9 Times Piccolo Acted Out Of Character In Dragon Ball

dragonball begins with the humble adventure of young Goku as he meets new friends and gains strong skills on his unexpected path to power. Goku has aged and become more dangerous, but his desire to protect the planet and the people he loves is never in question. Goku has made some important friends over the years, and Piccolo is a stoic and honorable Namekian who enters the series as Goku’s rival.

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Piccolo’s transition into a hero and one of Goku’s most trusted allies is nothing short of amazing because of how far he’s come. Piccolo usually acts as a mentor or stern observer, but there are rare times when Piccolo’s more silly side comes out and he expresses humility or embarrassment.

9 He’s often stuck with childcare responsibilities

Piccolo is propelled into the world of dragonball as a strange conduit of revenge who is meant to carry on his father’s legacy of destruction. Piccolo serves as a villain for a substantial arc in the original dragonball before his priorities begin to align with those of Goku and the rest of Earth’s heroes.

Piccolo is an ally, but many would still consider him a gruff and intimidating presence. As a result, it’s a major shock that Piccolo appears to be the dragonball character who is most often tasked with babysitting duty. It’s one thing for Piccolo to take Gohan under his wing for rigorous training in the wilderness, but there’s no reason why Piccolo needs to play house with Goten and Trunks or be responsible for a baby Pan.

8 He tries driving school

Dragon Ball Z is heavy on anime-only filler material, the majority of which has mixed reception within the fandom. The filler can go in all sorts of directions and one of the most comical examples involves Goku and Piccolo struggling through driving school in an effort to get their license.

These characters can fly much faster than any car, but Chi-Chi pushes these two to pay their dues. Piccolo’s aloof behavior at driving school is bizarre, but the “casual” outfit he wears is even more surprising. It makes sense for Goku to jump through those hoops for Chi-Chi, but Piccolo is much less beholden to his demands.

7 He shops and does chores for Chi-Chi

One of the sweetest aspects of dragonball This is how Piccolo became an unofficial member of Goku’s family, and he built a unique and special relationship with each member of the group. Piccolo has such a deep history with Goku and Gohan, but Chi-Chi remained more of a fleeting presence in his life.

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Nonetheless, Chi-Chi seems to have an unusual hold on Piccolo, where he becomes submissive and docile. Piccolo goes shopping with Chi-Chi and helps her with her chores. He is literally left to do the heavy lifting. Chi-Chi claims that it’s only fair since she’s providing Piccolo with free room and board, but he doesn’t have to be so soft about it.

6 He disapproves of Trunks’ love life

Piccolo carries such a different energy than the rest of the characters in dragonball that there is an added novelty in his reactions to the ordinary parts of life. For example, Piccolo doesn’t have much of a dating history or first-hand experience with romance, but he’s not shy about making startling criticisms of young Trunks’ habits.

In battle of the gods, Piccolo worries about Trunks’ friendship with young Mai and says such actions at that age will only lead to trouble. Everyone is shocked when Piccolo looks into this case, but the connection between Trunks and Mai is also completely innocent.

5 He cringes at Gohan and Videl’s wedding photo

Piccolo left a big mark on Gohan’s life, so it’s always nice to see that appreciation is reciprocated and that Gohan opens up to Piccolo. Piccolo sometimes struggles with public displays of emotion, but it turns out he was proudly present at Gohan and Videl’s wedding.

Gohan shares a photo from that engagement with Piccolo, which shows everyone dressed in formal attire except for Piccolo, who also blinked at the worst moment. Piccolo shudders at this photo and how his clumsy energy disrupts the otherwise happy display.

4 Gardening is his pleasure

dragonball generally focuses on its characters while they’re lost in preparation for battle, but the few downtimes shine a light on Goku’s simpler life as a farmer. Goku’s family has a lot of land that is full of crops, but Goku finds excuses to avoid these laborious tasks.

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Piccolo has even less reason to spend his days pulling weeds and tending to yard work, but Dragon Ball Super shows that even he is not immune to Chi-Chi’s demands. Piccolo looks almost shocked that he agreed to help with such remedial tasks, and yet his hands are filled with fodder.

3 He dresses Gohan with his clothing department

Piccolo becomes a surrogate father figure to Gohan following Goku’s passing, and much of their bond is forged together in the desert during arduous preparation for the incoming Saiyan invasion. Piccolo watches Gohan from afar and makes sure he’s never in real danger, but he doesn’t let go of his tough loving attitude towards his student.

One of the weirdest moments in their training involves Piccolo creating new clothes for Gohan using his mysterious Namekian abilities. It’s such a different use of Piccolo’s powers, and it doesn’t seem like a skill he would take the time to learn.

2 It becomes a clunky live demonstration of fusion principles

Love it or hate it, fusion has become a fundamental component of dragonball, and most of the biggest battles in the series turn to this process, even if it ultimately fails. The grandest fusion shows are those that involve Goku and Vegeta, but before they steal the show, it’s Goten and Trunks who are seen as ideal candidates for the fusion dance.

The fusion dance is not that complicated, but precision is a must and it’s still a series of moves that need to be learned. Piccolo somehow becomes responsible for showing Goten and Trunks the basic moves behind this dance, which he is extremely embarrassed to perform in front of an audience.

1 He stays in hell to be his new guardian

Dragon Ball GT still has its share of detractors, and it takes big risks for the franchise, some of which pay off better than others. Piccolo isn’t the only individual to make strange decisions that insult his development, but his character comes off on a particularly disappointing note.

Super 17’s attack is based on a gateway between Hell and Earth opening up and releasing hordes of bad guys. Piccolo ultimately chooses to stay in Hell to ensure such a disaster never happens again. This move is in service of Goku’s freedom, but it’s an impulsive decision on his part.

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