5 hot-tempered animated love interests (and 5 that keep their cool)


The anime world is filled with a fantastic variety of characters across all genres, from shonen action stories to classic shojo romances and everything in between. Some anime characters are known for their brash or fierceness, like Natsu Dragneel or Misaki Ayuzawa, while others have a cool head, like Jotaro Kujo or Light Yagami. But what about their friends and lovers?

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It’s not just the protagonists who have colorful personalities – the hero’s friends and lovers also fit classic character types, and some anime love interests, in particular, might actually be more angry or reckless than the hero. protagonist. Others are much softer and gentler, or can be downright submissive and passive. Who are the famous fiery anime lovers, and which love interests are the easiest to live with?

ten HOTHEADED ANIME LOVER: Kyo Sohma is an exuberant tsundre (fruit basket)

kyo sohma fruit basket

Kyo Sohma has his strengths and weaknesses, and most Sohmas agree that his fierce temper is certainly one of his worst traits, although Tohru Honda can stand it. In fact, Tohru was the one who could “tame” Kyo and bring out his best side and let his anger melt away.

Kyo became very protective of Tohru against the other Sohmas, and he learned to channel his anger constructively, defying the abusive Akito and swearing that he would create his own future, without Sohma’s curse. Finally, he succeeded.

9 GENTLE ANIME LOVER: Orihime Inoue Sweet but not helpless (bleach)

bleach orihime

Orihime Inoue is one of Ichigo Kurosaki’s best friends and she has her own spiritual gifts. She can summon six fairies to cast spells, usually to form protective barriers or heal people’s wounds. She’s not much of a fighter, but she’s not helpless either. Ichigo relies on her a lot.

Personality wise, Orihime is brave enough to stand up to bullies, even Ulquiorra Schiffer, but she prefers peace and love to war and conflict. She is a sweet, easy-going girl who can befriend anyone, and people can’t help but love her. Eventually, Ichigo married her and they had a son, Kazui.

8 HOTHEADED ANIME LOVER: Chitoge Kirisaki is the daughter of a gangster (Nisekoi)

Chitoge Kirisaki is the half-American descendant of a powerful crime family, and she has formed a fake relationship with Raku Ichijo to keep her and Raku’s family happy. Chitoge didn’t like Raku at first, and he didn’t like him very much either. They were constantly getting angry and arguing for every chance they had.

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Chitoge has always been a hothead, but over time she slowly started to appreciate Raku more and more, and she was confused when she felt jealousy seeing Raku with other girls, like Kosaki Onodera. Is it time for false love to become the real thing? It could be.

7 GENTLE ANIME LOVER: Hirotaka Nifuji doesn’t get angry easily (Wotakoi)

hirotaka nifuji wotakoi

Hirotaka Nifuji is a devoted gamer and staunch boyfriend, but most of the people who meet him are unaware of all of this. He keeps his hobbies and relationships a secret, but at least he’s more expressive when texting his girlfriend, Narumi Momose. He loves to use funny emoticons.

Hirotaka keeps his cool at all times, and he is a calm, mature man who doesn’t let himself be confused. His love for Narumi is real, but he’s not the type to openly shower her with affection. He lets his actions speak for themselves, and Narumi has since gotten used to this relationship dynamic.

6 HOTHEADED ANIME LOVER: Winry Rockbell takes the lead with Edward (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

smiling winry from fmabrotherhood

Usually, AutoMail Engineer Winry Rockbell is a nice, easy-going girl, although she can easily get upset when something goes wrong or when people pass her by. She burst into joy when she met Maes Hughes’ young daughter, for example.

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Winry was furious when Alphonse accused Ed of creating him as a synthetic person and asked Al to apologize. Winry is also excited when Ed teases her or breaks her auto-messaging arm, and Ed is likely to respond to her. Despite all this, the two get along well and eventually get married.

5 GENTLE ANIME LOVER: Hinata Hyuga has always been sweet (Naruto)

Hinata is standing in the forest smiling

Hinata Hyuga was born with raw talent, mostly in terms of Byakugan eyes, but she didn’t make the most of her talents until Naruto Uzumaki inspired her with his words. Hinata came out of her shell and began to assert herself as a true kunoichi, and she quickly began to move up the ranks.

On a personal level, Hinata is more confident and courageous than ever, although her gentle and kind personality has never changed. Hinata is not the type to boast or intimidate her enemies; she remains humble and she took her time to express her love to Naruto, not knowing if she could. She finally had her happiness forever.

4 HOTHEADED ANIME LOVER: Mako is quick to scold people (The Legend Of Korra)

The Legend of Korra Mako

Mako the Firebender is an intelligent and responsible member of the Avatar team, but that doesn’t stop him from having a fierce temper that lives up to his natural element. Mako is quick to scold or criticize others if they make a mistake or get it wrong, although he is also not perfect. He and Korra once got into a serious screaming battle, for example, and broke up right away.

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Mako was Korra’s staunch boyfriend for several months after Amon’s defeat, but ultimately it wasn’t meant to be, although they became friends again afterwards. Three years later, Korra found her soul mate in Asami Sato.

3 GENTLE ANIME LOVER: Izumi Miyamura calms down (Horimiya)

Izumi Miyamura keeps her real secret and introduces himself as a boring and forgettable boy at school. In fact, he has eccentric tastes and is covered in nifty tattoos and piercings, which took Kyoko Hori by surprise when they met outside of school.

Izumi may look like a scary punk, but he’s actually a sweet, kind boy who can take just about anything, and Kyoko’s little brother considers Izumi a cool big brother. Izumi is also friends with the student council president and other classmates.

2 HOTHEADED ANIME LOVER: Nino Nakano has a fierce temper (The quintuplets par excellence)

nino nakano fifths

Futaro Uesugi is committed to helping the five Nakano sisters achieve better grades, and the five sisters all begin to develop special feelings for him. Among the sisters, Miku is the calmest and sweetest, while the second oldest, Nino Nakano, is a real hothead.

Nino has her sweet side, but overall she’s best known for her fierce temper and confrontational ways, even when she tries to woo Futaro and win the race for her heart. She also once ran away from home and had to be convinced to return.

1 GENTLE ANIME LOVER: Erina Pendleton is modest but brave (JoJo’s bizarre adventure)

Erina Pendleton is a minor figure who is easily forgotten by time Stardust Crusaders and Stands come into the picture, but she’s still a wonderful person who was a perfect match for Jonathan Joestar the hero. Erina isn’t a fighter, but she has an inner strength where it counts.

Jonathan gave his life to save Erina’s, and Erina bravely traveled to the United States to start her life anew. She later had her with Jonathan’s son, George Joestar II, and she was a stern but well-meaning grandmother to Joseph Joestar during Combat tendency.

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