10 Worst Things About Ash Ketchum

In 1997 the Pokemon The anime caused a stir in the Western market with the introduction of its iconic duo, Ash Ketchum and Pikachu. For over 20 years, these two have traveled from region to region to become Pokémon Masters. While the franchise is an unparalleled success, longtime fans have begun to feel tired of its same old formula.

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Fans began to see Ash himself as in need of a huge overhaul. The character was Pokemon‘s main protagonist for decades and has undergone very little change in the process. Many believe updating Ash could be the key to revitalization pokemonit is the very essence.

ten It’s time for Ash to grow old

Pokemon Ash Max

The fans followed Pokemon anime for more than two decades. For the anime’s entire existence, Ash Ketchum has led the series as the main character. Despite being over 20 years old and starting the series at age 10, Ash Ketchum remained 10 years for the duration of the anime.

Fans have turned this fact into a meme to condemn the absurdity of this anime logic. It just doesn’t make sense for a boy to have done as many things as Ash did while remaining the exact same age.

9 He’s not really a strong coach

Primeape of Ash in Pokemon

For much of Ash’s journey as a Pokémon trainer, he was never able to achieve the title of Pokémon League Champion. Of course, that all changed in a semi-recent series where Ash became the Alolan League Champion.

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But for the most part, Ash has always proven that despite his heart and will, he lacks the skills to become a Pokemon Master. While fans can respect his dedication, it can be a bit frustrating to watch the same character lose over and over again.

8 Ash only won one region

Ash and Pikachu with the Alola League Trophy

With over 20 years of storytelling in the Pokemon anime, Ash has competed in more than a handful of Pokémon League Championships. Despite how often he’s come close, Ash has only ever won one title. After decades of failure, Ash finally achieved victory in the Alola region and earned himself a championship.

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While fans were thrilled with the development of this long-running anime, that still doesn’t change much about all those past failures. Although he made it to the top once, Ash demonstrated the obvious lack of skills needed to be the best.

7 He constantly leaves his Pokémon behind

ash says goodbye without butter

From time to time, the Pokemon the anime changes and Ash has to leave his region to venture into a new one. It can always be a tough time for fans as Ash says goodbye to the teammates and friends he’s built through a great journey.

But while there’s always a good reason his companions stay behind, it’s much harder to justify why he never brought Pokémon with him. Each region starts with Ash and Pikachu from scratch, which can be awkward for fans who just want to see high-level Pokemon battles between two fierce competitors.

6 His team would be stronger if he evolved more Pokémon

Anime Pokemon Ash and Buizel cat

One of the most controversial aspects of the set Pokemon anime is Ash and Pikachu’s decision to leave Pikachu unevolved. Pikachu is a nice mascot for the series but sorely lacks the overall value it brings to a competitive Pokémon team.

Not evolving Pikachu into Raichu severely hampered Ash’s coaching abilities and could be the very reason why he didn’t win so many different championships. While fans can respect his emotional attachment to Pikachu, it’s not like he never evolves any of his other Pokemon, leaving that decision truly confusing.

5 Ash rushes through things all the time

pokemon ash fleeing spearow on bike

By far Ash’s greatest character flaw is his inability to keep up. Ash has wanted to be the best since he started this journey over two decades ago. He’s a very goal-oriented character, although that may seem naïve or silly.

Because of this, Ash threw himself headlong into a variety of challenges far beyond his current level. Almost every gym battle Ash has been in ends up in his defeat, leaving him scrambling to pick up the pieces in time for a rematch.

4 It does not use legitimate strategies

pokemon ash pleads with charizard

Anyone who has played a Pokemon game can watch the Pokemon animates and see clearly how much Ash is missing as a coach. The strategy of Pokemon the games can be very intense. There’s a reason an entire competitive scene has grown up around the idea of ​​Pokémon battles.

For fans who thrive in these strategic environments, watching Ash fight his way through a Pokémon match can be overwhelming. Although he has moments of genius at times, Ash has often proven himself to be an inept trainer no better than a kid in his first game.

3 Ash never notices his boyfriend’s romantic feelings

The fans who were around Pokemon‘s all beginning know there’s a trend in the Pokemon anime to make Ash’s girlfriends fall in love with him. There are entire compilation videos showing all the ways each mate tried to express their crush. Yet under almost all circumstances, Ash was too oblivious to notice.

This led to a severe lack of romance in Pokemon lively. Although this is a children’s show, many fans desperately want there to be at least some acknowledgment of Misty’s feelings.

2 He too often falls in love with Team Rocket plans

The Team Rocket trio strike a pose in Pokemon

There are only a few constants in everything Pokemon‘s two decades of broadcasting. Each region will have Ash as the main character and Pikachu by his side. But on top of that, each region will have Team Rocket trailing behind trying to kidnap Pikachu for themselves. Team Rocket has been the main antagonist of all Pokemon series to date.

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But despite their determination, Team Rocket never succeeded in carrying out a plot to cause major damage. As frustrating as their incompetence may be, it’s even more frustrating for fans that Ash continues to fall in love with their plans time after time.

1 Ash should rely more on his old Pokemon

ash charizard and pokemon pikachu

In each new series of Pokemon anime, Ash is building his Pokemon team from scratch. The only partner he brings with him in each region is his Pikachu. This can be frustrating in itself. But there were a few episodes here and there where Ash went to see Professor Oak and brought in a fan favorite from a past series.

These moments are hugely hyped for viewers, and yet they rarely come. Fans would view Ash much more favorably if he was willing to release old Pokemon a bit more often.

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