10 anime characters who would love to bring Isekai to our world


The genre of anime isekai is a form of escape, imagining a fairly ordinary person finding themselves in an extraordinary new world of fantasy and adventure (and sometimes horror). Even western fiction sometimes does, like The Wizard of Oz, but the reverse is also possible; supernatural or magical beings continue to find their way to 21st century Earth.

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If inverted isekai portals were open in all the animated series that don’t take place on modern Earth, then a variety of characters would jump at the chance to walk through these portals and visit, or even choose to stay here permanently. . Maybe the original character’s world is a terrible place, or the character just found more to love in our world.

ten Sasha Blouse would enjoy the outdoors and plentiful food (Attack on Titan)

sasha-attack on titan

Sasha Blouse is used to the great outdoors and she’s not afraid to take on a Titan with a bow and arrow. She doesn’t really like to fight, however. Sasha prefers to have a peaceful life on the border and enjoy three hearty meals a day. She can get it all here on Earth.

Despite the rapid urbanization and industrialization, it is still possible for hardy people like Sasha to make a living in the wilderness, and Sasha would be delighted to see how easy it is to find fresh and plentiful food. here. She will never miss a steak again.

9 Azazel Ameri would dive deep into the world of Shojo incognito (Welcome to the school of demons, Iruma-Kun!)

Ameri reading a manga

Azazel Ameri is the student president of Babyls, and she is quite used to living in the demon realm. However, she got a wonderful glimpse into life on Earth thanks to Iruma, and she adores the shojo manga in particular. If she could visit the real Japan with Iruma, she would.

Ameri would be there for the moment of her life, surrounded by shojo manga, DVDs, fantasy anime figures, cosplay outfits, wall scrolls and more, and she would return home loaded with all manner of merchandise and good memories.

8 Rangiku Matsumoto thinks human life is so much fun (bleach)

When it comes to reverse isekai, Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto is in a similar position to Azazel Ameri. In fact, she was lucky enough to visit Karakura town once, and she had a great time there. If the opportunity presented itself, she would do it again, and not even for a mission, which was the occasion of her last visit.

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Rangiku is a professional Soul Reaper and knows her duty, but she can’t stand the paperwork and she doesn’t find the battle glorious or particularly stimulating. She would love to have the chance to find herself in modern Japan for a while, where she could savor the pop culture, traditions and technology of the modern world. His functions as Soul Reaper can wait a few days. Or weeks. Or months.

7 Asami Sato Would Like To See Modern Technology (The Legend Of Korra)

asami sato

Asami Sato is a brilliant engineer and handyman, and while Republic City is home to some of the most advanced factories and workshops in the world, Asami can do more. She would walk through an inverted isekai portal to the real world and gaze in awe at the technological wonders of the 2020s.

Asami thinks biplanes and airships are cutting edge technology, but she delights in when she stumbles upon the high-speed trains, smartphones, supercomputers, and space shuttles of the modern world. It would all be fascinating and inspiring – and a little intimidating too.

6 Chrome wants to see the once poorly inhabited Senku world (Dr. Stone)

Chrome lives far into the future in the New Stone Age, and he only needs to step back in time to experience his own reverse isekai adventure. Chrome is a naturally curious person, and he was an amateur scientist by the time he met Senku Ishigami on one fateful day.

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Senku explained to Chrome what kind of world Earth once was, and Chrome was amazed. He wanted so badly to see the beginning of the 21st century and its wonders, and if given the chance, he would go and find out. He might not even want to come home.

5 Winry Rockbell would find work to design prosthetic limbs (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

smiling winry from fmabrotherhood

While Winry Rockbell is pretty comfortable with her life as it is, she wouldn’t miss much if she found herself in today’s world other than her friends and family. Winry’s world looks like the beginning of the 20th century, so ending up at the beginning of the 21st century wouldn’t be too much a big shock.

Winry loves machines, mostly auto-send limbs, and she would have a field day when she discovered real-world prosthetic limbs and other body enhancements. She would study hard to learn modern technology, then design some of the best robotic arms and legs in the world to help people.

4 Ino Yamanaka could open florist or nursery (Naruto)

Ino Yamanaka is a skilled kunoichi who is not afraid to fight. In fact, she is an integral part of the Ino-Shika-Cho formation alongside Shikamaru Nara and Choji Akimichi. However, Ino doesn’t find fights very fun and doesn’t get any validation from them. For the most part, she is more interested in peaceful activities.

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Ino has a great passion for flowers, and in the real world, she could easily set up her own florist shop, and later move on to a full nursery, with gardening tools like fertilizer etc. She could do a lot of business with her quick wit and abundant charisma.

3 Bacchus Groh would become an MMA fighter or martial arts instructor (Fairy Tail)

fairy tail bacchus groh

Almost all of the main characters in Fairy tale is a wizard, although not everyone uses elemental magic. Characters like Bacchus Groh use their magical talents to improve their physical abilities, so they would lose very little if they ended up in the real Earth. In fact, this is the perfect opportunity for Bacchus.

In the real world, there is no shortage of martial arts enthusiasts of all kinds and Bacchus would have fun learning one style after another, from karate to Muay Thai and beyond. He could join any number of amateur or professional leagues to take on the best in the world, then teach what he knows in his own class.

2 Judeau could practice knife throwing in peace and explore new places (Berserk)

mad judeau

The characters in Berserk live in a dark and violent medieval world, and most of them would much prefer the security and comforts of the modern age. Among them is Judeau, a notable member of the Falcon Band. He doesn’t mind fighting, but he’s not a glory dog.

Judeau would need some time to get used to the real world today, but once he did, he would have plenty of time to practice his hobbies, like throwing knives. He could join or form a club and then try out some of the best made knives in our world. And he would certainly be immune to Griffith’s ambitions.

1 Thors could escape the ravages of medieval Europe (Vinland Saga)

The mighty Viking warrior Thors lives in the real world, but not in the present time, so he would become a time-based isekai hero just like Senku Ishigami. Thors wanted to live quietly on the shores of Iceland to distance himself from the world of Vikings and warfare, but his past caught up with him.

If Thors could bring his family with him, he would jump at the chance to end up in modern Iceland instead, and once he got used to today’s technology and laws, he could finally find the peaceful life he always wanted. The Viking Age is long gone.

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