Best ‘Dora the Explorer’ Toy

Which ‘Dora the Explorer’ toys are the best?

“Dora the Explorer” has remained a staple of modern children’s cartoons, leading many children to want lines from the series to act out their own scenes from the universe. “Dora the Explorer” toys come in many forms, including “Dora the Explorer” plush toys, replicas of Dora’s backpack, and more.

This ‘Dora the Explorer’ plush toy features a detachable backpack and map for play and soft plush material suitable for fans of all ages.

What to know before buying ‘Dora the Explorer’ toys

Types of ‘Dora the Explorer’ toys

The type of toy you should get depends on who will be playing with it. Luckily, there are many types of “Dora the Explorer” toys available. “Dora the Explorer” toys can be found as plush dolls, coloring books, action figures, and several other types of toys. Knowing what type of toy you want to buy can help you narrow down the options during your search.


Some “Dora the Explorer” toys are larger or smaller than others, which can also influence your purchase, especially if you plan to give it to a young child. Dora the Explorer toys can be found in small figures and large plush dolls, so choosing the right size shouldn’t be too difficult.

What to Look for in a Quality ‘Dora the Explorer’ Toy

Age appropriate

For young children, small pieces can pose a safety threat, so opting for something larger, softer and less likely to choke may be the safest bet. Still, older children often prefer toys that are a bit more engaging, so they may not enjoy something as simple as a plush doll as much. Of course, it also depends on the child. Finding an age-appropriate “Dora the Explorer” toy can help ensure your recipient gets the most out of your purchase rather than keeping it in the bottom of the toy bin.

Interactive game

Most “Dora the Explorer” toys include interactive play elements, including Dora’s backpack and a removable map. A toy can be as interactive as simply giving the child a way to play or include a few different pieces to use together. Although Dora the Explorer coloring books are interactive in a slightly different way, they are also loved for the fun and engagement they provide to their owners.

Favorite character(s)

If your child or the gift recipient has a favorite “Dora the Explorer” character, that might also be worth considering when deciding which toy to buy. “Dora the Explorer” characters include Dora herself, Boots the monkey, Swiper, Dora’s parents, the backpack, and the map, among others.

How much you can expect to spend on ‘Dora the Explorer’ toys

Depending on what you are looking for in “Dora the Explorer” toys, you can find a range of products at different price points. Most inexpensive “Dora the Explorer” toys will cost as low as $8, while most mid-priced models range from $15 to $50.

‘Dora the Explorer’ Toys FAQ

Where can you find ‘Dora the Explorer’ boot toys?

A. You can find toys featuring the boots of the “Dora the Explorer” monkey character at several online retailers. In particular, Amazon sells a few different versions of Boots, including a Boots plush toy from “Dora the Explorer.”

Do they make “Dora the Explorer” backpack toys?

A. The “Dora the Explorer” backpack is iconic, and as such, you can find several different designs sporting the bag with a face look. “Dora the Explorer” backpack toys will vary in style, material, size, and functionality, though the vast majority will also include the map, another common character from the series.

What are the best ‘Dora the Explorer’ toys to buy?

Top ‘Dora the Explorer’ Toys

ETN “Dora the Explorer” Plush with Removable Backpack

What do you want to know: This simple “Dora the Explorer” plush toy includes a removable backpack with a map, plus it’s extremely soft and suitable for children of almost all ages.

What you will love: This ‘Dora the Explorer’ plush doll is ideal for fans of the series, with three individual pieces that make it easy to act out your own episodes. It includes a Dora plush doll and a removable backpack and map.

What you should consider: Some buyers were looking for “Dora the Explorer” props instead of the main character herself.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Best ‘Dora the Explorer’ Toys for the Money

LXSLFY Dora the Explorer Plush Toy Backpack with Map

LXSLFY “Dora the Explorer” Plush Backpack with Map

What do you want to know: For kids who love to pretend to be Dora, this plush version of Dora’s backpack is as soft as it gets and provides a great way to role-play the show.

What you will love: This soft backpack is designed for children over 2 years old and stands approximately 10 inches tall, with adjustable shoulder straps and a large top-loading pocket for goods. It also comes with a removable map that stows in one of the two elastic side pockets.

What you should consider: This Dora plush backpack arrived a little dirty for some buyers which required replacement.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Gioobbt Dora The Explorer Toy Plush Monkey Character Boots

Gioobbt Plush Monkey Character Boots “Dora the Explorer” Toy

What do you want to know: Another great plush toy, this stuffed animal features Boots from “Dora the Explorer”, the talking monkey sidekick who helps Dora on her quests.

What you will love: Featuring an 8 inch soft plush design, this Boots stuffed animal works great for fans of the show of different ages due to its soft material. This Boots plush toy from “Dora the Explorer” also pairs great with other plush toys from the series.

What you should consider: Many shoppers decided to opt for toys featuring “Dora the Explorer” herself, rather than Boots the Monkey toys.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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