10 Best Fantasy Movies For Lord Of The Rings Fans

It’s undeniable that fans and critics think The Lord of the Rings the trilogy is a masterpiece. Unfortunately, due to its brilliance, it’s so hard to find films that live up to it. Good fantasy movies are rare because there has been more emphasis on drama, romance, action, and especially science fiction in modern cinema.

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Some filmmakers have ventured into producing fantasy films, some being the all-time classics that keep the genre alive and others that redefine the genre. For fans of LOTR who are looking for something similar to their favorite trilogy, some films share the tones, themes and feel of Peter Jackson’s masterpiece.

ten The Princess Bride is a beloved classic

princess bride

An obvious choice for fantasy fans, The princess to be married has been a beloved classic for decades. More than a renowned fantasy film, The princess to be married also shares many similarities that would be of interest The Lord of the Rings Fans.

Like Peter Jackson’s epic trilogy, The princess to be married masterfully blends unique magic, thrilling adventure, charming humor, and uplifting romance and friendships. The story of true love, revenge, betrayal and rising to the challenge is carried by iconic characters and supported by choreography and design that has aged incredibly well. The Lord of the Rings fans will also appreciate the medieval setting.

9 Song Of The Sea captivates the heart and leaves viewers with a whirlwind of emotions

song of the sea

For anime fans, song of the sea is a charming story about a young boy who uncovers a mystical secret about his mute sister and long-lost mother. There is no doubt that song of the sea was created with children in mind, but it still manages to be exciting for all ages and surprisingly emotionally impactful.

fans of LOTR appreciate sea ​​song light tones and character development, which delves into the grief of the main family after losing their matriarch. The beautiful animation perfectly illustrates the Celtic mythology that the creators worked so hard to portray, another aspect of song of the sea that fans will appreciate.

8 Wonder Woman is more than a superhero movie

wonder woman

With a strong inspiration from Greek mythology, wonder woman isn’t just a superhero action movie. wonder woman is also a fantasy film that follows the thrilling adventure of an unlikely group of heroes who join forces to save the world from descending into chaos. The main hero of this tale is Diana, who was raised to protect mankind from any supernatural enemy that threatens it.

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When the whole world enters World War I, Diana thinks it’s because of the return of an old enemy. She sets off with new allies to stop the destruction of the human race. For fans who liked the action of The Lord of the Rings, wonder woman will not disappoint you. From beginning to end, wonder woman brilliantly choreographs fight scenes to captivate viewers but doesn’t skimp on the heart of its story.

7 Princess Mononoke is an unforgettable fantasy adventure

san vs lady eboshi

Good fantasy movies are hard to come by, but animation studio Studio Ghibli has given fans a handful of options. The one that The Lord of the Rings fans can appreciate the most is Princess Mononokewhich shares a multi-layered fantasy adventure about the corruption of greed and power and focuses on finding harmony with the supernatural.

The only major difference between these fantastic films is how Princess Mononoke handles its antagonists, who aren’t treated as villains in the traditional sense. Their reason for stirring up a commotion varies and in the end they are forced to learn the mistakes of their ways. fans of LOTRhowever, will always be captivated by the fantastical elements of Princess Mononoke and will like all the characters, even the bad guys.

6 The Kid Who Would Be King is a dark fantasy film

The Kid Who Would Be King movie poster

The child who would become king is a surprisingly fantastic dark fantasy film. Although he never became popular, The child who would become king was loved by critics and audience members alike for its terrific acting, design, and gripping plot.

The story follows a young boy who harnesses the mighty Excaliber blade. After enlisting the help of his mentor Merlin, his friends, and the school bully, he fights against evil to save the world. The startlingly dark tones and creepy patterns of this child-friendly fantasy epic are always brighter than the The Lord of the Rings. However, these tones are intense enough to keep all viewers on the edges of their seats.

5 Trollhunter also changed the look of the fantasy movie

Norwegian Trollhunter Movies

Although he may not have experienced the same level of reverence as The Lord of the Ringsmany viewers consider Troll Hunter like a hidden gem. The idea of ​​creating a mockumentary based on the fictional life of a government-backed trollhunter is intriguing in itself. troll hunter Well-crafted horror tones and special effects create an original experience and redefine what fantasy movies can achieve.

The mockumentary’s adventures, action scenes, and light-hearted comedy are roughly similar to LOTR, which offers a unique experience that will delight fans.

4 The How To Train Your Dragon trilogy is another rare fantasy epic

Although the plots are not at the same cataclysmic levels, the How to train your dragon trilogy also tells an epic fantasy adventure like The Lord of the Rings. Both begin when unlikely heroes face overwhelming odds. For Frodo, it’s about surviving the journey to Mordor. For Hiccup, it’s about maintaining his relationship with the dragons, among other issues along the way.

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Character building is another exciting part of How to train your dragon, as well as exciting special effects and fantasy elements. Although the comedy is aimed at children, How to train your dragon takes a surprising dive into very heavy emotional moments. For fans who loved the action and heart of LOTRthis movie is a great game.

3 Pan’s Labyrinth hits its audience with the horror side of fantasy

pan's maze fauna

There’s a lot to do with the fantasy genre. However, filmmakers are not always willing to experiment, which is why The Lord of the Rings was so exciting. While Peter Jackson and his team have done a great job bringing the terrors of Middle-earth to life, no one in the industry does a better job in fantasy horror than Guillermo del Toro.

One of del Toro’s masterpieces, Pan’s Labyrinth is another movie that LOTR fans will greatly appreciate. While Pan’s Labyrinth begins as an innocent fairy tale about a girl, who is charmed into exploring a hidden fantasy land, the plot darkens with each passing scene. Although there is a great deal of realism in Pan’s Labyrinthhorrors and drama are what LOTR fans will be captivated by.

2 Onward reminds the public never to embark on an adventure alone

ian and barley get emotional holding their dad's magic stick

In true Pixar fashion, a lot of heart has gone into From production. Forward entertains fans with its unique slice-of-life fantasy perspective. By diving into the story and its lovable characters, viewers are in for an emotionally overwhelming experience.

The story follows two elf brothers who embark on a quest after discovering that their late father was a wizard who left them a spell that could bring him back for a short time. Although the stakes could not be more different, Forward and The Lord of the Rings both see fantasy and adventure develop over time. LOTR and Forward have emotional scenes. The brotherhood in Forward is not so different from the Fellowship since they both struggle to overcome their obstacles together.

1 Kubo and the Two Ropes Challenge Viewers’ Faith in a Happy Ending

The same way as LOTR Is, Kubo and the two ropes opens the film with sympathetic characters. As the two stories progress, these lovable characters are pushed to their limits, though it’s the most heartbreaking in Kubo. For fantasy fans captivated by LOTR heavy drama, Kubo will challenge their faith in a happy ending.

Like Frodo, Kubo is being chased by supernatural beings and must venture into danger to make things right. The reasons behind the antagonists are different, but the thrill and fear of adventure are all the same. Similar in both cases, the tone becomes darker as the journey continues with intense fight scenes and the challenge of the heroes’ friendships. There’s a bittersweet tone between the two of them, but both are all about fighting for hope.

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