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It’s not often that people experience things from a bug’s perspective, and Bug Fables gives it an epic fantasy twist. You control a trio of insect warriors sent on an important quest by the Ant Queen. During your journey you will face many enemies related to insects and plants and visit many different places.

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The game combines traditional RPG elements with a dynamic overworld that the characters can influence. To have the best chance of surviving this adventure, you will need to master the stats and abilities of the characters both in combat and out of combat. Here’s all you need to know.

Understanding Your Bug Team

The insect trio talks with the ant guards

Shortly after starting the game, you will have a full team of three bugs. You’ll have to guide this trio through various wildlands and dungeon-like areas as the adventure progresses. Each member takes part in the fight, and you won’t gain new allies along the way. The key to success is understanding each character and how best to use their skills.


Arguably the de facto leader of the exploration team, Kabbu is a green beetle with a large horn. He is valiant and noble, adhering to a code of honor to fight for justice and protect those in need. Its main characteristics are its high armor piercing and HP attacks. His standard attack allows him to knock down some enemies which stuns them and makes them more vulnerable to attacks from teammates.

Kabbu’s abilities are a combination of strong individual attacks and support skills that protect and inspire his teammates. Its main drawback is that it can only attack enemies in the front and cannot hit flyers without using a special item. Its actions involve by holding down a button and releasing it at the right time.


An energetic little bee, Vi is the youngest of the trio who isn’t taken seriously as an explorer due to her size. Despite this, she is very confident and possesses a lot of street intelligence. She is a ranged fighter who can target any enemy with her bee-merang. Its standard attack can be used to shoot down flying enemies to limit their mobility and make them vulnerable to all attacks.

Vi specializes in multiple attacks and her Secret Stash ability can heal allies. Its main drawback is that its attacks are ineffective against armored attackers. Its actions involve precise buttons with the right timing.


The latest member to join the trio, Leif is a moth with a mysterious past. They tend to speak in a serious and appropriate manner. As they struggle to regain their memories, they try to adjust to this new world. They act as a magical user, being able to use a wide range of ice-based attacks.

Their standard attack can hit any enemy on the ground, while their abilities can hit multiple targets and even freeze them for a few turns. Their main drawback is that they rely heavily on skills. Their actions consist of putting pressure on a combination of different buttons.

Upgrade your bug team

Bug Fables Defiant Root Leif Kabbu Vi

Unlike most RPGs, this game uses a team leveling system. Defeating enemies earns you Exploration Points (EXP) and once you earn enough, the team rises in rank.

All health and Teamwork points (TP) are restored and you can choose one of three upgrades:

  • Increases each character’s HP by 1

  • Increases team TP by 3

  • Increase the team Medal Points (MP) by 3.

HP determines how many punishments they can take, TP lets you use more abilities, and MP lets you equip more medals which can have either passive or active effects.

How combat works in bug fables

The trio of insects face a giant seedling

As you explore the world, you will come across many different enemies. The game uses a visual encounter system in this you will only enter combat if you hit an enemy (or if they hit you).

Enemies walk around the different areas and will be charge and attack if they see you.

If they manage to launch an attack, they strike first in combat. However, you can use the abilities of your characters to stun them and enter combat with two additional moves on the party leader.

Actions you can take in combat

When the fight begins your side will go first unless the enemy ambushes you. Each of the characters perform a the following actions:

  • Attack

  • Use the skill

  • Use item

  • Strategy

  • Turn the relay

Although most are self-explanatory, the two most special are the last two. Selection Strategy gives you the opportunity to swap the leader and determine who attacks first. You can swap as many times as you want, but the positioning will be locked until the next turn once the leader has acted.

Turn the relay is a unique option that allows a character to give another turn, granting them an additional action. For example, if you were facing three flying enemies, Kabbu and Leif could give Vi a turn allowing him to attack each of the flying ones.

When enemies attack, be sure to time that the button presses to block it. Successful blocking can dramatically reduce and prevent condition problems.

How to navigate the world and its dangers

The trio of insects visit a desert town

Your journey will take you to many different areas that you will need to navigate. In addition to enemies, there will be environmental dangers that you will need to overcome. Sometimes it will be something as simple as jumping on different platforms, and other times you will have to use a combination of the character overworld abilities to get through and solve puzzles. Each of their abilities can also be used to stun enemies outside of combat.

  • Kabbu capacity allows him to use his horn against objects. It’s very close, but it can be used to cut grass to reveal objects or push loose objects such as rocks. It also has the ability to provide general information on the places and the characters.
  • The capacity of Vi allows him to throw your bee-merang straight ahead of the direction it is facing. Although it has a limited range, it can be used to strike objects like ropes and switches out of your reach.
  • Leif’s ability allows them to freeze things right in front of them. This mainly applies to water sources and water drops that can be turned into blocks. Keep in mind that the more active the water source, the faster it will thaw.

Some areas are quite large, so be sure to save whenever you get the chance. You can do this by striking large blue or yellow crystals found all over the world.

Tip: Blue crystals simply save the game while yellow crystals save and restore your team’s stats.

Quests in Bug Fables

The trio of insects fights a weevil and a rodent

Your main goal is to complete the story quest which will develop throughout the game. However, this is not the only quest you can take on. In towns and villages scattered around the world, you will see signposts that look like large leaves with smaller leaves nailed to them. By interacting with these boards, you will get a list of available side quests of varying difficulty.

Most quests involve finding a specific item for an individual with details of where to go. If you are lost, you can reach out to them for more details. Side quests can be time consuming but worth doing to earn more Berries (currency) and special medals. New quests will appear as you progress through the story and complete the older ones.

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