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The popular series My hero university has kept fans mesmerized since the release of the first episode in April 2016. It is now much more than Izuku Midoriya’s journey to becoming a hero, having cemented his place in the list of greatest shonen anime of all time.

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Fans fell in love with Izuku’s friends and allies. From childhood rival Katsuki Bakugou to friend Shoto Todoroki and eventual love interest Ochaco Uraraka, students in Class 1-A have captured the imaginations of many. Even villains and professional heroes are included, and recently Hawks and Dabi have become fan favorites. But in a cast featuring so many characters, there are bound to be a few who fall through the cracks or just don’t get the attention they deserve.

ten Most students in class 1-B remain underutilized

Class 1-B look shocked

With the story so focused on the students in Class 1-A, their classmates remain mostly unknown to viewers. Aside from Monoma and Kendo, who regularly have arguments in front of the main characters, the students in class 1-B exist as largely unimportant background characters. Some stand out for their interesting quirks.

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It’s hard to forget Manga Fukidashi, who has a speech bubble for his head, or Setsuna Tokage, whose Lizard Tail Splitter Quirk allows him to divide his body into fifty different parts. Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu’s friendship with Kirishima always brings a smile to viewers. Yet Class 1-B appearances are too rare for students to have a permanent place in the hearts and memories of My hero university Fans.

9 Koji Koda is so quiet it’s easy to miss

Koji sits with small animals

One of the lesser-known students in Class 1-A, Koji Koda – hero name Anima – has the power to talk to animals. He is very shy and seems to suffer from a form of Selective Mutism, and this calm nature works against him. Even when he’s present in the anime, fans tend to miss him in favor of more exuberant members of the cast.

His alter, Anivoice, is also not as flashy as Deku’s One for All or Todoroki’s Half-Froid, Half-Hot, and he lacks Bakugou’s presence and unexpected charisma. His appearances aren’t as rare as those of students in Class 1-B, but he would still benefit from a little more love from his creator.

8 Rikido Sato is a sweet but forgettable presence

Like Koji Koda, Rikido Sato – the name of the hero Sugarman – is a student hero with a rather lackluster Quirk. Sugar Rush gives him a boost after ingesting candy. While useful, the ability just doesn’t stand out enough. He’s a favorite in Dorms 1-A because of his baking skills, but not so much with the fans. Even though he appears in the series, he’s easy to forget.

7 Nezu leads UA with an iron fist but isn’t much

Nezu smiles with a drink

Since Nezu is UA’s principal, you’d think he would appear in the anime at least on a fairly regular basis. It just doesn’t happen. It’s a very interesting case of an animal born with an Quirk, and High Specs gives it an intelligence that far surpasses that of a human being. Unfortunately, Nezu only appears onscreen a handful of times.

6 Lunch Rush’s position at UA doesn’t give him time to shine

Like Nezu, most of the UA teachers fade into the background, with the major exception being Class 1-A Head Teacher Eraserhead. But Pro Hero Lunch Rush is the complete opposite of Shota Aizawa in this regard. His main role at UA is to be the leader, and he does not appear in other segments where teachers are present. Despite being an AU staff member, his Quirk, background and past activities remain unclear. He is a character about whom we know almost nothing.

5 The best jeanist is a memorable but largely absent pro hero

Pro Hero Best Jeanist – or real name Tsunagu Hakamada – first appears in the anime as Katsuki Bakugou’s mentor during the Heroes Stage Arc. He and Bakugou don’t get along at all, but Jeanist’s attempt to soften Bakugou’s demeanor remains memorable for the young student. Its Quirk Fiber Master allows it to handle threads of all kinds and is particularly effective with denim.

Jeanist is seriously injured during the confrontation with All for One, and after his recovery, he is used by Hawks to prove his loyalty to the League of Villains. His death at the hands of Hawks is ultimately revealed to have been staged and he remains one of the most respected professional heroes, but he is still largely absent from the anime and manga.

4 Giran is barely there even though he is important to the plot

Villain Giran is an information broker who occasionally works with groups like the League of Villains. His Quirk Muddiness allows him to induce amnesia in people he touches. He introduces people like Twice, Toga, and Dabi to the League, thereby earning Twice’s loyalty.

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The capture of Giran by Re-Destro’s forces is used as a tool to lure the League of Villains to Deika City, but before the meta release arc he doesn’t appear much in the anime. It’s a shame, because his dynamic with the villains is very interesting.

3 Inko has fans’ hearts but no screen time

Izuku Midoriya’s adorable mother, Inko, easily won over fans. Although she does not always support Izuku’s dreams, the relationship between her and her son remains very strong. Izuku obviously inherited Inko’s loving but strong nature, as well as her propensity to burst into torrents of tears. But as Izuku spends more and more time with his hero friends and teachers, there isn’t much room for Inko in the anime. Fans may never even learn the official name for his attraction to small items.

2 Rei is important to Shoto’s character arc but mostly absent

Anime My Hero Academia Rei Todoroki Sad

Shoto’s mother, Rei Todoroki, has been important to her character from the very beginning. At first, she mostly appears in flashbacks, memories of Shoto’s traumatized past. Her tragic breakup after being the victim of Endeavor’s domestic violence leaves Shoto scarred and she is locked in a mental health facility. She and Shoto reconnect after the UA Sports Festival, and she appears a bit more during the Endeavor Agency Arc. She is still mostly absent, and perhaps it is this absence that makes her so important. She’s supposed to be there, but she’s been deprived of her chance.

1 Eri’s rescue removes her from the cast of eminent personages

In season four of the anime, Eri is a major and very important presence. It’s her blood that Overhaul uses for his Quirk-clearing medicine, and the operation to save her is perhaps even more important than the fight against All for One. It brings together heroes young and old, and not all of them survive the confrontation.

Thanks to the combined efforts of Deku and Lemillion, Eri is saved and she comes to live in UA under the care of Eraserhead. But with the end of season four, its importance has diminished. She’s still around and her Quirk, Rewind, will be relevant again in the future, but for the most part her appearances are relegated to flashbacks or casual times spent with friends. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as Eri deserves to have a childhood away from the hustle and bustle of the hero world.

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