5 Flect Turn anime characters could defeat (& 5 he couldn’t)

My hero university is an animated superhero action series with a combat system defined by Quirks, or supernatural abilities and gifts. Some Quirks are clearly meant for heroic work, while others are villainous in nature. Other quirks are more neutral or flexible, and that includes the thinking ability of the villainous Flect Turn, who leads the Humarise organization in Mission of the heroes of the world.

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Flect Turn’s Quirk can reflect an opponent’s energy and send it directly back to him, and he can also use his costume’s mirror array to use that redirected energy to move around, like rocket thrusters. However, Flect Turn’s Quirk has its upper limits and will not work against certain types of attacks. Which anime characters could defeat Flect and which will end his rampage?

ten CAN OVERCOME FLECT: All Might is the Symbol of Peace (My Hero Academia)

In his own universe, Flect Turn could defeat a wide variety of heroes and villains, but if his opponent can become Plus Ultra, Flect Turn could be in trouble. His Reflect Quirk could handle many of Izuku’s Smash attacks, but after a while, Reflect couldn’t handle any more strikes, and All Might could do even better.

In his muscular form, the incredible All Might could deliver even stronger punches and overwhelm Flect’s defenses even faster than Izuku, especially if he unleashes his final move, the United States of Smash. The sag is going down.

9 CANNOT DEFEAT FLECT: Edward Elric cannot pass through Flect’s defenses (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Edward Elric holds his cyborg arm and smiles

Edward Elric is used to fighting superhuman enemies such as Homunculi, which can outlive ordinary humans thanks to the regenerative power of the Philosopher’s Stone. Edward has a few trumps on his side, from his strong scientific mind to his remarkable combat chemistry and martial arts skills.

Unfortunately, none of this is enough to overwhelm Flect Turn’s defenses, and any attacks based on Ed’s alchemy will be returned to him with impunity. Edward certainly couldn’t finish the fight with martial arts or enhanced bladed weapons, either.

8 CAN BECOME FLECT: Diavolo’s Stand Can Manipulate Time (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Diavolo was the last villain of the Golden Wind story, and he had a booth named King Crimson that was virtually unbeatable in single combat. This humanoid melee stand can roam freely within a short period of time, then sever that time from the victim’s own existence, rendering them unable to retaliate.

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King Crimson can outwit Flect Turn with this ability and deal a death blow to the villain before Flect even realizes what’s going on. Flect’s Quirk is automatic and always active, but even Reflect cannot function while the time is being changed in this way.

7 IMPOSSIBLE TO DEFEAT FLECT: Erza Scarlet doesn’t have the necessary firepower (Fairy Tail)

Fairy Tail Erza In Battle

Erza Scarlet is a powerful Fairy Tail magician who could push Flect Turn hard enough in battle, but she can’t quite finish the job. She relies on swords to fight, and Flect Turn has nothing to fear from Erza’s sword attacks. He can redirect them easily, and even Erza’s limited long-range attacks won’t work.

Erza has his own strong defenses with his armor suits, but Flect’s defenses are even stronger, and Erza’s redirected attacks will shatter his armor suits one by one until Erza is depleted. She should retreat.

6 CAN DEFIN FLECT: Demon Lord Milim Nava is too strong (this time I reincarnated in slime)

milim nava pointing

The demon Milim Nava is one of Rimuru Tempest’s best friends and certainly one of his most powerful allies. Despite her youthful appearance and clumsy demeanor, Milim is extremely powerful and durable in battle, and she doesn’t even fear Veldora the Storm Dragon or a full-sized Charybdis.

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Milim can use physical attacks and Drago Buster’s devastating movement to wipe out anything in his path, and his best attacks can easily rival the United States of Smash. Milim would soon shatter Flect Turn’s defenses out of sheer force, then punch him until he surrendered.

5 IMPOSSIBLE TO DEFEAT FLECT: Megumi Fushiguro Has Animal Shadows (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Jujutsu kaisen suuporting character Megumi Fushiguro

Megumi Fushiguro is one of Yuji’s friends and allies, along with Nobara, and Megumi was the first jujutsu wizard Yuji ever met. Megumi is known to create shadow animals with her cursed energy, often spirit dogs, birds or snakes in particular.

Megumi is a remarkable wizard, but he’s not the best, and he certainly couldn’t fight his way through Flect Turn’s formidable Quirk-based defenses. Any of Megumi’s attacks would reflect directly on him, and he would soon be stunned by his own power.

4 CAN CONQUER FLECT: Akaza is a tireless melee warrior (Demon Slayer)

Akaza is screaming furiously

Akaza is the Demon of the Upper Three Moon, which means he’s easily stronger than most Hashira, which speaks volumes. He appeared during the Mugen Train story arc, where he fought Kyojuro Rengoku in a fierce fight until he ended up carrying Kyojuro with his amazing stamina. Akaza can recover from the most serious injuries in a fight.

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Akaza not only has titanic physical strength and stamina, but he also has a lot of stamina, never getting tired during a fight no matter how many punches he throws. It would take a few minutes for him to finally break through Flect Turn’s defenses, but he could do it, and he could also heal himself whenever he gets injured from the redirected attacks.

3 CANNOT DEFEAT FLECT: Asmodeus Alice would burn herself (Welcome to School of Demons, Iruma-Kun!)

Asmodeus Alice and Azazel Ameri are two of the strongest and most talented students of the Babyls school, and they would fight mightily against Flect Turn. Alice would be amazed to meet a human whose abilities can rival that of a demon so easily.

Asmodeus Alice can use fire-based attacks and can fly on bat wings, but none of that will make her win the fight. Flect Turn would redirect Alice’s fire-based spells back to him, and soon, Alice would be reduced to ashes by her own power. He would never hit a single hit on Flect Turn.

2 CAN BECOME FLECT: Captain-General Yamamoto Can Burn the World (Bleach)

Captain-Commander Yamamoto

Captain-General Yamamoto has led the Gotei 13 for over 1,000 years, and according to him, no one was ever born to surpass their might. Yamamoto may be old, but he’s still immensely powerful, and old age has only diminished his stamina somewhat. Otherwise, he’s better than ever.

Yamamoto can use all kinds of kido and martial arts spells, and his shikai can unleash incredible flame-based attacks. If that’s not enough to overwhelm Flect Turn’s defenses, then his formidable bankai, Zanka no Tachi, will certainly finish the job.

1 IMPOSSIBLE TO OVERCOME FLECT: Kirito has no options against the Flect turn (Sword Art Online)

Kirito in the game

Kirito is known as the “black swordsman”, due to his black coat and black hair during his adventures in video games, such as in Aincrad. Kirito is known to wield two powerful swords at once, and his fencing is one of the best the MMORPG world has ever seen. But now Flect Turn is also playing the game.

If Flect’s Quirk enters the game world with him, Kirito is doomed. None of Kirito’s sword attacks will progress with Flect’s Quirk-based defenses, and Kirito will wear himself out trying. He will eventually give up and retreat.

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