10 best magical systems in the anime, ranked

There are many Shounen animes and manga that feature in-depth, well-planned magic or power systems that are the lifeblood of the story. From soft systems that include awesome spells to hard systems that pack a punch, these engines separate each magical adventure anime from another.

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Some of these magical systems are so effective because they fit so well into the story and the setting, achieving both vibrancy and world-building feats. Others have such an impact for their imagination and creativity or for their dire consequences. In some series, fans can see the best written and most effective magic systems to date.

ten Fairy Tail has a soft magic system with a diversity of power

Natsu and Lucy wave

Soft magic systems are characterized by a less defined and clear set of rules for the use of magic. Fairy tale is a great example, as it has wizards and wizards of all kinds of skills and types of magic that can come up with an incredible array of magic.

While each magical ability has its own set of rules, and the idea of ​​dragon slayer magic is well defined and categorized, the concept of magic throughout Fairy tale changes. Much like the Shounen, this concept constantly debates and reassesses the limits of what is possible. This is exactly why fans love it Fairy tale, however, as new magics and limits are constantly being found.

9 The Clow cards in Cardcaptor Sakura were simple

Card Captor Sakura Clear Card

Sakura card sensor is another anime which has an interesting magic system. Sakura card sensor is intended for children, and therefore the magic system is quite simple. It includes cards, each with their own unique and defined magical abilities, which must be captured.

It’s simple, but the creative uses of Sakura associated with Sakura card sensorStrict adherence to the rules of the magical system (as opposed to circumventing those rules) makes this magical system well planned and well executed.

8 Devil Fruit makes sense as a one-piece system

one piece devil fruit

Another magical system that is surprisingly well defined is the Devil Fruit magic found in A piece. Each devil fruit has its ability which endows the consumer with awesome power. However, there are also some clear and significant downsides to consuming fruit that make it just as harmful as it is beneficial.

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Although this magic system is not as complicated as others such as Fairy tale Where Naruto, it fits perfectly into the world they are written in, adding not only to the intrigue but also to the world-building and tradition of A piece.

seven Bleach’s Bankai were unique and well made

Magic swords aren’t new to the anime. They are a highly regarded and widely used magical tool in many genres of anime. However, few stories have made such a complex but well-described sword-based magical system as Wheatach.

The unique powers assigned to each Bankai ability were both creative and diverse. The split between the Shinigami, Arrancar / Espada, and Hollows (and their overlaps) was well done and interesting. bleach Magic System was so popular that it attracted an impressive number of fan fiction writers and their original characters.

6 JoJo managed to remove a magic system switch

JoJo’s bizarre adventure started with a Hamon or Ripple martial arts style magical system in its first two parts: Ghost blood and Combat tendency. However, in its third part, Stardust Crusaders, the author decided to change the magic system.

The anime / manga switched to using mediums, which were projections of their energy containing special powers. The change may have been brutal, but JoJo’s bizarre adventure effectively established their new magic system, and fans seem to love Stands as much, if not more, than the original magic system. Thereby, Jojo pulled off an incredibly impressive feat.

5 Hunter X Hunter’s Nen makes a winning creation

Gon unleashes all of his Nen in Hunter X Hunter

Another magical system that relies on internal energy (also known as the aura) is the Nen system of Hunter x hunter, which is unique because of its versatility. The Nen system contains six basic type categories: Emit, Conjure, Manipulate, Specialize, Transmute, and Enhance. In addition to this, there are four methods or principles of using energy: Ten, Zetsu, Ren, and Hatsu.

These basics can be translated into more advanced and complicated techniques, but everything is built on these basics, much like those of other shows such as Naruto.

4 Quirks are well written in the world of My Hero Academia

Monoma copies Eri's quirk

The magic system of My hero university is a bit more rigid than the system found in Fairy tale, but it still retains the same diversity and versatility. Most people in the My hero world have an innate ability called Oddity, and each Quirk has its own set of powers.

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Unlike other systems which include a wide range of powers and abilities, however, My hero university does a great job of defining the drawbacks and limitations of each power. My hero university Also writes these powers down concretely in the world, although some powers are much better designed than others.

3 The alchemy in Fullmetal Alchemist had serious consequences

fullmetal alchemist transmutation scene

Regarding the disadvantages, rules and limitations, Fullmetal Alchemist has a magical system that is unprecedented in its on-screen danger. The Shounen tropes of gaining power and strength just by wanting it (which often leads to power drift) are out the window.

Fans can see how dangerous the chemistry is from the first moments of Full Metal, because the main characters are punished for their pride. As well, Fullmetal Alchemist describes how the magical system corrupts both other alchemists and the world, making it one of the most involved and “realistic” magical systems.

2 Naruto’s chakra was a great magical system up to a point

9 Naruto shares Kurama's chakra with everyone

While Naruto has certainly been criticized for its tendency to drift away from power, it still has one of the most complex and widely followed magical systems around. The whole first series, the original Naruto, describes the basics of ninjutsu and chakra, and has a wide range of abilities built from those basics.

In addition, the concept of chakra and jutsu forms the foundation of Narutotraditions and the construction of the world. Each clan has their techniques and powers, and these abilities indicate how they move around the world. Although Naruto sometimes breaks loose, the foundations are always at the center.

1 Avatar: The last airbender’s bending powers were clear and thoughtful

Korra enters the Avatar State

Hard magic systems are often considered too basic or simplistic, but few anime have treated magic systems as well as the Avatar franchise. First, the concept of mastery is simple and has clear rules, and the concept of the Avatar ties all of those rules together and ties them to the world.

Second, each bending style and technique reflects not only a true style of martial arts, but also the culture of each realm. These cultural and technical practices of mastery are then reflected in the actual geography of nations, kingdoms and tribes. Fans can see how water bending sculpted the Northern Water Tribe and how earth bending is at the heart of Omashu’s infrastructure. There are simply no loose ends.

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