5 harsh realities of being an Iruma Suzuki (and 5 perks)


Welcome to the school of demons, Iruma-Kun! is a Halloween-style isekai animated series starring Iruma Suzuki, a kind boy who finds himself in the dead end demonic Netherworld. He is now Lord Sullivan’s adopted grandson, like it or not, and he is also to attend the Babyls Demonic School as a freshman.

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Irma’s wild adventure in the isekai is well advanced, and so far it’s clear that while Irma’s new life is dangerous and stressful, he also feels right at home here in the Netherworld, and there is actually a lot to love about his new life as a Student of Babyl. Irma’s life can be split between its perks and harsh realities, and overall it’s an evenly mixed bag.

ten BENEFIT: Sullivan cares deeply about him

iruma with sullivan carriage

Iruma Suzuki is now Lord Sullivan’s adopted grandson, and when it comes to foster families, Iruma Suzuki has hit the jackpot. Lord Sullivan is not a brutal demon, but rather a kind and compassionate old man who is very fond of his new grandson.

Sullivan will give Iruma whatever he wants, and Sullivan will readily admit that he recklessly spoils his new grandson. Sullivan also provided Iruma with a mansion to live in, and most Babyls students can only dream of such luxury.

9 HARD REALITY: He’s the food of demons

sabnock sabro iruma-kun

The simple truth is, even though they may be friendly or funny at times, demons are still demons, and they will always see human beings like Iruma as food and nothing more. In this regard, demons are like classic vampires, powerful and distant beings who despise human cattle.

In fact, the Babyl School song includes lyrics describing humans as only fit for food, and Iruma has every reason to be deeply disturbed by this. He’s a piece of meat attending a wolf school, so his disguise should hold up better, or he’s in trouble.

8 ADVANTAGE: He has powerful friends in Babyls

welcome ameri and iruma to school of demons iruma kun

Iruma Suzuki may not be a demon, but he is able to befriend them, and several of his classmates are his best friends. In fact, he made more friends in the Netherworld than on Earth.

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One of Irma’s first friends was well-meaning troublemaker Valac Clara, who was grateful to become his friend. Iruma can also count both Asmodeus Alice and Azazel Ameri as his friends, and they can and will do all kinds of things to protect him from his enemies or rivals.

7 HARD REALITY: He has no wings

Iruma smiles in Welcome to the school of demons!

Demons vary somewhat in their physical appearance, and they vary even more in their lineage traits, which are somewhat similar to My hero university Oddities. What all demons have in common is the power to fly, and they can all manifest and retract bat wings at will.

These wings give all demons a clear advantage since they can quickly fly to their school during daily commutes and can avoid dangerous falls. Iruma, as a human, cannot form wings, and other demons find this strange. Its lack of wings is a problem with its efforts to blend in.

6 BENEFIT: He won the Royal-One classroom

Normal and evil iruma

The evil side of Iruma is a mixed bag, but at one point, the evil Iruma does a lot of good for himself and his classmates in the abnormal class. Evil Iruma had the determination and the audacity to seek the approval of the Royal One classroom, and he convinced enough teachers to let his class use it from now on.

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Iruma can now enjoy the incredible Royal One classroom with his friends, and the main room will never be the same again. As a bonus, Iruma can be satisfied knowing that this is all because of him. He can be proud of this achievement.

5 HARD REALITY: he doesn’t want all this attention

iruma looks shocked

Iruma is a naturally humble and helpful person, and he never wants to be put on a pedestal or showered with praise and attention. He is content with his actions, but he prefers no one else to get involved. This is so that he can keep his human disguise.

However, Iruma continues to make the headlines one way or another, and the Netherworld is giving him a lot more attention than he would like, especially after his resounding victory at Walter Park when fighting these. monsters. It quickly becomes a real headache for him.

4 ADVANTAGE: It has Solomon’s ring

iruma with ring

Iruma cannot use blood magic or fly with wings, but he can strike back with Solomon’s Ring, a rare and special artifact that Lord Sullivan generously gives him over the course of the series. This ring attached to Irma’s finger and gave him access to some serious magic.

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The ring can use spells of different intensity levels, and with the right setting, it can also absorb a large amount of magical energy, which is how Iruma avoided disaster in Walter Park while even Azazel Ameri was unable to complete the job. It is not an ordinary jewel.

3 HARD REALITY: he is not a good student

Some anime characters are just much better at studying than others, and while some characters are smart enough to serve as tutors, others are desperate in the classroom. Iruma Suzuki is going through a difficult time as a student and his grades are nothing to brag about.

Iruma is unlikely to study or learn in the human world, and here in the Netherworld he cannot read the demonic script, and he has no reference to history, culture, and religion. Netherworld politics. So he has a lot of catching up to do, and his grades will be low in the meantime.

2 BENEFIT: Iruma knows how to take advantage of everything

Even though Iruma has a stressful and risky life as a human attending an all-demonic school, he always finds ways to enjoy his new life, and he’s surprisingly relaxed and easy-going in most scenes he does. is not in danger of death. Unless someone attacks him, Iruma is having the best time of his life.

Being able to enjoy everyday life and find joy in absolutely everything is a real gift, and Azazel Ameri seems to envy Irma’s ability to enjoy whatever comes his way. It helps that Irma isn’t very ambitious or arrogant.

1 HARD REALITY: Naberius Kalego doesn’t like him very much

Kalego deep in thought

Irma’s main teacher is Naberius Kalego, who is himself a former pupil of Babyls. Kalego is a smart, disciplined teacher who demands the best from his students, but he’s not exactly the warm and fuzzy type. Iruma responds better to gentle teaching methods than to harsh, harsh methods.

Iruma is suspicious of Kalego, who seems determined to upset and strain him every day. Kalego isn’t a bully, but again, his strict demeanor isn’t exactly what Iruma expects from a teacher. And it doesn’t help that Kalego has a personal feud with Iruma, as Iruma accidentally humiliated him by using him as a familiar.

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