never give up, just like Naruto does throughout his journeys as a ninja. Even as children, Naruto and Eren never show fear and are quick to protect others. For example, Naruto fights against Orochimaru in the Forest of Death and Eren saves Mikasa from the people who killed his parents.

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