10 promising animes that are going badly through season 2

When it comes to animated, it’s always exciting to discover a new series with a lot of potential. There have been some standout animes that have come out over the past decade, many of which take major risks and strive to push their respective genres to new and unexpected places.

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At the same time, it can be a frustrating experience to watch an animated series while it is broadcasting, as there are sometimes decrease in quality over the seasons. A change from source material, a new animation studio, and a number of other factors can lead to a below-average second season of anime. It’s so much more disappointing when the show’s first season makes the anime seems destined for greatness.

ten The Promised Neverland confuses and precipitates a gripping story

Children find the writing on the wall in the promised never land

Seismic torsion can power a series powerfully, and The promised imaginary land‘s The first season does an exceptional job as it reveals that the seemingly protective orphanage where Emma and the rest of the characters reside is actually much more sinister. The second season of the anime grows Emma, ​​Ray and the other orphans on the run further out of their comfort zone as they head to a strange new world. These episodes dig into the animosity that exists between humans and demons, but they fly through matter. The promised imaginary land‘s the second season loses its way with its initial decisions, and the anime’s ending is devoid of nuance.

9 Sword Art Online features more reductionist shots in season two

MMORPG isekai animated series have become more and more popular, and Sword art online is one of the biggest programs to emerge of the kind. Sword art online begins in a familiar location as Kirito enters a new fantasy world, and the first season ends with the characters gaining depth and moving beyond their stereotypes. It’s a major disappointment that season two is such a step back when it comes to its characterization and plot. Kirito’s final fight with Sugou resorts to cheap tricks, but Asuna is given the greatest disservice. She is stripped of her power and reduced to a helpless damsel in distress.

8 Black Butler gives up his tracks and turns into chaos

Black Butler II

black butler is a gripping revenge story with dark supernatural elements. Ciel Phantomhive enters into a dubious arrangement with a demon, Sebastian, who puts his soul in danger. black butler‘s the second season creates completely original stories because of the success of the first season and the speed at which these new episodes are going into production.

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Strangely, black butler‘s the second season introduces many new characters, like Claude, who largely take precedence over Sebastian and Ciel. This new orientation and the disposability of stories lead to a disappointing season two.

seven Death Note’s new villains can’t compare to the original

Death threat remains one of the greatest animated series of its decade, and the simple premise that involves a supernatural book with homicidal powers becomes a compelling tool for examining power, accountability, and corruption. Death threat deserves credit for not expanding her first story arc with L, but the material season two turns to ultimately feels more empty. The new threats aren’t as compelling as L, and the anime condenses some important parts of the manga, which does this cat-and-mouse psychological game a disservice. The reason that slips from the light is one of the few highlights of the season.

6 Psycho-Pass retreads the same ideas in its second season

Psycho-Pass is a fascinating dystopian futuristic crime drama who owes more than a little to Minority report, with its emphasis on eliminating potential criminals before they can attack. Less can certainly be more, and Psycho-Pass is a case where biting commentary finds diminishing returns in a pointless second season. Season two of Psycho-Pass covers the same story as the first one with a villain with the same motivations as the original, albeit less clever and convincing. Season two might be satisfying on its own, but it can’t compare to season one.

5 The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya’s endless eight experience still triggers some

There is a confusing mix of elements at stake in The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, which examines an ordinary boy’s involvement with the titular Haruhi, a girl who has the ability to destroy the universe on a whim. Haruhi is still entertaining and will keep audiences going, but the second season of the series executes one of the anime community’s most controversial decisions.

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The show’s second season features the infamous eight-episode Endless Eight arc, which examines Kyon’s attempts to break out of a 15,000-day time loop. The eight episodes are more or less identical and have only tiny aesthetic differences.

4 Log Horizon’s drop in production creates more generic anime

Anime Log Horizon Season 2 Attack

A strong story should be one of the most important things in anime, but it’s such a visual medium that a series’ appearance and budget are also crucial factors in its success. Log Horizon is another inventive take on the isekai fantasy MMORPG which deconstructs the central themes that define the genre. Log Horizon‘s the second season does not completely drop the ball, but its pace is less elegant and the quality of the animation drops seriously. The end product looks like a cheaper, compromised version of Log Horizon, which makes it difficult to watch.

3 Date A Live has less to offer on its second date

Anime Date A Live Season 2 Clash

Date A live kicks off with a “spacequake” which features a sweet-mannered boy named Shido with a spiritual girl in exile who has the power to wipe out all of humanity. The future of the human race depends on Shido’s ability to date this entity, which allows him Date A live to mix apocalyptic terror with endearing elements of romantic comedy. Date A live‘s the second season continues with the same ideas, but with less impact. Much of the material feels like filler, which is a problem for a season that has only ten episodes. The same humor is present, but there is just less to appreciate the second time around.

2 Darker Than Black Slanders advances and returns to start

Anime Date A Live Season 2 Clash

Darker than black presents tough crime stories but through the context of a supernatural rift that opens up in Tokyo and sparks inexplicable activity. Hei’s missions for the Syndicate, whether assassinations or heists, are anchored by the character’s charisma and skill. This makes the second season of the show much harder to come to terms with when Hei is transformed into a more irredeemable figure and other characters step in to dominate the story. There is a strong sense of mystery running through the first season, and the second season just feels generic.

1 Tokyo Ghoul’s frequent identity crises set it on a doomed path

Anime Tokyo Ghoul Root A Kaneki Rescue

Ken Kaneki’s slow indoctrination into ghoul world after unfortunate blood transfusion kicks off Tokyo ghoul with a real sense of urgency. The show builds a creative world, and there are real stakes felt between the different factions of this war between humans and ghouls. Tokyo ghoul‘s success has become his biggest problem, and what follows the first season only gradually struggles. Tokyo Ghoul Root A explores an original direction for the characters, which many lacked. In addition, Tokyo Ghoul: re has such a blatant pace that none of the stories actually resonate, and Kaneki’s journey ends with a whimper.

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