10 interesting facts about Dia Mirza that you probably didn’t know


With effortless grace and a deep-rooted sense of purpose, Dia Mirza is a trailblazer in her own right. Alongside her memorable roles in films like Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein (2001), Parineeti (2005), and Thappad (2020), the star had a unique journey in the industry, marked by her debut as a beauty queen. Since then, she has come a long way to establish herself as a household name and is best known as the star who never hesitates to speak out on causes close to her heart. Want to know more about the multi-hyphen who also happens to be the UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador for India? Read on to find out ten lesser-known facts about Mirza.

1.Before being a model and actress, it was Dia Mirza’s choice of profession

Dia Mirza entered the pageantry world to win the Miss Asia Pacific International title in 2000. She then made her acting debut with Rehnaa Hai Land Dil Mein the next year. However, before all this, the star had already started her career outside of the industry. Mirza initially work as a marketing professional for a multimedia company in her hometown, Hyderabad, before moving on to modeling and acting.

2. The talented actor is also a producer

Mirza’s production site, Born Free Entertainment, has made several films including love breakups zindagi (2011), Bobby jasoos (2014) and a show named Watch out for malhotras (2019). In December 2019, she also announcement that she was forming a new production house, One India Stories, to create original content.

3. If she could, it is the iconic Bollywood actor that Dia would like to be…

In an interview, Mirza was once asked a hypothetical question: What actor from the past would she like to be? The actor answered, “Madhubala”. She explained that the “grace and gravity” of the legend left an indelible mark on her and that “her eyes had an ocean in them”.

4.… And these are some of his favorite movies of all time

In 2013, the actor share that a few of the movies she enjoys watching over and over again include Before sunrise (1995), Legend of the Fall (1994), and Godfather (1972).

5. Her favorite hobby? Cooking!

From pottery and reading to writing, horseback riding, acting and photography, Mirza has many diverse interests beyond theater, but what she loves most is cooking. “I like to eat and I like to feed myself. I find cooking very therapeutic”, she once said. revealed. Hyderabadi’s cuisine is her specialty when it comes to playing chef, which is quite apt as this is the city in which the star grew up.

6. She also likes anything sweet

In a 2016 interview, the 39-year-old Talk about his love for desserts. “I have 32 sweet teeth. I love everything from chocolates of all kinds and panna cotta to Khubhani ka Meetha and Double ka Meetha.”

7. Dia Mirza starts her day with this fascinating wellness practice…

When revealing the key to feeling beautiful inside out at this year’s Vogue Beauty Festival, Mirza revealed that her wellness routine is of paramount importance to her. For three years now, the star has started her days in her garden with a unique wellness practice called “grounding”. It is about spending at least ten minutes walking barefoot on the ground and the grass, in order to anchor yourself, to connect with nature and to feel centered.

8.… And end it with that offbeat bedtime habit

In a maintenance, Mirza once confessed that her strangest habit would probably be to wash her feet before calling her a day. “I have wash my feet before sleeping!

9. If Dia could have a superpower in the world, it would be …

When asked to choose a superpower in an interview, Mirza once responded that she would like to be able to get rid of all the plastic that harms the environment, especially the one that clogs all of our bodies of water. What if she could change an Indian habit for the better? “I would like them to stop using single-use plastics. Plastic straws, plastic bags, plastic cutlery, styrofoam plates, cups and mugs, if there’s one thing we need to stop doing, that’s it.

10. It’s his favorite hangout in his hometown

Dia Mirza’s favorite place in Hyderabad is Golkonda Fort, as she once revealed in a video interview. “I have many magical memories of Golkonda Fort: picnics and school trips… We also shot a film that I produced there,” she explained of her special connection. with the place.

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