6 startups that help borrowers manage their student loans

  • A class of startups is trying to tackle America’s massive student debt crisis.
  • Some help borrowers refinance their loans or streamline their monthly payment plans.
  • Here are six student loan startups that have raised venture capital funds.

Last week, the Biden administration announced its long-awaited student debt forgiveness plan for borrowers who earn less than $125,000 and had taken out federal loans for higher education. Individual borrowers will receive a $10,000 rebate, while Pell Grant recipients will receive $20,000. Its fate in court is uncertain, but it represents a big step in the fight against student debt in the United States.

Yet the student debt crisis in the United States has been going on for decades: As of July, about 47 million borrowers owed about $1.75 trillion in unpaid student debt between federal and private loans.

A growing number of startups have sprung up to tackle this problem from many different angles, from refinancing student loans at lower interest rates to integrating student loan repayment as a perk that bosses can offer to their new employees.

Insider put together a list of six startups that operate in student loans across a wide variety of verticals and asked their founders to share how their startups and customers are affected by the government’s student loan cancellation plan. Biden administration.

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