10 anime characters who would make the perfect horror movie protagonists


The great horror protagonists excel at survival and adapt to stressful situations. These anime characters are perfect candidates for the job. The protagonists of the horror see their lives threatened by unexpected circumstances and fight to restore their previous ways of life. Whether the forces against them are supernatural or human, the successful horror protagonist uses whatever means necessary to survive their predicament.

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Anime characters accustomed to danger are well suited to the role of a horror protagonist. There are certain abilities and anime personalities that are perfect for surviving in the horror genre. An anime character does not have to be from horror to meet the expectations of the main horror characters.

ten Jotaro Kujo’s vast experience prepares him for trouble

A good horror protagonist has deduction skills that outsmart the killer and survive through thick and thin. Jotaro’s experience in battling the army of Dio booth users makes him adept at handling unexpected situations. When encountering jumping fears, Jotaro’s Star Platinum can stop time and allow him to attack before the killer.

Like a JoJo’s bizarre adventure character, Jotaro has muscles capable of seriously injuring any killer with a physical body. If the antagonists are supernatural, Jotaro can cleverly outsmart them, as he successfully traps the ghost of Kira Hoshihiro in The diamond is unbreakable. Like many horror protagonists, Jotaro is sure to survive in the end.

9 Killua Zoldyck is as deadly as the killer

a young killua training his enemy

Killua Zoldyck from Hunter x hunter has several methods to combat horror antagonists. As Zoldyck’s assassin, Killa can turn his hands into claws that can kill with one hit. Killua challenges the killer’s horror dynamic against the victim by being as deadly to the killer as the killer is to the protagonists. Horror fans would witness the rare occasion when the killer was intimidated or murdered by their target.

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If Killua’s assassination skills prove ineffective, his Godspeed ability ensures that no killers or monsters will be able to catch him. Killua plays a skilled horror protagonist who confidently thwarts every action the killer takes.

8 Deku’s intelligence and maneuverability can counter any killer

Deku My Hero Academia Full Cover

My Hero Academia’s Deku is a genius strategist who can memorize an opponent’s abilities in detail. Deku’s solutions to the problems are unusually clever, which would prove essential in defeating the seemingly immortal killers in horror franchises. No matter how a killer attacks, Deku will always have a counter-plan to surviving when it matters.

Deku’s shooting style gives him advanced maneuverability and multiple escape routes in the common horror event of being cornered by the killer. As Deku struggles to protect those in trouble, he is likely to save minor characters who would otherwise be doomed.

7 Inosuke Hashibira’s assault would take killers by surprise

Katanas Demon Slayer Inosuke Hashibira

Demon slayer Inosuke Hashibira is a skillful swordsman with a love of confrontation. Inosuke is hot-tempered and won’t hesitate to blame any killer that passes. His reaction to enemies is a new take on the horror protagonists’ usual reaction to danger, as most protagonists avoid their pursuers when possible.

Characters like Inosuke are hard to predict because the last thing a killer expects is for the protagonist to attack them first. It’s easier to gain an advantage over a surprised killer, so Inosuke has a good chance of surviving as the horror protagonist.

6 Sniper Mask is already an expert in survival

Sniper mask in High Rise Invasion

Sniper mask High rise invasion is a towering antihero with advanced marksmanship skills. Sniper Mask is used to fighting, as he participates in a game where players fight masked attackers for survival. The danger of his world turns surviving a killer as a horror protagonist into a mundane task.

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Due to his background, Sniper Mask is not an easy target for a killer to defeat and models the resilience of an ideal horror protagonist in times of stress. Sniper Mask’s rifle would give him the added benefit of shooting any horror killer who likes to stalk from a distance.

5 Eraser Head’s fighting style is perfect against zombies

Eraser Head activating his quirk

Pro Hero Eraser Head My hero university is an expert at trapping opponents with his scarf. Eraser Head effectively fights large groups of enemies, as shown when he overpowered dozens of bad guys during the USJ incident. His ability to evade attacks from multiple directions makes Eraser Head perfect for sending off hordes of zombies as a survival horror protagonist.

Eraser Head’s pain tolerance allows him to act when injured, as he saved Tsuyu Asui from Shigaraki despite his severe injury. His strong determination would make him a reliable horror protagonist in the face of killers who require personal sacrifice to win.

4 Kurapika’s thirst for revenge is a powerful weapon

Kurapika Hunter X Hunter Chains

Kurapika from Hunter x hunter does everything to get revenge, as he is betting his life for the power to defeat the ghost troop that slaughtered his clan. He refuses to be intimidated by the power of his sworn enemies. If a killer or monster dared to harm Kurapika’s clan or friends, Kurapika would have enough motives as a horror protagonist to destroy them at all costs.

Kurapika’s combat skills and intelligence as a hunter are exceptional. He can easily outwit a killer’s attacks and wait for perfect opportunities to fight. Kurapika is definitely a horror protagonist who gets things done.

3 Rengoku cannot be deterred by his enemies

The Hashira Rengoku of Demon slayer is a powerful flame-based swordsman with considerable enthusiasm. Rengoku remains committed to his goals when overwhelmed, as he continues to fight the demon Akaza after suffering fatal wounds. His determination ensures that Rengoku would be a horror protagonist who never surrenders and stays focused on defeating the killer.

Rengoku’s supernatural reflexes would allow him to evade the moves of a killer and protect himself from sneak attacks that typically kill minor horror characters. The successful horror protagonists excel at fending for themselves when the people around them perish, something high up Demon slayer like Rengoku is used to.

2 Momo Yaoyorozu’s Versatility is a Useful Survival Tool

My Hero Academia’s Momo Yaoyorozu is one of the smartest students in AU and a class leader. Her ability to transform her body’s lipids into non-living materials allows her to spontaneously create useful tools. As a horror protagonist, Momo is said to be very versatile at crafting weapons that support his survival and which normally cannot be found nearby.

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Momo is a difficult potential horror protagonist to counter, because whenever a killer gets distracted, it’s an opportunity for Momo to create something for self-defense. In a horror storyline, Momo’s power ensures that everything needed to carry out his clever plans is available.

1 Saitama has a guaranteed chance of winning

Saitama One-Punch Man strikes

One-Punch Man’s Saitama is infamous for defeating almost anything with a single punch. Saitama is indeed invincible and is guaranteed to win against any horror monster or killer the genre throws at him. His presence as the horror protagonist would prove to be the ultimate savior of any region plagued by evil.

Saitama is able to take horror in unique directions, as his power makes him immune to threats. Horror killers expect their victims to be afraid and rejoice in fear, but Saitama never gives anyone satisfaction. With Saitama as the protagonist, the killer wouldn’t know how to react properly.

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