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Many popular animated series are famous for their grainy, deep and complex characters, like the 1997 Berserk anime or anime adaptation of Vinland Saga. But that’s not the only way to make a compelling character cast. A variety of animated series are rather populated with wonderful characters that fans can’t help but fall in love with.

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Often times these anime shows are part of the iyashikei kind or series of well-being where conflicts are minimal and charming characters just enjoy their daily lives in the company of each other. No matter what genre or subgenre, however, anime fans can find countless short and long series that are full of charming and likable characters who will leave a strong but sweet impression on the viewer.

ten Aria The Masterpiece is a retro story in Neo-Venezia

Aria The Natural Anime

This is technically a sci-fi anime show, as it takes place on terraformed Mars (now called Aqua), and there are spaceships in the sky. Overall, however, this anime has an idyllic setting, taking place in a replica of Venice named Neo-Venezia. Everything here is old-fashioned and charming.

The heroine, optimist and playful Akari Mizunashi, trains professionally to row gondolas and her new friends share her passion for gondola rowing and classic Italian culture. These girls are learning all kinds of life lessons along the way.

9 Laid-back camp teaches the joy of camping

This particular iyashikei the anime doubled as a “fun and educational” series, as its adorable heroines learn the ropes of camping in the peaceful wilderness of Japan. The star is Nadeshiko, an enthusiastic first-time camper who learns many lessons about camping and nature during her travels.

The heroines of Relaxed camp are all polite and friendly, but also stand out from each other, so they’re not just multiple copies of the same generic female role. These girls are always in a good mood and the good feelings are downright contagious.

8 Eccentric But Exciting Cells At Work Stars Uniformed Cells

This is another fun educational series whose characters are hard working human body cells, and they all have a job to do. Viewers first find out about the cheerful but exhausted red blood cell, and then they come across the nervous but well-meaning white blood cell as well.

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Every major cell in this series is a hardworking professional with a wacky but unforgettable personality trait or shtick, and even the Bad Germs are great fun freaks with comedic declarations of war to make.

7 Wotakoi features locked up geeks with big hearts

Narumi Momose and Naoya Nifuji from Wotakoi Love is hard on Otaku

In the professional world, it is not easy to display your own passion for anime or video games, so the four main characters of this series are silent and only confide in each other. The four tracks of Wotakoi are deep and well-balanced characters, each having a major flaw but also many virtues.

Even cranky Taro Kabakura has his sweet side, and shy but talented player Ko Sakuragi will certainly impress fans with her sincere efforts to be Naoya’s best friend. Narumi Momose, meanwhile, is downright impossible to hate.

6 Kaguya-Sama features brilliant, goofy, and unforgettable characters

Kaguya-Sama Season 2

The characters in this seinen series are all imperfect, but also brilliant, which makes for a beautiful combination. In the foreground are the stubborn Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane, who are clearly in love but will not confess. They prefer to trick the other into making the first move.

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The supporting characters are also very likable, although they make a questionable first impression. Yu Ishigami is an example, not to mention Miko Iino, a hard-headed but kind-hearted person who is defined by discipline and the application of the rules. The good side of everyone is sure to shine sooner rather than later.

5 Welcome to the school of demons, Iruma-Kun! Has a colorful cast of characters

iruma-kun group

This colorful and fun series is part of the “magic high school” trend, where the noble school of Babyls only allows demons as students, with the sole exception of Irma Suzuki, a human boy who was adopted by the demon lord Sullivan.

Iruma is a good kid who is just plain overwhelmed, and although they are demons, his classmates are lovable, fun people who quickly befriend their human classmate. Valac Clara is obnoxious but still lovable, and Sullivan is lovable despite being a powerful and elderly demon.

4 I’ve been killing slimes for 300 years and maxed out my level with an easy going witch, adorable sisters and much more

I've been killing slimes for 300 years and maxing out my level

This is an easy going isekai series where the goal in this new world is simply to have a good time, not to fight for survival against demonic hordes or even a rival realm. Azusa Aizawa is the heroine, and she is determined to have a relaxing and fun life to contrast with her overworked past in Japan.

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Azusa makes all kinds of friends along the way, from the loyal and enthusiastic Laika (a dragon girl) to the charming sisters Falfa and Shalsha to the Demon King, who is actually a young devotee who sees Azusa as a big sister. Even the demonic lord of flies, Beelzebub, is a great friend and fun to watch.

3 Horimiya characters all have a hidden side

the Horimiya The manga series recently got an anime adaptation, and the charming and colorful anime captured everything that made the original comic book series so beloved. In this high school, everyone is more than they seem, especially the calm boy, Izumi Miyamura.

Izumi is much more alive and heartwarming than it looks on the outside, and his friend-turned-girlfriend Kyoko Hori is not only popular; she is also a humble and responsible big sister in the home. Secondary characters like Yuuki and Toru are also sure to woo viewers for the first time.

2 My Hero Academia features countless Shonen heroes to root

my hero academia deku class 1b

It is true that My hero university Also features a lot of extremely unpleasant characters, such as the obnoxious Neito Monoma, the villainous Tomura Shigaraki and certainly the terrifying All For One, but most of the main characters in this series are very easy to like, especially since they all work so hard to be real heroes.

Izuku, Ochaco, Shoto, Momo and other fan-favorite characters go out of their way to overcome their personal weaknesses and prove they are professional heroes, and MHA has a whole team of shonen-worthy protagonists, not one. In a way, this show has ten Izuku Midoriyas, and they’re all so much fun to cheer on.

1 Science fell in love, so I tried to prove that it features adorable and goofy scientists at work

Science Fell in Love Anime Shinya and Ayame

This short but charming anime features a handful of young loving scientists determined to quantify what true love is, one experience at a time. The male lead is Shinya Yukimura, whose somewhat grumpy exterior belies his warm and fuzzy feelings for the beautiful and intelligent scientist Ayame Himuro, who reflects those feelings in their entirety.

These characters are brilliant in their chosen fields but are totally new to matters of the heart, and viewers can’t help but support them as they attempt to probe the true depths of human love and intimacy. , whether in the lab or beyond, like in an amusement park or at the beach.

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