10 anime too funny to binge in one sitting

Anime consists of many genres, action-packed thrill rides, heartbreaking love stories, and of course, memorable laugh-out-loud comedies. Everyone needs a laugh once in a while, and thankfully, there are tons of comic anime to choose from to get that fix.

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In recent years, anime titles have become more readily available to fans than ever before, and in some cases, allowing them to binge entire seasons at once. However, some anime cannot be binged in one sitting or deserve to be watched at a slower pace in order to fully appreciate it. For some of these anime types, they’re just too funny to rush into.

ten Haganai is full of hilarious and socially inept characters

Haganai: I don’t have many friends is an anime about a group of eccentric and socially inept college students who come together to form a club to figure out how to make friends. Hilarity, awkwardness and misunderstandings ensue as the Neighbor’s Club tries to navigate even the simplest social interactions.

This anime has a cast of memorable and weird characters that fill the Neighbour’s Club and watching all of these personalities working against each other is pretty fun as well. Between its two seasons, it is better to watch it at a more regular pace to fully enjoy Kodaka and the misadventures of the band.

9 Didn’t you hear? I am Sakamoto is the one-punch man from The Slice Of Life Genre

Action-oriented anime have recently seen an influx of characters who are basically invincible and can overcome anything. While some are overpowered for comedic purposes, they rarely appear in slice-of-life anime – except for the perfect high schooler, Sakamoto, from Didn’t you hear? I am Sakamoto.

About the One-punch man of the slice-of-life genre, Sakamoto spends the twelve episodes making everyday life easier and overcoming any conflict or inconvenience with a suave yet hilarious style. It’s simple, but Sakamoto’s unique and effortless way of solving problems is nothing short of a good laugh.

8 D-Frag jokes! are so quick and obvious that they should not be rushed

D-frag! is about a wannabe delinquent, Kenji Kazama, who is convinced to join his school’s game development club after being ambushed by its eccentric members. It’s about as tame as this anime gets because D-frag! is full of quirky personalities, hijinks, and plenty of random humor that can go all the way.

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D-frag! may only have one season consisting of twelve episodes where Kenji gets dragged into the Game Development Club’s bizarre shenanigans whether he likes it or not, but his jokes are so shamelessly crazy and come to the viewer at such a pace fast that binging it in one sitting would be a mistake.

7 Cromartie High School is complete madness in the best way

Takashi Kamiyama is your average high schooler who enrolls at the infamous Cromartie High School, a school known for having some of the toughest delinquents. Takashi eventually discovers that Cromartie isn’t just made up of crazy, tough characters, but also gorillas, robots, and even a Freddy Mercury lookalike.

Cromartie is twenty-six episodes of over-the-top weirdness as the student body of this school spends its days wreaking utter havoc. This anime is full of characters who each have their own time to shine and plenty of humor, both subtle and in your face, that can be lost on the viewer if sped up.

6 Komi can’t communicate is funny and meaningful

Komi shaking

Shoko Komi is praised and feared by everyone at Itan High School for her calm, cool demeanor and frosty gaze, but in truth, Komi is just socially anxious and too scared to talk. After Hitohito Tadano finds out his secret, he tries to help Komi overcome his fears and make a hundred friends, despite the strange uphill battle that comes with it.

With beautiful and hilarious visuals, a funny yet meaningful story, and memorable characters, Komi can’t communicate is packed full of little segments in each episode that are worth watching at a steady pace to soak it all up.

5 Nichijou is anything but ordinary

Nichijou can also be called my ordinary life, although in truth, this anime is anything but “ordinary”. Although it features a number of characters living their normal lives, the calm and normal feeling is mixed with goofy things like running to school while wearing a bear mask, awesome kid scientists, and the principal fighting a deer.

The hilarity in Nichijou can start as simple but go from zero to one hundred as far as it can be overkill. This anime is twenty-six episodes of weird and funny characters, recurring gags that avoid becoming stale, and unexpected punchlines.

4 Saiki K’s Disastrous Life Is Full Of Hilarious Little Segments And Big Personalities

Having psychic powers might sound cool at first, but if you ask Kusuo Saiki, those powers are actually a real pain in the neck. The disastrous life of Saiki K sees the deadpan Saiki trying to live a normal life despite her powers, only to be ruined by either her abilities and/or the weirdos around her.

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Packed with hundreds of hilarious segments across multiple seasons and fast-paced humor that will keep the viewer on their toes, Saiki proves time and time again that life isn’t easy even with all the psychic powers under the sun.

3 Love is a Battleground in Kaguya-Sama: Love is War

Kaguya-Sama Love is War Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War features two brilliant students who have feelings for each other but are too proud to be the first to admit it. This series sees Kaguya and Miyuki as they come up with mind games and schemes to get the other to confess their feelings with little success.

The other members of the student council accompany the trip and sometimes try to help them or get in their way. With no signs that either side is ready to admit defeat over multiple seasons, love is literally a battleground in this anime, and laugh out loud.

2 KonoSuba, a fantasy adventure that goes wrong at every turn

Isekai cartoons have a reputation for falling into similar patterns and cliches. KonoSuba: God’s blessing on this wonderful world!, on the other hand, challenges these standard isekai tropes. After dying and being reborn in a fantasy world, Kazuma soon finds he’s off on an adventure that goes awry at every turn.

With a selfish and lazy chosen hero, a useless goddess, a one-spell mage, and a masochistic paladin, Kazuma’s team might just be the worst and unluckiest group of adventurers ever assembled. Besides being really funny, binging everything Kono Suba in one go is a tall order between its multiple seasons and its movie.

1 Gintama is long, hilarious and impossible to consume in one sitting

In a world where the alien Amanto has taken over Japan and outlawed swords and samurai, there are certain jobs – big, small, and even bizarre – that need to be done. In these situations, Gintoki and his fellow Yorozuya members are called in to handle it, but with varying degrees of success.

Gintama is an anime that’s wall-to-wall madness in every episode as Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Kagura take on the many odd jobs around Edo and all the weird characters who live there in wild and often revolutionary ways. Able to straddle the line between serious and outright ridiculous, binging everything Gintama in one sitting is actually impossible with its hundreds of episodes and multiple movies.

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