Ancient burial sites in Egypt reveal tattooed mummies

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CAIRO – November 13, 2022: Ancient burial sites in Egypt have revealed tattooed mummies, mostly women.

The discovery of new tattooed mummies at the New Kingdom site at Deir el-Medina (1550 BC to 1070 BC) has provided insight into the type of tattoo found especially on female mummies. The tattoo designs found on mummies and clay figurines are likely related to the ancient Egyptian deity Bes, who protected women and children during childbirth.

Researchers Anne Austin and Marie-Les Arnett published their findings in October in the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology. Arnett, an Egyptologist, said a tattoo of the deity Bes was found on the mummy’s thighs and lower back, according to ancient origins.

The first tattoo was found on the thigh of a middle-aged woman in a grave discovered in 2019. On the skin, there were dark colored patterns that may have run down her lower back. To the left of the tattoo is an image of the deity Bes with a bowl – a symbol of the purity of the postpartum ritual.

The second tattoo was also found on the body of a woman from a nearby grave. The Wdjat or Eye of Horus was found with a possible image of the deity Bes wearing a feathered crown.

This was captured using infrared photography as the tattoos were really hard to notice with the naked eye. This tattoo was associated with protection and healing.

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