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The anime world has characters of all kinds, and a lot of them are parents or even grandparents. There can be a lot of drama when it comes to bad parents, but other parents in the anime are exceptional people and do a terrific job raising their children, biological or otherwise. These parents deserve more recognition and a round of applause.

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Often times, these characters are the mothers or fathers of an anime show’s protagonist or other major characters and sometimes tend to blend in with the background. But when the story focuses on them, it becomes clear what amazing parents they are.

ten Helga worked hard to keep her family comfortable (Vinland Saga)

helga vinland saga

Helga is the daughter of Sigvald, who once commanded the dreaded Jomsvikings and acted as a go-between between her and the mighty Thors, a Jomsviking warrior. By this time, Thors had grown weary of the bloodshed and fled to Iceland in secret with his new wife.

The two had a much better life in remote but peaceful Iceland, and Helga became the proud mother of a daughter, Ylva, and a son, Thorfinn. Despite all of Thors’ hardships and death, Helga remained a reliable member of the family, supporting her children as a matter of course.

9 Masaki Kurosaki absolutely loved his son (bleach)

ichigo bleach masaki

Like some anime parents, Masaki Kurosaki passed away during the main story and only appears in flashbacks. Masaki was once a Quincy archer, and she helped Captain Isshin Shiba fight a Hollow and win. Then she married him and settled down. Her fighting days were over, and she didn’t seem to miss them at all.

Masaki was happier as a wife and mother, and she absolutely adored her sweet son, Ichigo Kurosaki. She was the sun in his sky, and the entire Kurosaki family was devastated when Masaki was killed. Every year, Isshin takes his son and daughters to visit Masaki’s tomb.

8 Minako Ayuzawa also runs a small household (Maid-Sama!)

minako ayuzawa maid-sama

Misaki Ayuzawa is a tough and responsible young woman, and she clearly inherited these qualities from her gentle and loving mother, Minako. Minako’s household had a hard time when her husband ran away to cover a friend’s huge debt, and money was tight for the Ayuzawas for years.

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Despite this, Minako held on, and she didn’t let her family’s struggles dampen her morale. She is also a generous and outgoing woman who warmly welcomes Takumi Usui as a guest, even if Misaki gets rather angry around him.

7 Tomoko Higashikata will not suffer from any stupidity (JoJo’s bizarre adventure)

Tomoko Higashikata appears from time to time in the The diamond is unbreakable story arc, and, while she doesn’t have her own booth, she’s a tough and responsible person who won’t let any troublemakers or offenders bother her. She looks a lot like her cop husband.

Tomoko is tough but fair to his son Josuke, who is Joseph Joestar’s illegitimate child. Tomoko is doing her best to lead a tight ship, and she was heartbroken when her husband passed away at the start of this story arc. But she found the inner strength to continue.

6 Trisha Elric is proud of her smart sons (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Trisha Elric appeared mostly in flashbacks, and it quickly became apparent just how wonderful a person she was. Trisha accepted Van Hohenheim for who he was and refused to see him as a monster, despite being an ancient human Philosopher’s Stone.

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Trisha was also the mother of two intelligent sons, Edward and Alphonse, and she adored them every day. She encouraged them to realize their full potential, but, tragically, she never lived to see them grow. She died of an illness when Edward was only 11 years old and everyone misses her dearly.

5 Inko Midoriya Worries For Her Son’s Safety (My Hero Academia)

Inko and Deku smile together

Inko Midoriya has only one child, her son Izuku, and she has worried about his safety and happiness since being diagnosed as Quirkless. Inko is aware of the anti-Quirkless discrimination, and she fears that Izuku is having a difficult life of disappointment and alienation.

Thankfully, Izuky has unlocked his future with the help of One For All and All Might, but that means he’s in extreme danger when battling villains, and Inko can’t help but worry. She’s a great mom to care about so much, and she’ll even respond to All Might himself in the interests of Izuku’s safety.

4 Tamako Yukihira puts love in the kitchen (food wars!)

Tamako eats squid

Tamako Yukihira and her husband, Joichiro, both knew that love really is the secret ingredient in any dish. If a chef cooks for a lover’s delight or for his family, he would unleash his true potential and spread joy through food. This is what the Nakiri family did not understand.

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Tamako wasn’t a particularly good chef, but she was having a lot of fun, and that was enough for her. She and Joichiro both passed this vital lesson on to their son Soma before Tamako’s untimely death. Soma would later become one of the best chefs of his generation.

3 Kya gave her life to protect her waterbender daughter (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Kya is another anime parent who only appears in flashbacks, although Katara has also portrayed Kya to other characters, which helped paint a clear picture of her. Kya was not a Waterbender, but a local Fire Nation raid group knew that a Waterbender lived in the Southern Water Tribe. So they attacked.

Kya posed as the waterbender to protect Katara’s life at the expense of his own. It was incredibly brave and heroic of her. Before that, Kya had been a wonderful mother to her two children, caring deeply for them and being there for them whenever they needed her.

2 Kushina Uzumaki was brave and caring (Naruto)

Kushina kisses Naruto

Kushina Uzumaki has a history with Kurana the Nine-Tailed Fox, and she was also once his jinchuriki. She then met and married Minato Namikaze and was a good friend of Mikoto Uchiha, who had recently given birth to a son, Sasuke. Kushina was a carefree and happy person at the time.

Then Obito attacked, and Kushina and her husband Hokage retaliated, giving their lives for the sake of the village and their newborn son. Later, Kushina’s spirit supported Naruto, which was not only cathartic for them but also gave Naruto greater control over Kurama.

1 Kyoko Honda transformed her life and taught Tohru vital lessons (fruit basket)

kyoko honda in a fruit basket

Kyoko Honda was once a troubled and bitter delinquent who saw no future for herself, and she trusted no one. That all changed when she met Katsuya Honda, and they got married later. Kyoko put her “red butterfly” days behind her and grew into a gentle, upbeat person, a perfect role model for her young daughter, Tohru.

Kyoko got a second chance at life, and she realized that everyone deserved a second chance too. No one is really lost, and she taught Tohru that. This inspired Tohru to befriend everyone around her, even though they were deeply troubled. Tohru thus transformed the Sohmas and inspired them, living up to his mother’s excellent example.

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