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Kuroko no basket, known as Kuroko’s Basketball in English, is a sports anime about basketball. The series follows Tetsuya Kuroko and Seirin High as they face off to defeat the Generation of Miracles, who Kuroko was teammates with in middle school. Although the anime is about basketball, the characters actually wear the show.

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This anime features a massive cast of characters, each of them lovable and unique in their own right. Since Seirin is the central team of the series, fans root for them to win even if other teams are equally compelling. According to MyAnimeList, some characters are more popular than others.

ten Satsuki Momoi got 425 favorites

Satsuki Momoi from Kuroko No Basket smiling

Momoi is the current manager of Touou’s basketball team. Momoi is an excellent manager as she skillfully observes opponents and collects data to use against them in the next game. She can even predict the growth of Touou’s opponents.

Because she previously managed Teiko Junior High’s basketball team, she is a childhood friend of Aomine and went to the same high school due to his irresponsibility. Fans appreciate Momoi’s presence in the anime due to his bubbly personality and loyalty to Kuroko and the Generation of Miracles.

9 Kazunori Takao got 602 favorites

Kazunari Takao from Kuroko's Basketball/Kuroko No Basket.

Takao plays for the Shutoku basketball team. He is known for his “Hawk-Eye”, which allows him a wide field of vision that will allow him to see the whole field without fixating on a specific area or player. Overall, he enjoys playing basketball, but doesn’t focus exclusively on winning, but rather on enjoying the game.

Fans appreciate Takao because of his dynamic with Midorima, especially since he’s seen him driving Midorima around in a rickshaw and pestering him for fun for a change. Fans appreciate her lighthearted and laid-back attitude.

8 Teppei Kiyoshi got 711 favorites

Teppei founded the Seirin basketball team. He is a mature player and he remains professional on the pitch. Due to a knee injury, he was unable to play with Seirin for as long as he would have liked, although he promised not to waste what time he had left.

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Fans love Teppei because of his intelligence and his ability to lift the rest of his team. Fans also really appreciate his determination to keep going during games to bring his team to victory despite the pain he is facing at one point.

seven Atsushi Murasakibara got 1,435 favorites

One of Japan’s greatest center players, Murasakibara plays for Yosen High School. As a member of the Generation of Miracles, Murasakibara is known for his strength in basketball, but he doesn’t seem to care about the sport. Murasakibara says the only reason he plays is because he’s good at it and he hates people who play with passion.

However, he seems to really like basketball, as he was triggered to enter the “Zone” while losing to Seirin. Murasakibara also likes snacks and spends all his money on junk food. Murasakibara is a fan favorite because he’s not necessarily antagonistic despite his difficulty. Some fans even find it relatable.

6 Shintaro Midorima got 2,068 favorites

Shintaro Midorima taps his fingers - Kuroko no Basket

Midorima is a member of the Generation of Miracles. His strength in basketball is his shooting accuracy. He never misses a shot and he can shoot with precision even if he is at the other end of the field. Midorima appears to be reserved, blunt, and rather cold at first. It’s easy to assume he’s arrogant.

Midorima is obsessed with listening to his horoscope every day and wearing the lucky item recommended by Oha Asa. Despite being described as a tsundere, Midorima is a fan favorite as he is helpful to others and a good team player when it comes to pushing. Fans also appreciate all of its quirks.

5 Taiga Kagami got 2,870 favorites

Kagami is determined to defeat the Generation of Miracles with Seirin although others already recognize his skills and give him the title “The Miracle Who Didn’t Become One of the Miracles”. His main weapon on the field is his high and inhuman jump.

Kagami enjoys playing basketball as it allows him to face strong opponents, stating that if there is no challenge there is no point. Kagami is stubborn, ambitious, and rather brash. Nonetheless, fans love Kagami because he has matured throughout the series and because people enjoy seeing his fighting spirit in matches.

4 Ryouta Kise got 3,804 favorites

Kise is the rookie member of the Generation of Miracles and plays for Kaijo High’s basketball team. He only started playing in middle school, so he was the weakest link among the five members. However, Kise quickly becomes a monster on the pitch due to his ability to perfectly copy any move or play he sees on the pitch.

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Kise is very cheerful and friendly towards people he recognizes. Despite his laid-back demeanor outside of basketball, his seriousness on the court shines through when his team faces a challenge. Kise is a fan favorite because people appreciate his rather flashy personality, comedic appeal, and growth throughout the series.

3 Seijuro Akashi got 6,185 favorites

Images feature Seijuro Akashi from Kuroko no Basket

Akashi is the leader of the Generation of Miracles. Due to his upbringing, his personality split in two to protect himself from being abandoned again. He was also driven to have a very overwhelming winning mentality since childhood. Akashi believed he was entitled to victory. He viewed his power as absolute and became violent when people disobeyed his orders.

The real Akashi is respectful, kind, and an excellent team player. He refers to people by their last name to show respect and is, overall, not a threatening figure. However, her second personality is the bully who took over during her time in Teiko to protect herself from being left behind. Akashi is a fan favorite as people appreciate the dichotomy between the two Akashis.

2 Daiki Aomine got 8,538 favorites

Aomine calls someone on his cell.

Aomine is the ace of the Generation of Miracles. Before his skills took off, Aomine was friendly and welcoming. He encouraged Kuroko to keep playing basketball and hone his skills to qualify for Teiko’s first team string. However, after consistently winning against weaker opponents, he became disillusioned with the sport and wanted to find an equal opponent.

He concluded that the only person who could beat him was himself. However, Aomine still protects his former teammates, even punching one of his current teammates for insulting Kuroko and confronting Haizaki to protect Kise. Aomine is a fan favorite due to the complexity of his character. Fans find him authentic and feel they can relate to him.

1 Tetsuya Kuroko got 9,450 favorites

Kuroko was known as the Sixth Ghost Man of the Generation of Miracles because his lack of field presence was his greatest strength. His specialty is misdirection and passing. After watching his Teiko teammates become disillusioned with the game, he decided to force the Generation of Miracles to recognize his basketball style and defeat them one at a time.

Kuroko is a fan favorite because apart from being the protagonist, fans love to see how he interacts with his current team in Seirin and how he reinvigorates his former teammates’ love of basketball. He even joined Seiren’s basketball team in order to rekindle his former teammates’ passion for the game.

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