10 terrifying anime characters who would make perfect horror movie villains


Horror movies often portray the devil, angry ghosts, or a vampire as the ultimate monster, but often human beings are the scariest monsters of all, and these villains feel way too real. No one will ever forget Hannibal Lecter or Jigsaw, for example.

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The anime world knows this too, and while some horror animes have monsters or creatures from beyond the void as villains, human characters are capable of real evil, and they represent the weaker side. gloomy human condition. A variety of human anime characters, often villains, would make great horror movie monsters if given the chance. Who are they?

ten Sawa Nakamura is a deeply disturbed girl (Flowers of Evil)

The original The evil flowers It might not have been a dedicated horror manga, but it had a lot of disturbing elements bordering on horror. In this dark story, impressionable and insecure teens get more and more kinky and twisted, and eventually, they end up liking it.

All because of Sawa Nakamura, a weird and mean girl who despises the world and takes pleasure in corrupting her classmates and peers. She could be the monster of a psychological horror movie where the horror is frighteningly real.

9 Yoshikage Kira Severs Women’s Hands For Fun (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

JJBA Kira Yoshikage with blonde hair cropped

Almost all the villains of JoJo’s bizarre adventure is perfectly human, and they’re a lot scarier for that. A good example is Yoshikage Kira, the serial killer, who has been the main antagonist of the The diamond is unbreakable narrative arc.

Yoshikage can blend in with a crowd and charm anyone he meets, the perfect disguise for a cruel predator like him. Yoshikage targets women with beautiful hands, then cuts off the victim’s hands and “dates” them before moving on to the next target. Yoshikage is truly despicable, and he certainly should have his own movie with that premise in mind.

8 Kureo Mado is sadistic and ruthless (Tokyo Ghoul)

Kureo Mado was a CCG investigator, which means he fought for humanity, not against it. However, Kureo was mean due to his cruel personality and creepy appearance, although his daughter, Akira Mado, didn’t mind any of it. In fact, she admired him.

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Kureo Mado can easily be altered to become a horror movie villain, perhaps a police detective turned brutal vigilante who loses his grip on reality. He would start killing innocent people in the name of his own twisted justice, and he would make those horrible facial expressions all the time.

7 Cioccolata Was a Bloody Doctor (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Cioccolata is a former surgeon

Another Jojo villain has arrived to play a role in his own horror film: Cioccolata, a booth user of the Golden Wind narrative arc. Even without his horrific Green Day Stand, Cioccolata is a truly cruel and deadly person, and he knows how to rack up a body count in a hurry.

Cioccolata worked as a doctor, and this heartless thug drove many of his elderly and vulnerable patients to commit suicide, unable to endure Cioccolata’s constant psychological torture. He also has a servant, Secco, who is really weird and disturbing.

6 Himiko Toga is a Yandere Stalker (My Hero Academia)

Himiko smiles enthusiastically

The League of Villains welcomes thieves and misfits of all kinds, from Dabi the Flame Villain to the creepy Moonfish and brutal Muscular, among others. Soon the bloodthirsty stalker Himiko Toga joined the crew, and she set out to find her true “love”.

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Himiko is a classic yandere type, a twisted, reckless girl who treats her love interests like toys, and the more blood the better. She could be the troubled villain of any horror movie, with or without her Quirk, and no hero could get past Himiko and her knives.

5 Light Yagami made a deal with the devil (Death Note)

death note intense face light yagami

Light Yagami is the antihero of Death threat, a brilliant 18-year-old who uses the notebook to slaughter criminals and impose his own vision of justice on the world. The light soon becomes the centerpiece of a cult, with millions of Kira worshipers around the world.

Light is considered a villain by many, and he would make an excellent horror movie villain with his intelligence, his cold-blooded nature, and most of all, his notebook. The tension of such a movie would be at its height, as Light could kill the heroes at any time just by learning and writing down their names.

4 Orochimaru is like Dr. Frankenstein (Naruto)

naruto smiling orochimaru

Orochimaru is one of three legendary elite Sannin ninjas who were trained by Hiruzen Sarutobi himself. Unlike Tsunade and Jiraiya, Orochimaru became a thug and sought to destroy his native village, and he even founded his own village, the Sound Village, as a base of operations.

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Orochimaru is obsessed with learning all ninjutsu and becoming immortal, and he uses mad science to create the perfect body and experiment on helpless test subjects. Many characters have commented on his nightmarish labs before, in fact.

3 Shou Tucker Created Chimeras In Horrible Ways (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Shou Tucker Flashing Lenses

Shou Tucker was a state alchemist, but his research on chimeras went awry, so he resorted to extreme measures to keep his license. He once merged his wife with an animal to launch his career, and when in a hurry he sadly merged his daughter Nina and her dog into one creature.

Shou Tucker is a mad scientist like Orochimaru, and he believes progress must come at all costs. It’s easy to imagine Shou Tucker being the star of a horror movie, where he continues to fuse people with their pets or captured zoo animals to make him the ultimate specimen. The police had better catch him, and soon.

2 Thorkell could become a real monster (Vinland Saga)

Usually Vikings aren’t associated with the horror genre, but anything can get horrible with a few creative twists and turns. In the original version Vinland Saga History, Thorkell was a powerful, bloodthirsty Viking who would fight for anyone who could provide him with a constant stream of worthy opponents to keep him entertained.

In a more horror-focused shot Vinland Saga, Thorkell would crack and go berserk, and stalk the night like a werewolf, wantonly killing and drinking people’s blood and gnawing at their bones. No one is safe now, not even the Vikings who rule England, and Thorkell strikes when people least expect it.

1 Shion Sonozaki is really horrible (Higurashi: when they cry)

shion sonozaki higurashi

Many anime fans consider the brutal Shion Sonozaki to be the quintessential Yandere type, alongside Yuno Gasai and Himiko Toga. Shion is known for many things, from her obsessive nature to her willingness to use tasers, pistols, and other weapons to harm anyone who gets in her way.

Shion is already horror material, and she might have an entire horror movie series built around her, like a new version of the Friday 13 Where Halloween movies. She doesn’t need a hockey mask to terrify viewers, that’s for sure. In fact, her face is best left exposed, so viewers can see how twisted she is.

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