10 My Hero Academia Characters and How to Build Them in D&D 5e

my hero academia is a hit anime that follows super-powered high school kids as they try to become professional heroes. The series is awaiting its sixth season on screen, but the manga has largely overtaken the show. Because MHA is such an iconic anime, many fans may want to create a Dungeons and Dragons character based on MHA hero.

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Dungeons and Dragons: 5th Edition has many classes, subclasses, feats, and backgrounds to ensure that players can create a custom build for their characters. From a Mage-Slaying Bladesinger who mimics Shouta Aizawa’s whim-erasing power and combat prowess to an inspirational, barbaric leader like All Might, there are plenty of options for building a MHA hero in J&D.

ten Ochaco Uraraka can craft items in weightlessness

Ochaco Uraraka’s quirk allows him to craft objects in weightlessness. While this power doesn’t provide a direct advantage in combat, with some clever thinking it can prove to be a tricky ability. Also, Uraraka is not known for her stamina. There is a limit to how long she can use her quirk, and she receives no significant defensive benefit from her powers.

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The most obvious class and subclass choice for an Uraraka build is a graviturgy helper. Class abilities such as Adjust Density and Gravity Well allow players to change an object’s weight and move it around. The telekinetic feat pairs best with this wizard subclass to create an Uraraka-inspired character, as it allows players to pick up and move targets. Finally, Uraraka would probably take a revamped version of Urchin’s background, as she’s smart in her efforts to earn money but isn’t a thief.

9 Momo Yaoyorozu can create anything

Momo Yaoyorozu’s Quirk is versatile and is only limited by imagination, as she creates objects from her cells. She can craft ropes, weapons, tools, and all other useful gadgets at any time.

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Because of this, Momo is either a Forge Domain Cleric (who can imbue weapons with magic or craft non-magical items) or an Artificer Battle Smith (who can create magic infusions or build a Steel Defender). Because Momo is at the top of her class and is cunning with using her quirk, she would take the Prodigy feat, which gives her additional skills and expertise. She would also take the Sage background, which enhances knowledge of history and arcana, to mimic her academic abilities.

8 Izuku Midoriya packs a huge punch

One for all (one of MHA strongest quirks) collects the essences of its former carriers. As a result, the current user can access all quirks from subsequent wearers. One for All’s most notable abilities are super strength and speed. The Ancestral Guardian barbarian is the best choice for class and subclass. These barbarians can call on the power and wisdom of their ancestors, much like Izuku Midoriya can with One for All.

Midoriya is also intelligent and can read other people’s quirks and battle strategies. So he would probably have the Sage background. Additionally, his ability to break through enemy tactics reminds fans D&D Observer feat.

seven Katsuki Bakugo has explosive energy

Katsuki Bakugo is the strongest member of Class 1-A, thanks to his explosive temper. A multiclass including the path of the Berserker Barbarian and an Evocation Wizard would be a better fit. Berserkers can do extra attacks while raging, and just like the League of Villains couldn’t sway Bakugo, Berserker Barbarians can’t be Charmed or Frightened while raging. Meanwhile, a wizard from the school of evocation brings the firepower. Building it would probably take a few levels in the Evocation Wizard, then prioritize leveling in the Barbarian.

Since he can fight and cause explosions, a build of Bakugo would have the War Caster gift (allowing him to fight with weapons and cast spells). Plus, he would take the Gladiator background because he loves a flashy show, although he might not admit it.

6 Tsuyu Asui has anthropomorphic abilities

Tsuyu Asui, better known as Froppy, is one of MHA lots of animal-like heroes. His quirk gives him frog-like characteristics such as increased jumping skills, an extra-long tongue, and better movement in water. There’s no better class for an animal-inspired character than Druid, and Froppy would probably be a Circle of Land: Swamp Druid. Druids can transform into animals using Wild Shape, and the Swamp Druid has spells such as Water Walk and Freedom of Movement to further play on the frog-like qualities.

Froppy is considered a “best girl” in the series and is a tall heroine with impeccable morals. Thus, she would take Folk Hero’s background (which also improves animal handling). Additionally, she would take the Mobile feat to highlight how easily she maneuvers on a battlefield.

5 Toru Hagakure is the invisible girl

Toru Hagakure’s quirk is simple: it’s invisible. Thus, the Illusion Wizard is the perfect class and subclass, as these casters can become invisible and create images by manipulating light. To play on this theme further, she could take the Shadow Touched feat, which offers the Invisibility spell and another first-tier spell from the Illusion or Necromancy schools.

Hagakure’s quirk is better for recon than combat. Since Hagakure’s quirk ranks among MHA weaker, it needs to play to its strengths. To get the most out of it, players can give it the Criminal/Spy background (but focus on the Spy part). This would improve Deception and Stealth skills.

4 Hitoshi Shinso can brainwash enemies

Hitoshi Shinso’s quirkiness can disturb the minds of other characters. Thus, the aptly named wizard Aberrant Mind would be the best choice when building a Shinso-inspired character. Aberrant mind wizards focus more on reading minds than manipulating them, though they can do both if they choose the right spells. So, another way to emulate Shinso’s brainwashed quirk, which allows him to command other people, is to take the Bard from the College of Eloquence. Abilities such as Disturbing Words and Silver Tongue, in addition to spells such as Person Charm and Suggestion, are perfect for this build.

Since Shinso is training for combat with Eraserhead, he can take the Fighting Initiate feat. The Gambler background also works, as Shinso was very lucky and has high Insight and Deceit. Hitoshi Shinso is one of MHA unlucky characters, but he always bets on himself.

3 Eijiro Kirishima can take a ton of damage

Eijiro Kirishima is one of Katuski Bakugo’s best friends as they have similar personalities, and Kirishima’s quirk allows him to put up with any wayward outbursts. Players can choose the path of the totem barbarian (bear) to emulate Kirishima’s rock-hard defenses. These characters are resistant to all but psychic damage while raging. They also have an advantage on certain Strength tests.

Kirishima would have the Heavy Armor feat, further increasing his strength and allowing him to wear heavy armor (to stack his armor class). He would also take athlete training, which improves physical skills: athletics and acrobatics.

2 Shouta Aizawa is a weird user’s worst nightmare

Shouta Aizawa, or Eraserhead, has one of the trickiest quirks, as she can erase an enemy’s quirk as long as they maintain eye contact. On top of that, Eraserhead is a skilled fighter. Thus, he resembles a Bladesinger wizard, a class adept at magic but with ample control of the battlefield.

Since he is a threat to anyone with a Quirk, he is said to have the Mage Slayer gift, which allows him to attack anyone within five feet of him who is casting a spell. It also imposes a disadvantage on spellcasters holding Concentration. Finally, this player would take experience as an investigator to ensure that their investigation and perception are as excellent as theirs. He is among the most respected MHA Pro Heroes for his wit, power, and skill.

1 All Might is the icon of a generation

All Might had the same quirk as Midoriya, but he used it differently. After years of taking on villains, he would have tiers in the Battle Master fighter (which has plenty of combat maneuvers to ensure he’s a terrifying foe with handy battlefield control) and the barbaric Ancestral Guardian. .

Because All Might inspired generations of Pro Heroes and heroes-in-training, he would have the Inspiring Leader achievement and the Folk Hero background. After all, he is a legend and his presence inspires the heroes to fight harder and with more fervor. All Might is a fan favorite MHA character in the series and in real life.

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