A glimpse into the art world of Rajasthan


If you are an art lover and like to add glamor through intricate handicrafts to your home and in style, then Rajasthan is a one-stop destination for you. The craftsmanship of Rajasthan is both aesthetic and simple.

From blue pottery and intricate miniature paintings to traditional glittering jewelry, the craftsmanship of Rajasthani artists represents the various shades of Rajasthan designed by experienced and accomplished artisans.

Therefore, let’s take a peek into the world of Rajasthani handcraft and find some creative and eye-catching paintings or artwork that is sure to spoil you.

1. Blue pottery

Blue Pottery is one of the well known crafts of Sanganer, Jaipur. It is a blend of Chinese glazing technology and Persian decorative arts and was brought to India by the Mughals. It gets its name from the blue dye, used to color pottery. The design motifs are floral, animal and bird motifs.

Besides the usual urns, the craftsmen imagined tea sets, cups and saucers, glasses, jars, cups, ashtrays, etc.

Blue Pottery Tiles are an attraction and amazingly handcrafted product with super cool designs. They can be displayed in many ways to create patterned floors and walls, as well as being eye-catching.

2. Terracotta work

The terracotta works of Rajasthan are also extremely famous. Terracotta blocks are used as a building material in Udaipur and its surroundings.

Nohar in Bikaner is famous for producing intricate terracotta items. Nagaur and Merta are also famous for the many trinkets and terracotta jewelry produced there. Molela has earned a name for the captivating carved plaques and terracotta figurines made there. It can be seen on the facades of Udaipur station.

3. Wood crafts

Rajasthan is famous for its hand-carved wooden screens, jaali jharokhas, furniture and household items. The regions of Barmer, Jodhpur, Kishangarh and Shekhawati are renowned for their unique styles of furniture making.

The miniature relief paintings on Barmer’s elegant table chairs have made a name for themselves while the quaint rooms of Jodhpur lend old-fashioned charm to the houses. The ornate design and intricate patterns give the furniture a rich and opulent look. Tilonia is famous for the woven jute patterns. The wooden frames are paired with jute or leather to create beautiful wooden furniture. The Kishangarh region is renowned for the excellent hand painted pieces that its artisans make.

4. Thewa – Glasswork | Rajasthani Crafts

Like the rest of the state crafts, Rajasthani glassworks are unique in their design and use. Besides the beautiful and traditional handicrafts, Rajasthan is famous for its Thewa work.

The colored glass base, stamped with gilded miniature artwork, is the appeal of Thewa artwork. The stained glass windows of the Havelis, palaces and temples of Rajasthan or Rajputana are visual delights. An excellent display of stained glass, glass mosaics and intricately encrusted glasswork marks the beauty of the Udaipur City Palace and the ancient Havelis of the Shekhawati region of the state.

The princely state of Sirohi boasts of its spectacular fort which has been lavishly adorned with gold and colorful glassware made by the artisans of Pratapgarh. Thewa pendants are famous jewelry with their flamboyant hues and exquisite patterns. Chittorgarh is famous for these Thewa jewelry.

5. Jewelry | Arts of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is famous for its glass bracelets and mirror lake bracelets, which are both contemporary and ethnic. These bracelets constitute the display in most of the street markets of Jaipur and Jodhpur. Crafted in lake, these handcrafted bracelets are strikingly beautiful with bold, inglorious and vibrant colors. These bracelets have artistic designs made up of colorful beads, stones or mirrors to look comely.

Kundan is a style of jewelry making, practiced in Rajasthan. It is also known as the work of Jadau. The gemstones are lacquered with gold leaf. The pieces are enamel to give them a luminous appearance. Kundan is also known as refined gold.

Another specialty of state artisans is Meenakari jewelry. Precious and semi-precious stones are embellished in gold or silver jewelry and enamelled in bright colors.


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