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Pittsburgh Steelers seasons come and go with no real offseason, at least not for die-hard fans. For these fans, the preseason extends into the regular season, the regular season into the offseason, free agency and the NFL Draft. It’s a vicious, endless cycle.

Nonetheless, we here at BTSC, and our podcast platform, are there with you every step of the way. In the past, we’ve given you the podcasts in individual articles on the website, but now we’ve decided to go with a “Podcast Roundup” article which features the latest three podcasts for your enjoyment. The reasoning behind this is to take up less space on the site for the great written content we have at BTSC.

That being said or typed, enjoy the shows below with a brief description of each show:

BAD Language: There’s a reason we’re not making preliminary decisions for the Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers made the decision to draft Kenny Pickett when they did at No. 20 because they didn’t think they could afford to wait to draft the Pitt QB. Because another caller wasn’t chosen until the third round, the Steelers could have waited. But what we forget is that Pickett could very well have participated in the first round if he had been available. Everyone has an opinion. Some subscribe to conventional wisdom. others are misinformed, while some are unorthodox and far from it. So BTSC podcast producer Bryan Anthony Davis decided not to apologize and share his brand of black and gold enlightenment. Join BAD preaching its own gospel of hypocycloids on the new show, BAD Language. This week it’s all about why we can’t guess the decision makers so soon.

  • News and Notes
  • The dangers of guessing the Steelers draft
  • A visit to Britsburgh Owen, Voice from Across the Pond
  • and much more!

Steelers hangover: Did you need to sleep after the Steelers draft?

Plain and simple, some people loved the Steelers’ 2022 draft. Others are saddened. Let’s talk about it. Join BTSC podcast producer Bryan Anthony Davis, Tony Defeo and Shannon White to discuss this as the hangover from the regular season moves into organizational building for the 2022 season.

Check out the summary of the show:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers 2022 Draft Analysis
  • and much more!

From the Steelers cutting room floor: Where’s the cornerback? Looking at the Steelers defensive additions

The Pittsburgh Steelers covered a lot of areas over the weekend but didn’t really address the cornerback position. How worrying will that be? Join BTSC’s Geoffrey Benedict for a weekly player analysis when it comes to the Men of Steel. This week, Geoffrey’s focus returns to the draft and the defensive staff. It is a cinematic study in audio form.

Check out the summary of the show:

  • Where are the cornerbacks?
  • and much more!

Geoffrey tells you everything you need to know about the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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