10 Scariest Isekai Anime, Ranked

Isekai can be downright scary. Although being sent to another world can seem exciting and fun in some situations, at other times it can be a downright terrifying experience. Pushed into a foreign land, entirely alone, with no understanding of what happened or how they got there – isekai protagonists don’t always have it easy.

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The worlds in which isekai protagonists are reborn are often filled with demons and monsters, not to mention magical powers that can lead to the destruction of the protagonist. Despite the somewhat overdone tropes in isekai anime, there are many series that also bring their own unique atmosphere that demonstrates the fear and uncertainty the characters face.

10/10 Anime Heroes Are Only Cool Because They’re Fictional


An image from Re:Creators.

Re:Creators‘ the main character is an unassuming mangaka with no special strengths or powers. That’s why when extremely powerful characters from his favorite animated series arrive in the real world, it turns out to be the most gruesome experience he could imagine.

Sota is completely at their mercy, with no way to influence the outcome of their battle other than through his knowledge of their manga and anime stories. Re:Creators reminds fans that bringing their favorite anime heroes to life might not be as awesome as they think.

9/10 The Ainz Ooal Robe Is Isekai’s Scariest Protagonist


An image from Overlord Season IV.

Ainz Opal Goen is the furthest thing from any real danger. He is easily one of the strongest beings in the world. SuzerainThe fear factor then does not take the form of empathy for the protagonist.

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It’s more for people who are going down Nazarick’s path to world domination. It doesn’t help that Nazarick is home to some of the scariest monsters known to man. Ainz himself is a fleshless skeleton, and his minions include a vampire, a demon, and a succubus.

8/10 Sometimes there’s no world scarier than reality

I’m standing on a million lives

This is the visual poster for I'm Standing on a Million Lives.

Yusuke is already quite a depressed and gloomy child in his usual life in Tokyo. When transported to another world where he witnesses the countless deaths of other people, he becomes even more detached than ever.

Despite the terrifying circumstances he faces in the other world, Yusuke still prefers facing death against monsters to his mundane life in modern Tokyo. Ultimately, Yusuke’s mental struggle in real life is even scarier than any monster he might face in the virtual world.

7/10 Not all heroes are celebrated by their country

The Rise of the Shield Hero

Naofumi with fire in The Rising of the Shield Hero.

The scariest part of shield hero is the pure realism of Naofumi’s situation in the world in which he is immersed. It deals with prejudice, religious demagogues and the loneliness of being an outcast to all of society.

As if all that wasn’t already enough, he reincarnated as a Shield Hero in order to protect the world from waves of calamity, strange phenomena that result in the summoning of interdimensional creatures that wreak havoc on humanity. Not only is Naofumi rejected by the world, but he is also expected to protect the very world that cast him aside.

6/10 Becoming the best requires going through the worst

Arifureta: from the banal to the strongest in the world

An image of Arifureta.

Arifureta perfectly captures the existential dread of being reborn in a new world of terrifying monsters. Unlike many isekai heroes, Hajime is extremely underpowered compared to the monsters in the labyrinth world he is transferred to.

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Hajime’s determination to survive gives him new courage to overcome his weakness in the face of terrifying obstacles. He is forced to eat monsters to survive, but it comes with the lucky perk of giving him the powers of the creatures he injects. Hajime emerges from his pit of despair stronger than anyone could have imagined, but he must first endure horrific circumstances to get there.

5/10 Video Games Are Only Fun When They’re Not Real

Full Dive: This ultimate next-gen Full Dive RPG is shittier than real life!

Full Dive's Main Characters: This Ultimate Next-Gen Full Five RPG is shittier than real life!

Full dive is about a boy named Hitoshi who releases the most realistic VR game only to find it’s a little more realistic than he expected after noticing he can feel real pain – and the also inflict. After accidentally murdering an NPC, things get worse.

Whereas Full diveThe concept of Isekai is as spooky as it gets, the tone of the series is humorous enough to keep things light in the face of such heavy themes. However, the idea of Full dive is enough to make even hardcore gamers a little less excited about the next revolution in VR video games.

4/10 There’s no scarier place to reincarnate than hell


The inhabitants of the anime Hell From Hells Angels

underworld is a movie about a girl who dies and goes to hell – literally. Although isekai has explored many aspects and possibilities of reincarnation, it’s not often that the afterlife is a subject of the story.

underworld gives the dark underworld a more humanized approach, showing how the protagonist is able to find common ground with his demon classmates. Although demons are all scary in their own way, the art of underworld adds an interesting sense of style to the people of Hades.

3/10 The only thing worse than death is another death

Re: zero

Subaru from Re:Zero in bed.

There is nothing human beings fear more than death. Well, maybe other than dying over and over again, reliving their most horrible times over and over forever. Unfortunately for Subaru, its life is exactly that.

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Re: zero follows Subaru as he dies a thousand deaths, including getting beaten up by thugs, willfully jumping off a cliff, and being murdered by an evil witch. The scariest part of the whole situation is that every time he dies he remembers everything. As anyone can imagine, the constant feeling of death has a psychological impact on Subaru, which is perhaps even worse than death itself.

2/10 Not all games are fun

Alice in Borderlands

Ryouhei standing in Borderland

After a strange turn of events, Ryouhei and his two friends find themselves sent to Borderland, a dystopian world where games are a matter of life and death. The games they must participate in range from a simple game of blackjack to surviving an alien invasion.

Border has a kind of squid games feel, except the protagonists are prisoners in another world, with the only reward for winning being survival. Perhaps the only things sketchier than the actual games that Ryouhei and his friends have to win to survive are the people who inhabit Borderland with them.

1/10 Death is just the beginning of Naomi’s fears

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls students conduct a ritual

corpse party is the ultimate mix of isekai and horror. In fact, unlike most other scary isekai series, corpse party is truly a horror series with isekai themes. The story follows a girl named Naomi who wakes up in a strange school after undergoing a ritual with her classmates.

In true horror fashion, the school is inflicted with a curse that has it haunted by terrifying spirits, and there is no way out. corpse party is a bloody, mysterious, and terrifying series in its own right, and arguably the scariest isekai anime around.

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