Aklan teacher uses anime to bond with learners


ILOITO CITY – A teacher at Ciriaco L. Icamina Sr. High School, National High School (CLISNHS) in Barangay Bulabud, Malinao, Aklan used two anime characters to connect with her students.

Instead of the original photos of her 25 learners, Jocelyn P. Villanueva placed the popular moving images on the seats assigned to her learners’ modules.

“I think our high school students are fond of games and entertainment, so I tried to follow them since I am also a mother and at the same time their teacher-counselor,” said Villanueva, Grade 11 counselor. from the Lotus section. , said Friday in an interview.

Using the anime characters is her way of showing her students that their teachers also encouraged them to be creative and imaginative.

Ahead of the modules’ release on September 13, Villanueva said that learners, through their parents, were advised not to use anime characters in their profile photos so that it would be easy for him to pick them up. identify and communicate with them via social networks.

It is a popular practice among young people to use Japanese anime characters as a profile picture in their social media accounts.

Villanueva added that since they weren’t allowed to use animation in their Facebook profile, she therefore chose to use two characters in their designated chairs.

“I think they understood that I just used animation as an art inside the classroom. Although we couldn’t have a face-to-face conversation to explain it, but I think it has good effects because they were inspired to see their name in this animation, “she said.

However, she admitted that she didn’t know the characters she was using, not even their names.

Villanueva said a student told her the characters she was using were fan art anime characters.

She said she just found the cute female and male anime character designs when she did her research.

Mary Grace A. Cipriano, Principal of the National High School I / School Head, said she found the use of moving images “very creative and the result was very inviting and amazing.”

“I encourage them to use this style of putting names on each student’s seat. Some teachers have adopted it, some have also developed their own style. It depends on how they want to run their class,” she said. declared.

In recognition, she included the photos of Villanueva’s class on her FB page post titled “First Day High @CLISNHS”.

She said Villanueva’s initiative was laudable and deserved to be recognized for the celebration of Teachers’ Month on September 29, 2021.

The school with 322 learners as of September 15 has used the modular learning model taking into account unstable internet services while there are areas that have no signal at all.

They also took into account the lack of gadgets of some of their learners. (ANP)

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