10 mecha anime everyone seems to love or hate

The Mecha anime isn’t just about giant robot battles in space. Many series have added nuances to the mecha genre, making it a divisive anime niche.

Animated series can tell intimate and grounded stories, but they often pride themselves on extreme exaggerations and a mix of unique genres that define the industry. Mecha is one of the more dominant genres in anime and it focuses primarily on battles between giant robots, often in space.

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There are many tropes that define the mecha series and it is easy for the uninitiated to regard them as sterile and action-based. Despite this, the mecha genre has gained a lot of nuance over the years. There are now many unique and subversive series that will appeal to fans who usually ignore giant robots.

ten Neon Genesis Evangelion is a challenging epic that sparks endless discussion

Evangelion Unit 1 Injured

Neon Genesis Evangelion has a reputation that transcends anime. evangelization is arguably one of the most complex and painfully personal explorations of the type mecha, but his existential conflicts and avant-garde sensibilities represent what audiences love and hate about the series. The show’s psychological traps are too obtuse for some viewers who just want to watch giant robots battle monsters without all of the trauma of depression and abandonment.

9 Code Geass uses Mecha as debilitating corruption tools

The best animes are those that force audiences to consider their values ​​and what they thought they knew about the characters on the show. Code Geass is a great insight into the slippery slope of heroism, and how quickly someone’s motives can be clouded by power. Code Geass creates a tumultuous conflict between Britannia and Japan where a mysterious mecha known as Geass becomes the key to victory. Lelouch’s Geass is a crucial aspect of the series, but the anime focuses on her transformation as a person, which isn’t easy for everyone to come to terms with.

8 The Big O embraces black and detective instincts for better or worse

the big o

The big O is a mecha anime that draws as much inspiration from western programming, film noir, and detective stories as it does from the previous giant robot series. The big O is very stylized and looks a lot like Batman tonal.

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The big O struggled to find audiences in Japan, but Cartoon Network helped co-produce a second season. The public is either charmed by the Retro atmosphere and western influences from the mecha series or avoid it for the same qualities that others find charming.

seven Mobile fighter G Gundam’s eccentricity falls flat for some

Anime Mobile Fighter G Gundam Nether Hurricane Gundam

Mobile Suit Gundam has over 40 years of iconic mecha series to his name. Gundam has slowly moved away from the timeline of the Universal Century to tell new kinds of stories, but G Gundam Mobile Hunter is one of the greatest stylistic hubs. G Gundam has as much in common with the shonen genre as with the mecha series. Countries are subject to a universal mobile combination tournament, which allows for constant combat between weirdest Gundam in the franchise. It’s a laudable risk, but G Gundam‘s the facelift and younger demographics don’t work for everyone.

6 Darling In FranXX’s focus on romance becomes her downfall


The relationship between a mecha costume and its pilot is an important aspect of the mecha genre and Darling in the FranXX specifically focuses on the concept of humanity as disposable. Darling in the FranXX takes place in a future dystopia where children are raised for the express purpose of piloting the Franxx. Darling in the FranXX has stunning animation and starts with lots of strong action sequences, but it slowly turns into a soap opera where the characters become more and more unbearable.

5 Zoids’ nostalgic charm can seem empty and reductive


There is a long history when it comes to animated series which are really just glorified commercials meant to sell toys. The level of transparency in this department is top priority, but there are plenty of cartoons born out of business interests that still manage to tell moving stories. Zoids went to spawn several animated series with rich universes, but even at its best, Zoids always feels reductive of a similar tariff as Voltron or even Power rangers. Audiences are either attracted to Zoids familiar ideas and young pilots or are not affected by its hollow principles.

4 Escaflowne’s vision gets too lost in fantasy

Escaflowne’s vision made a lot of waves in the 90s and its praise has little to do with the mecha impulses of the series. Escaflowne is as an isekai series that is interested in fantasy and romantic tropes.

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Hitomi learns that she is a central figure in a magical world and that it is her journey and growth that drives the series forward. Escaflowne deserves credit for how it combines the mecha genre with contrasting ideas, but the contrast will also leave audiences divided.

3 Bubblegum Crisis Crime Tackling Doesn’t Work for Everyone

Anime Bubblegum Crisis Knight Sabers

Chewing gum crisis is a refreshing change of pace that focuses on an all-female group of dangerous mercenaries who work to keep society safe. What is the particularity Chewing gum crisis is that his empowered group of Knight Sabers uses combinations of high-tech robotic exoskeletons to perform extreme forms of combat. These might not be considered mecha in the traditional sense, but Knight Sabers are often faced with giant robots. It all comes down to a creative twist on mecha staples that also underscores the importance of humans from a unique perspective.

2 Blue Gender’s mechanical madness is secondary to violent sci-fi horror

Mechas can be an efficient means of transportation, a natural evolution of technology, destructive tools of war, or something infinitely more complex. Kind blue is a 26-episode dark anime that depicts humanity as an endangered population losing to an alien threat. Kind blue uses his mechs to defend against these alien bugs. There is a suspenseful story that takes place in Kind blue, but that’s far from the typical mecha story.

1 Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket deals with conflict through the eyes of a child

Mobile Suit Gundam has been around for so long that it has had several opportunities to deconstruct the mecha genre, but it was a much more restrictive genre in the 1980s. Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket is a six-episode OVA series which marked a major change of pace for Gundam with its shift to small-scale intimate storytelling where robot battles are almost an afterthought. War in the pocket delicately filters the atrocities of war through the eyes of a ten-year-old, allowing it to be a much calmer, more personal take on the mecha genre.

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