9 Ways Squid Game Would Have Been Better As An Anime

As unique as Squid game is, what if this becomes an anime? An anime could bring a whole new perspective compared to the live-action version. Squid game is one of the most-watched shows on Netflix to date, with an estimated 1 billion views as of November 2021. This thriller series addresses the social issues of wealth disparity in South Korea and targets a wider audience on capitalism.

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While Squid game is impressive on its own, it would be interesting to see it adapted into an anime. Anime is no stranger to social or political issues, with great examples like Fullmetal Alchemist and Code Geass. Adaptation of a famous series like Squid game would be a refreshing take on these issues while also adding something new to the anime.

9 An animation studio like MAPPA would create amazing scenes

Images feature characters from Jujutsu Kaisen, Kakegurui, Attack on Titan, Chainsaw Man and Squid Game

If an anime studio fit Squid game, there would be plenty of good candidates who could do him justice. One of those studios would be MAPPA, whose popularity has skyrocketed over the past two years.

Recently, MAPPA released popular titles such as Jujutsu kaisen and The attack of the Titansis the last season. They will also be responsible for animating the highly anticipated Man with chainsaw airing in 2022. Fans praised MAPPA for his impeccable art style, especially with high body counts and bloody scenes. A Squid game the adaptation would be beautifully animated if a studio like MAPPA took control.

8 There is an opportunity for foreign actors

Pictures feature Squid Game's Ali Abdul and actor Anupam Tripathi

An animated adaptation of Squid game could create opportunities for foreign actors. Assuming the anime is produced in Japan, that would open the door for non-Japanese voice actors to lend their voices. A few prolific foreign actors working in Japan could bring the Squid game characters to life.

Playing on such a popular show could boost the career of a new voice actor, giving him more anime voice jobs. Indo-Korean actor Anupam Tripathi, actor Ali Abdul from Squid game, is an example. His role has earned him worldwide recognition.

seven Specific scenes could be clearer in an anime

Images feature Detective Jun-ho and Squid Game players

Some Squid game scenes take place in total darkness, such as the nocturnal riot and the challenge of the glass bridge. Maybe the director wanted to leave things to the imagination. Regardless, some viewers weren’t happy as it was difficult to determine what was going on at the time.

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An animated adaptation of Squid game could add more to those dark scenes. For example, animators might illuminate specific areas with shadows and silhouettes, such as during the Night Riot, or focus on confusing the characters while conveying a chaotic event.

6 Imagery in the anime is freer

Pictures feature the giant Squid Game doll

Over the years, the anime has made a name for itself in the horror genre. Studios can recreate some of the most disturbing images viewers have seen. Adapt Squid game would be a fun project to create a scary atmosphere.

The episode “Red Light, Green Light” is one of the best examples of the creative freedom of an animation studio. A director could create a more unsettling atmosphere by taking inspiration from various manga, anime, and horror movies. The giant doll, for example, could have a stranger, almost human appearance, evoking a sense of dread among players and viewers.

5 Anime studio better recreate death scenes

Pictures show Ji-yeong about to be shot and a bloodied Squid Game player

Squid gameThe most gruesome scenes were well done but could have been better if they had been animated. The studio in charge would have more creative freedom when designing each terrifying death scene.

The live-action version used CGI, prosthetics, and practical effects. However, an animated version could greatly exaggerate a scene of death or bloodshed to add to the frenetic tone of the story. There have been cases where anime studios have used CGI, but animation can do more with gore scenes while still using the talents of an artist.

4 An anime version could play with genres

Image features a distressed Sang-woo, Sae-byeok, and Cheol from Squid Game

An animated version of Squid game could add more artistic freedom and its overall plot. The story belongs to the thriller genre, but an anime could also play around with drama, comedy, horror, and even political themes.

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For example, an anime writer might insert more of Sang-woo’s story to deepen their relationship with Gi-hun or his mother. Another example would relate to Sae-byeok’s childhood in North Korea and how she became involved in Deok-su’s gang. There would be plenty of opportunities to explore other genres while enriching the characters’ stories.

3 Characters can portray more intense emotions in the anime

Pictures feature an emotional Mi-nyeo and Gi-hun from Squid Game

A Squid game anime would allow comedians and animators to fully immerse themselves in the characters. There is more flexibility in animating more exaggerated emotions such as hysteria, sadness or anger which may not convey well with live action actors.

Animate Squid game can bring a new perspective on a character’s mental and emotional well-being while staying true to the original story. It would serve as a new way to enjoy the show if there was more creative freedom.

2 There would be more opportunities for inner dialogue

Pictures feature Squid Game's Gi-hun

Animes are well known for including interior dialogues and monologues. This gives viewers a better insight into the character’s thoughts and how they deal with their situations.

Squid game could play with the characters’ deepest thoughts like an animated series. Since Gi-hun is the protagonist, the writers would have more freedom to build his personality, inner thoughts, and overall perspective throughout the series. Of course, that shouldn’t be limited to Gi-hun. Audiences could learn the inner thoughts of any character who was given an expanded role in the anime.

1 There would be an opportunity for a bigger, more iconic soundtrack

The images show the musical figures playing "Fly me to the moon" Squid Game segment

In recent years, social media has popularized songs from various animated series. The creators of TikTok have created remixes from an array of openings and endings, ranging from Rascal does not dream of Bunny Girl Senpai at Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Squid game only has a few iconic songs, such as “Way Back Then” and “Pink Soldiers,” throughout the show. However, an anime version would allow composers to create a concrete opening and ending to the show. There are many talented musicians across the country and even outside of Japan who could collaborate with Squid gamethe creators of. They could help create an opening and an ending that sums up the overall tone and message of the show.

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