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For an empire built on magic, dreams, princesses and all that is whimsical and colorful, Disney certainly has a long list of weapons and weapons purposefully designed to do damage. While the studio is no stranger to magic wands, staffs, and even blasters and rifles, the selection of bladed weapons here is more than worthy of recognition.

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From sabers and rapiers to long swords and sabers, many of Disney’s greatest heroes and villains have worn a variety of different blades. Whether it was custom work to suit the character, magical items, or symbols of status or power, many have felt the sting of these enchanting swords.

ten The magic sword (the black cauldron)

While its name doesn’t hint at much in terms of reputation, the sword found in the bowels of the Horned King’s castle in Disney’s dark and fantasy epic is easily a sword that many future warriors would love to own. Not only is it a gorgeous, powerful blade that can cut like a hot knife through butter, but it has a mind of its own.

The main purpose of a weapon is to repel attackers and protect whoever wields it, and it looks like this glowing sword took the directive to heart. Even someone as inexperienced and green as Taran the Wanderer can pick it up and wield it with the greatest of ease.

9 The Singing Sword (which framed Roger Rabbit)

Yes, that’s an honorable mention. Yes, it’s an old joke from the Tex Avery cartoon days. But thanks to this Sinatra-shaped sword, many viewers cannot hear the song “Witchcraft” without thinking about this song. Who wants the skin of Roger Rabbit.

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It earns the spot on the list simply because it’s one of the movie’s most unforgettable gags and visuals. Plus, Bob Hoskins’ reaction to the cartoon drawing of an animated weapon is certainly worthy of a laugh.

8 Triton Sword (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides)

Every great pirate captain needs an equally infamous blade to back this claim. Of course, a pirate as infamous and deadly as the notorious one like this Pirates of the Caribbean the villain needs something a little more special to further sell his intimidating nature. Blackbeard has a reputation to uphold.

This enchanted broadsword and cutlass hybrid is not only a great blade capable of splitting a pirate in half, but can bring the dead back to life, wield lifeless objects, and more than just the blade of a single. buccaneer could never dream. An OP touch for something of this frame, but certainly one of the best guns in the studio.

7 The Vorpal Sword (Alice in Wonderland)

It may look like a standard fantasy sword, but this beautiful blade is more than just a piece of aesthetic weapon. Not only is it the only weapon effective against the Red Queen’s Jabberwocky, but it acts as a visual symbol of Alice accepting her identity.

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Similar to Alice having her own revelation about her identity, the completion of the vorpal armor mirrors the completion of Alice’s mental journey. While the movie is hit or miss at times, the imagery with the sword makes for great visual storytelling.

6 Raya’s Whip Sword (Raya and the Last Dragon)

It should come as no surprise that Raya and the last dragon draws a lot from Asian films, mythology and fiction. Understandably, any great warrior deserves a great bladed weapon to fight their way through any obstacles that stand in their way, and Raya’s whip sword goes one step further in terms of style and efficiency.

Raya is an absolute artist with this blade. Even blinded by her own rage, she is still able to wield her weapon with the ferocity and skill of Jet-Li in the heart of an epic combat streak. Someone needs to add Raya to the Soul Calibur series or the next Smash DLC.

5 The Dark Saber (Star Wars)

Although he may have been introduced to the fandom through the Clone wars series, it was The Mandalorian which gave life to the black saber. The image of Moff Gideon breaking away from the wreckage after Season 1’s epic battle with the infamous weapon is a moment in Star wars that few fans will ever forget.

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Considering that the Jedi are often considered some of the greatest warriors in the galaxy, building a weapon capable of taking on their lightsabers is truly an achievement. As deadly as it is visually striking, the Dark Saber is as much a symbol of power as it is a brutal weapon. Truly one of the galaxy’s most sought-after treasures.

4 Fa Zhou’s sword (Mulan)

Mulan takes her father's armor and sword

Although the live action Mulan the remake gave him a beautiful blade, the original sword seen in Disney’s Mulan is one of the most recognizable character pieces. Few Disney Princesses can boast of having a weapon of choice, but Mulan’s blade has as much personality as it does.

You only have to look at the guard’s monstrous face to recognize it as Mulan’s. Not only does she use her sword to save the Huns, but she uses her highly reflective blade to devastate their numbers and save her own battalion. Like Mulan, the sword is more than it looks.

3 Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber (Star Wars)

Kylo Ren lights his lightsaber against Rey

Yet another character whose weapon reflects their aura, Kylo Ren’s crossed saber was an extremely impressive piece of Sith tech when the trailer for the force awakens first abandoned. He was as brutal and unstable as his user, and he remains a favorite even compared to alternative swords like Darth Maul’s staff.

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Everything about Kylo Ren’s aesthetic makes a statement, whether it’s for better or for worse. The flickering lightsaber is a symbol of power and rage, while its fractured Kyber crystal represents the shattered state of being of its wearer. All things are forcibly connected, including the details of the dark side.

2 The Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts)

Let Disney create one of the most iconic video game weapons of recent years. The fate of hearts of various worlds lies in Kingdom Hearts Keyblade. Owned by users like Sora, Riku, and King Mickey, the weapon has the ability to turn the tide of the battle between light and dark.

Not only is it effective against Nobodies and Heartless, but it functions as a universal key, a sturdy blade, and a symbol of multiversal magic. In the wrong hands, it could mean the death of all existence. That’s awesome firepower coming from Mickey Mouse.

1 The sword in the stone (The sword in the stone)

Arthur pulling the sword out of the stone

Often regarded as one of the most famous fictional blades, King Arthur’s Excalibur has more than a solid reputation surrounding it. Seeing how Disney’s take on the legend is likely the first that many viewers are presented with, it seems entirely fitting that it takes the top spot.

Seeing the boy in his squire outfit resting his hand on the sword as a celestial light descends on him and a choir sings from above really cements Arthur’s status as king past and future. Like the enchanted rose, the castle clock striking midnight, or Snow White’s first kiss, this is one of the most familiar images in the fairy-tale fantasy genre.

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