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The Revision was one of the most powerful antagonists of the My hero university universe. Not only was his ability to kill opponents with one blow deeply formidable, but he also led the Yakuza organization until his arrest by Japan’s best professional heroes.

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Throughout his criminal career, Overhaul has strived to expand his operations to include some of the country’s most notorious criminals (like the League of Villains). By identifying the anime characters he would work with, we can better appreciate the qualities he looks for in potential allies.

ten Review would appreciate Szayel’s scientific prowess and obsession with perfection (bleach)

Espada Szayel de Javel

Szayel was by far the smartest member of the Espada. As a scientist, he was responsible for the lion’s share of the technological advancements of the Hueco Mundo. The villain’s obsession with perfection drove him into his studies, a quality Overhaul would admire.

While Szayel has proven to be somewhat treacherous in his willingness to help Nnoitra against Nelliel, Overhaul would still be willing to take a risk with him due to his collaboration with the League of Villains, even after their disastrous feud.

9 The redesign has already reached out to Shigaraki (My Hero Academia)

Shigaraki Tomura

Tomura Shigaraki was the leader of the League of Villains and Overhaul’s biggest source of competition. After the fall of All For One, he offered his decaying counterpart a place in his organization.

However, Shigaraki didn’t settle for the concept of being someone’s subordinate, which led to an altercation between the two factions. Nonetheless, Overhaul’s peace offer stuck after he left the League hideout, and he even gave them his card. Toga and Twice lived in his compound in good faith, but were secretly there to spy on him.

8 Kenny Ackerman Would Appreciate Overhaul’s Approach To Crime (Attack On Titan)

Kenny Ackerman’s main motivations were entertainment and power. He served Rod Reiss on the assumption that he could steal the Founding Titan when the time came.

Since Overhaul meddles in the deprivation and restoration of Quirk, it might have been possible for him to give Kenny a power of his own, if he turned out to be a reliable asset. Combined with his formidable skills as a warrior and ODM user, this would keep him in the service of the Yakuza for as long as needed.

7 Doctor Stylish shares the amorality and scientific prowess of Overhaul (Akame Ga Kill!)

Elegant doctor akame ga kill

Doctor Stylish was the Empire’s most talented researcher and respected scientific authority. His extensive knowledge of Imperial weapons would be of great use to Overhaul, as combining Quirks with overpowered gear would create terribly powerful henchmen.

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Additionally, human experiences and Stylish’s amorality suggest that he would have no problem with Overhaul’s less scrupulous efforts (such as torturing Eri in order to perfect the Quirk negation drugs). He’s even handy in a fight under the right circumstances, as proven when he morphed into a massive monster in his final showdown with Night Raid.

6 Silva Zoldyck would collaborate on the review as long as he gets paid (Hunter X Hunter)

As the head of the Zoldyck family, Silva embodies all aspects of a perfect mercenary. He is motivated, competent and willing to carry out a mission regardless of the moral implications. This implies that he would make an ideal ally for Overhaul given that he doesn’t ask questions.

The only complication of Overhaul is finding enough money to pay him. If his drug business had been launched successfully, he would have vast coffers to compensate Silva for his protection.

5 Doflamingo performs operations similar to Overhaul (One Piece)

Doflamingo dressrossa bow

Doflamingo and Overhaul conduct somewhat similar operations. The former helps facilitate the production and shipping of illegal Devil Fruits, while the latter works on giving or removing Quirks with specialized bullets.

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In addition, the two men have a small army of faithful whom they have impressed with their charisma, their strength and sometimes their violence. Given their commonalities, Doflamingo and Overhaul would respect each other and work together. Their partnership would be largely uneventful as neither character is inclined to betray their comrades.

4 Kabuto shares Overhaul’s insatiable appetite for knowledge (Naruto)

Kabuto from Naruto

Kabuto shares Overhaul’s insatiable appetite for knowledge, as exemplified by his rigorous studies after Orochimaru’s alleged death. Given the implications of villainous Yakuza’s bullets against the shinobi, he would immediately be intrigued by him and agree to a partnership.

His willingness to work with others was proven when he approached Obito and asked him to join forces. Given that Kabuto isn’t afraid to ask for help when appropriate (and the Overhaul organization is in desperate need of strength as well), negotiations leading up to their partnership would be short.

3 Kyosuke wouldn’t care who overhaul kills as long as it benefits him (Death notice)

Kyosuke was the head of the underground Yotsuba organization and a man more than content to take the lives of innocent people. This was proven by his collaboration with Kira, where he filled his murder quota as long as he could use the notebook to stamp out his business rivals.

Afterwards, Kyosuke would have no qualms about giving Overhaul the necessary funding for his research as long as his minions murdered his enemies. Given how much publicity the Yakuza can get at times (like the Blade Villain attack on Kirishima), Overhaul would easily agree to his new partner’s terms.

2 Assault’s obsession with purity plays in the Overhaul brand (Fire Force)

Onslaught Villain's Fire Force

Assault was a member of the White-Clad who was notoriously obsessed with purity. He “trained” rigorously in order to expel himself from all carnal desire, in particular to be able to finally fight and kill Tamaki.

His absolute dedication to a clean world would make him a suitable ally for Overhaul’s mission, as both criminals hold similar views on society. Additionally, his ignition ability has direct offensive utility that would greatly aid the Yakuza’s range of support in ranged and melee encounters.

1 Vicious is a classic criminal the review would respect (Cowboy Bebop)

One of Overhaul’s biggest grievances against Hero Society is that the Yakuza have fallen behind in an overpowered world. He longed for the days when the bad guys could achieve greatness without resorting to their Quirks.

Considering that Vicious is capable of slaughtering a room of armed enemies with his sword alone, he would immediately impress Overhaul as a potential subordinate. Chief Yakuza would only have to be aware of the treacherous nature of his new companion, as Vicious prefers to lead the organization of which he is a member.

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