A new fantasy anime could be the next KonoSuba

Winter 2022′ Genius Prince gets off to a bad start, but he could still be the next KonoSuba if the production plays its cards right.

Kono Suba was the surprise hit that no one really expected. He was initially derided for Studio Deen’s hilarious production skills, but that ended up becoming part of his unique humor. Its unconventional take on the isekai genre, with a relatively weak protagonist who survives only on her wits, and a group of misfit companions also contributes greatly to its success. But since Kono Subafew animes have been able to duplicate its formula, even The fighters will be sent! the other isekai anime by the same author failed to replicate Kono Subais success.

So it’s quite surprising to see an under-the-radar anime come closest to Kono Suba in terms of initial style and humor. Winter 2022 The Prince’s Genie’s Guide to Getting a Nation Out of Debt also attempts to walk that fine line between poor production quality and intentional humor. It features a protagonist who tries his best to sabotage his own success and fails miserably, as well as a cast of interesting female characters, particularly his assistant/childhood friend/love interest Ninym (incidentally voiced by the same voice actor that Kono Suba(Megumin, Takahashi Rie.)

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genius prince wein and ninym

As its overly detailed title suggests, the anime is about a genius prince’s attempt to get his poor and weak nation, Natra, out of debt. The titular prince, Wein Salema Arbalest, secretly wants to sell his nation to its much stronger neighbor, Empire Earthwold. He planned to make his nation more attractive by strengthening it first, so he could sell it for a good price and retire earlier. But his continued quest to exert minimal effort and stay flat continually backfires, and his nation grows much stronger than he expected.

It’s important to note that this is not an isekai anime, it’s not technically a fantasy either, the story takes place in an ancient world with no magic or special creatures, so plans and strategy take center stage from the scene. This is actually a good thing for this anime as it clearly doesn’t have the funds to produce all-out war or show off any magical powers, as even simple conversation scenes with the characters often seem poorly produced. In the anime’s first episode, an entire battle is played out using mostly stills and points on a map, with some exposures for clarification.

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genius prince ep 1 battle points on the map

Strangely, this cost-cutting strategy actually works for the overall tone of the anime, as this is a deeply indebted nation with very few resources, so it’s fitting that the anime mimics that feeling of impoverishment on screen. This style also made battle incredibly fast (although some would say rushed) and surprisingly feel like a strategy-based game. This is a situation similar to Kono Subawhere its protagonist Satou Kazuma is also constantly in debt and looking for ways to make money, so the bad animation matched its characters’ predicament and even added an extra layer of hilarity.

Despite being incredibly competent, Wein isn’t the most hardworking or driven person, just like Kono Subait’s Kazuma. Wein the Prince still has to pretend to be a charismatic leader in front of his people, but he dreads going to war and just wants to cut the casualties. Still, his plans have worked out too well for his own good, so he often throws tantrums in front of Ninym to unwind. The contrast between the two sides of Wein and the mixture of the serious and the absurd is a kind of self-deprecating humor that is quite reminiscent Kono Subaeven if it is true, Kono Suba does better by being much more exaggerated.

With only one episode released, it’s unclear how bad the animation quality will be in the future, or if the production can repeatedly turn trash into treasure and sustain it for an entire season. They need to make smart decisions about cost cutting rather than just coming up with bad animation. If they can step up the humor and introduce more likable characters while emphasizing the strategies that are so important to the plot, things might just end up working out for the better, just like they do for Wein. .

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