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When you schedule plastic surgery, you expect it to be done where you paid for, but that’s not what happened to a patient. Nightteam’s Kevin Ozebek has 7Investigates tonight.

Cosmetic surgery can be the start of a big life change. Kayla Callahan was planning to fly from Atlanta to South Florida for surgery which she says will help her modeling career.

Kayla Callahan: “New body, it was going to be lit.”

But things soon turned dark.

Kayla Callahan: “I really want my money back.”

Kayla wanted a Brazilian butt lift and liposuction. She wanted to go to a plastic surgery center where she could be matched with a surgeon on staff. She chose Jolie Plastic Surgery in Miami.

Kayla Callahan: “I don’t have any friends who work at Jolie.”

Kayla paid Jolie Plastic Surgery $4,000. She was told to expect an email a few days before surgery with pre-op instructions. She got the email, but it wasn’t from Jolie.

Kayla Callahan: “I received an email from a company called Avana Plastic Surgery. This is not my doctor’s office.

She called them and was surprised when they revealed news about her doctor.

Kayla Callahan: “He now works for Avana. Your surgery has been moved here. They had my money, they had my health record, all my labs, everything.

Kayla says she checked into a surgery center she trusted, not a specific doctor. She couldn’t believe that her operation could be moved from place to place.

Kayla Callahan: “As a patient, if your doctor moves things, you should be able to know about that.”

Dr. Steven Rosenberg is the former chairman of the Florida Board of Medicine. He says there are rules that require doctors to notify patients in advance when they move, but the rules may not apply in Kayla’s case.

Dr. Steven Rosenberg: “If it’s the doctor’s office, they’re required to let patients know if they’re moving.”

Kayla says she never had a contract with the doctor. The company was the only name listed on his consent forms.

The attorney for the Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons told 7News: “Unless this contract allows for a first-facility assignment, there is a real legal issue with allowing another vendor to take on this case without the patient’s consent.”

Dr Steven Rosenberg: “Generally the records belong to the company, not the doctor, and it seems to be more of a contractual issue that the patient has with the company rather than the doctor. “

Kayla canceled her operation at Avana Plastic Surgery. When she asked for a refund, she was told it had to be from Jolie Plastic Surgery.

Kayla Callahan: “I keep thinking, ‘Oh, we’ll call you back. We will call you back.'”

We went to Jolie Plastic Surgery, but no one answered our questions. Avana Plastic Surgery is inside this building, a few miles away. They didn’t return our messages either.

But shortly after contacting both establishments, Kayla was told she “was” approved for a refund.

Kayla Callahan: “I had a lot planned after this procedure, and it’s so unfortunate now that I can’t even get it.”

Kayla hasn’t decided whether she will return to South Florida for plastic surgery. If she does, she says she is on high alert to find out who will perform the operation and where it will occur.

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