10 anime characters with the biggest dreams, ranked


Whether big or small, all people have some kind of lifelong dream. Dreams are proverbial food for the soul. They serve as distant beacons representing a coveted achievement or state of being that helps people do something meaningful in their lives.

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And when it comes to anime characters and the series they’re from, dreams serve as motivators to move the story forward and move it forward. Some characters have vague or easily accessible dreams that keep them going. Other characters, however, have dreams so clear but distant that they might as well be literal stars in the night sky.

ten Becoming a popular idol and making others smile is the life goal of Nico (Love Live! School Idol Project)

Besides the potential of his idol career to financially help his family, Nico Yazawa also has a pure desire to make people smile in Love Live! School Idol Project. In fact, her name, “Nico”, is phonetically the same as the Japanese word for “smile”, so making others smile is basically cooked in her soul. Becoming a top idol is one of Nico’s biggest priorities, and she intends to stick with it even after her job as a school idol.

9 Ash Ketchum Wants To Catch Them All And Become A Pokémon Master (Pokémon)

Even though he’s been on his Pokémon Master journey for what seems like an eternity, Ash Ketchum has a pure goal to master any Pokémon in the game. Pokemon lively. He traveled to several different regions and caught dozens of Pokémon and took on several different regional challenges along the way. Fans may not be sure when Ash’s travels finally end, but they might never end. After all, being a Pokémon Master suggests that Ash must constantly keep abreast of the latest Pokémon that are constantly being added to the franchise.

8 Being an undefeated triple crowned horse girl consumed Tokai Teio (Uma Musume: Pretty Derby)

umamusume tokai teio as leader of the spicas team

Much like her real-life racehorse counterpart, Tokai Teio was almost an undefeated Triple Crown horse girl in Uma Musume: nice derby. But, just like the real Tokai Teio, Uma Museum‘s Tokai Teio broke his leg and couldn’t go undefeated in the race.

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Losing her dream and not being like her hero, Symboli Rudolf, damaged Tokai Teio’s self-esteem for a while, and she almost gave up racing. But, at the end of the series, Tokai Teio realizes that she really enjoys racing and refuses to give up.

7 Atsuko admires Shiny Chariot and wants to make people smile with his magic (Little Witch Academia)

little witch university atsuko kagari flying on a broomstick

Despite a low tolerance for studies and a propensity for making rookie mistakes, Atsuko Kagari has a pure passion for magic and makes people smile. Little Witches Academy. After seeing the witch Shiny Chariot perform fun magic for crowds, Atsuko (Akko, for short) began to dream of the day when she too could make audiences smile with magic. And Akko’s magical potential is definitely there, as she has demonstrated that she can use the Shiny Rod that once belonged to Shiny Chariot herself. She just needs to study.

6 Become Hokage and change ninja society for the better leads Naruto (Naruto)

Hokage Naruto busy in his office.

Originally wanting to get others to recognize him in Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki eventually adapted his goal to focus on improving his village and ninja society in general. Becoming a Hokage is no small feat, and only the best ninjas are able to effectively rule their villages, which is exactly why Naruto has put all of his energy into mastering ninjutsu. Although he had little talent for this at first, Naruto continued to work hard and he managed to acquire the skills, confidence and respect that earned him the title of Seventh Hokage.

5 Deku can’t wait to become an unstoppable professional hero like his idol, All Might (My Hero Academia)

Deku and all could be proud of My Hero Academia

Even though he was born Quirkless in My hero university, Izuku “Deku” Midoriya continued to dream of being a pro hero. He compensated for his Quirklessness by studying the strategies of other professional heroes in the hopes that it would give him an advantage in combat. Fortunately, Deku manages to capture the attention of his hero All Might, who has passed on his own Quirk to Deku. Armed with One For All, Deku bravely advances into the world of heroes with the intention of becoming the next symbol of peace.

4 Becoming a prince is what motivates Utena to be noble and kind (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

revolutionary girl utena

Traditionally, “prince” is a title reserved for men, but Utena Tenjou didn’t let that stop him in Revolutionary girl Utena. Instead, Utena held on to her childhood dream that she too could become a prince just like the one who saved her from drowning.

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Stick to this dream despite the world telling him it’s impossible, what is it Revolutionary girl Utena is everything, and Utena finally manages to become the kind and noble prince she always wanted to be.

3 Mitsuki dreams of being a professional singer despite her fatal illness (Full Moon Wo Sagashite)

Mitsuki rests near Eichi's grave, Full Moon o Sagashite

Wanting to be a singer is one thing, but wanting to be a singer while suffering from throat cancer is quite another thing. This is Mitsuki Koyama’s exact dilemma in Full Moon with Sagashite – she dreams of becoming a famous singer to reunite with her childhood sweetheart, but cancerous tumors on her vocal cords prevent her from singing safely. After meeting the Shinigami duo Negi Ramen, Mitsuki has a year to fulfill his dream before having to move on to the afterlife.

2 Destroying the Pirate King is what motivates Luffy in his great adventure (One Piece)

One Piece Monkey D Luffy anime Wano arc

Gol D. Roger is the legendary Pirate King in A play, a pirate so famous that he started the golden age of pirates when he claimed that anyone who unearthed his treasure could keep it. While an ordinary hacker would think only of money, Monkey D. Luffy dreams of the ultimate freedom to do what he wants, when he wants, where he wants. Only the Roger Pirates have made it through the Grand Line, so Luffy has his work cut out for him.

1 Riko’s goal to reach the bottom of the abyss is the ultimate dream (Made In Abyss)

A 12-year-old orphan from the town of Orth, Riko had only one dream as far back as she can remember in Made in the abyss – become a White Whistle Delver like his mother, Lyza the Annihilator, and reach the bottom of the Abyss. Becoming a white whistle is already a Herculean task that only the strongest and bravest Delvers have succeeded in … but reaching the bottom of the Abyss practically forces the Delvers to lose their lives. None reached bottom and returned to tell the story.

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