Best 2021 fantasy anime on Hulu, from demon slayer to realistic hero

For any anime fan with a Hulu account, an interest in current fantastic anime, and nothing to watch, here are some suggestions to meet their needs.

Hulu offers a number of shows that cater to viewers of all faiths. They feature adult cartoons, comic book series, and sitcoms. They also happen to boast of a wide array of animated series. For anyone with a Hulu account and a fondness for fantasy series, now is a good time to check out the anime platform.

Hulu has a large anime library with all kinds of genres to choose from, including fantasy. This year alone, several new anime series and pre-existing anime seasons have been released on the platform. Here are a few of those cartoons that are worth checking out for anime enthusiasts looking for something to watch.

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How a realistic hero rebuilt the kingdom

How a realistic hero rebuilt the kingdom

How a realistic hero rebuilt the kingdom takes the isekai genre in a rather unusual direction. The main character, an aspiring civil servant named Kazuya Souma, is transported to another world. He is expected to fight as a hero against the forces of the Demon Lord.

However, Souma instead focuses on strengthening the country of Elfrieden Kingdom economically so that they do not have to go to war at all. He even has the idea of ​​selling the hero armor he would have used in battles to earn quick money. This cerebral approach to exploring a fantasy world may not be as action-packed as its contemporaries, but it is nonetheless fascinating and refreshing.

To concern How a realistic hero rebuilt the kingdom.

The world ends with you Animation

Anime The World Ends With You The Animation Street Fight

Based on the hit game Square Enix, this series features Neku Sakuraba, a boy who died and became a member of the Reaper Game in the Underground. He who wins is resurrected, but he who loses is erased from existence. The series features cool character designs, an awesome soundtrack, and a breakneck pace.

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What’s really interesting about this anime is the way people were introduced to it. All players who have played Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance may recognize the characters in the series as odd characters in the cast of the game. They are characters featured in this game that do not appear to be from Kingdom Hearts, Disney, or Final Fantasy, but rather something else. thing. Turns out these characters all come from The world ends with you. People can either play the game to get the full story or watch the anime released this year.

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Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba

Inosuke Zennitsu Nezuko and Tanjirou from Demon Slayer

Many anime fans are easily familiar with Demon slayer, but if they aren’t, the plot is in the name. Tanjiro Kamado is on a thrilling, heartbreaking, and emotionally stimulating journey to find the demon who killed his family and hopefully find a way to turn his sister Nezuko into a human.

There are elements of the manga that are standard among Shōnen Jump anime, but the presentation of the anime is phenomenal. The anime features stellar animation and a moving soundtrack that elevates the series to sensational new heights, making it a must-have for any anime fan.

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The series recently began its second season, which is available on Hulu. The first episodes of the season are primarily used to recap the events of the Mugen Train movie released over the past year. However, this arc is coming to an end and Tanjiro and his friends at Demon Slayer Corp. are preparing for the Arc Entertainment District.

To concern Demon slayer.

Vanitas case study

Vanitas tries to cure vampires from aggression

Vanitas case study has an elegant take on vampires. Set in an alternative Paris of the 19th century, the series revolves around the vampire Noah and the human doctor Vanitas. The latter uses a mysterious grimoire to heal sick vampires, but the book is supposed to bring about the destruction of all vampires. As well as uncovering the mystery behind the grimoire, the series itself is a generally fun watch: the characters are endearing, the lore is deep, the art and animation is magnificent, the music is catchy. There are even elements of romance and comedy that can be sweet and entertaining, respectively. The series as a whole is particularly stylish and has a bit of something for everyone.

To concern Vanitas case study.

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