10 perfectly flawless anime characters who can’t do anything wrong


The beauty of great anime characters can make the hearts of viewers skyrocket. This is especially true of the rare character gems that are just too good for this world. They brighten the lives of viewers, making fans smile or teary eyed, eliciting feelings of indescribable love and affection.

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These types of characters go beyond normal kindness, selflessness, and love, exhibiting the best traits of humanity. Sometimes these traits are evident in the characters. Other times the viewer has to wait for a few episodes, looking deeper beyond a hardened exterior or calm, aloof demeanor to see the goodness within. But whether overt or hidden, every character in this title carries the label of a good guy as well as anyone could.

ten Clara Valac is not your typical everyday demon (Welcome to the school of demons! Iruma-kun)

Clara Valac smiling and bubbly from Welcome to Demon School!  Iruma-kun

Viewers take a peek at Clara from Welcome to the school of demons! Iruma-kun and all agree that this character is too pure to be true. She has her head too high to even consider being evil! She plays, eats, goes to school, spends time with her new friends and her rather rambunctious family, plays again and rehearses.

Its excess energy is completely channeled to enlighten the world and the people around it. Whether she’s climbing on the backs of taller students or driving Azz-kun crazy, she’s pure pleasure to watch, without an evil bone in her body.

9 Kanna Kamui: The Queen of Kawaii (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)

Kanna falls asleep in Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

The kawaii-is kawaii, Kanna-chan has captured the hearts of all fans of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid from his first appearance in the series. His muffled tone, limited vocabulary and cute little me make him one of the most adored little girl characters in all of anime.

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How could she do anything wrong? She certainly does not. Not a bad word comes out of his mouth, and no harsh thought crosses his mind. Her days are filled with gentle adoration for Miss Kobayashi and expressions of childish curiosity as she discovers the human world around her.

8 Nasa Yuzaki is a gentle man (Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You)

Nasa with Tsukasa at night in Tonikawa

Nasa-kun from Tonikawa: on the moon for you is probably one of the nicest guys in anime or whatever. He’s gentle, kind, insightful, sensitive to others, over-caring, and completely in love with his adorable new wife. Watching Nasa and Tsukasa is a wonderful experience, and surprisingly, the guy here contributes a lot to that feeling.

Viewers will have a warm and fuzzy feeling just watching Nasa do ordinary things with Tsukasa. He exhibits a sweet combination of maturity and innocence that isn’t easy to find even in other cool anime characters.

7 Yona-Hime’s leadership is worthy of the greatest respect (Yona of the Dawn)

Yona standing in front of the moon in Yona of dawn

Yona goes from a spoiled princess to a leader worthy of being queen as the events of Yona of the dawn. Mighty warriors, men who would not even easily follow other men if they deemed them unworthy, line up behind Yona with a glance of her shining eyes and a word from her lips, ready for the follow to the end of the world and to death.

They do this because they respect her. Yona commands respect through her kindness, her love for her friends and her strength of will.

6 Asami Yuuki is a true friend (Higehiro)

Asami Yuuki sitting on a bed in Higehiro

You can’t expect a gyaru guy to make a list of characters who can’t hurt, but Asami Yuuki from Higehiro: After being rejected, I shaved and ran away in high school was a true friend to poor Sayu when she needed a friend the most. She gives Sayu a shoulder to cry on and a friendly ear to tell her sad story.

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She is no stranger to anyone, befriending Sayu from the moment they meet as if they were childhood friends, but she also won’t hesitate to unleash her anger on those who hurt those who hurt those. that she likes. Her exuberant personality and unvarnished opinion make her a perfect friend for Sayu.

5 The Walking Book of Walking Wisdom by Renge Miyuchi (Non Non Biyori)

Renge saying Nyanpasu in No No Biyori

The embodiment of the innocence (and wisdom) of children, Renge Miyuchi, affectionately known as Renge-chon, of No No Biyori brings a smile to the faces of friends, family, strangers and viewers. Between her childlike innocence, her sadly attentive face, and her crazy words about the world she finds herself in, Renge is a light in the lives of her colleagues and fans who adore her.

She will make the most pessimistic of people happy to be alive by teaching viewers to see the world in a strange and wonderful new way!

4 Haru Nonako Shines A Light In Dark Places (Sing “Yesterday” to me)

Sing “yesterday” to me may not have vocals in it, but it doesn’t need to to make Haru Nonako one of the sweetest anime characters ever. This anime has a lot of depth in its story and its characters, and within those heartfelt depths is the light that is Haru.

She lights up the hearts and minds of those around her as soon as she meets them, helping them face their past and their present – and their future. Her lively nature and beautiful heart will leave any spectator drenched in tears of adoration.

3 Rio Kazumiya’s Trumpet Swells Hearts and Brings Tears to Eyes (Sound of the Sky)

Rio Kazumiya smiling behind a rock in Sound of the Sky

Rio is probably the most military of the all-female squad of the 1121st Platoon at The sound of the sky, often loudly barking orders to subordinates and forcefully voicing his opinion to everyone within earshot. But beneath this somewhat hardened exterior, there is a goodness even purer than the clear tolling of its trumpet from the ramparts.

His musical instruction in the always impatient Kanata is strict but always done with love. Rio values ​​her friendships above all else, always remembering in her heart that things never last forever and inspiring those around her to do the same.

2 Tae Yamada can’t hurt because there’s not much she can do (Zombie Land Saga)

Tae Yamada biting his fingers in Zombie Land Saga

Tae-chan from Zombie Land Saga is certainly too perfect for this world. She never quite fully recovers her humanity, stumbling and muttering incomprehensibly just like a zombie should. She’s too dead to do anything wrong.

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But inside this corpse shines a heart of gold. Tae-chan loves her new friends, putting her heart and soul into performing with them, whether she still follows the choreography or sings one of the words in the song or not.

1 The Sasha Blouse will be forever missed (Attack on Titan)

Sasha Blouse Standing in the Sun from Attack on Titan

Sacha of The attack of the Titans is still in trouble, but mostly because she just wants to eat. Yet in a spectacle as dark as The attack of the Titans, a character as innocent as Sasha exists. She just wants to eat and live happily and be with her compatriots. The anime world reacted with sadness and anger to her tragic death, but this moment highlighted Sasha’s purity.

Fans realized how sweet she was and that she was suddenly gone. Viewers could no longer see her hunting potatoes or slicing meat with more gusto than it should be legal for a person. Sometimes people don’t recognize the goodness of something until it’s gone, and poor Sasha really does.

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