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100 years ago

July 24, 1921: Two military funerals are scheduled for today. The two deceased were local soldiers killed in action in France during the World War. Pvt. Edward Dwyer was from Cooksville; Sgt. Leslie Pfiffner was from Normal. Their bodies have just been returned to the United States

75 years ago

July 24, 1946: Grace Jewett Austin, a well-known local journalist, packs her bags for an extended stay with her daughter and son-in-law in Dallas. This means that his “herd” of elephants will be on the move. She has 2,615 elephant figures from 37 countries in her apartment.

50 years ago

July 24, 1971: Harry Morrison of construction giant Morrison-Knudsen has died aged 86. The son of a grain elevator operator near Kenney in DeWitt County, Morrison started the business that eventually built railroads, military bases, and the Hoover Dam outside of Las Vegas.

25 years ago

July 24, 1996: The McLean County Board of Directors voted to open its meetings with the oath of allegiance. There was a dissenting vote. Another member wanted the rules committee to look at the matter first, but that idea was rejected. The meetings will now open with prayer and commitment.

Compiled by Jack Keefe; [email protected]

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