Black Widow Yelena Hot Toys figure has lots of pockets


Black Widow fans have a new collectible on the way. Hot Toys has announced the release of a new member of their fan favorite Movie Masterpiece series, Yelena Belova. Yelena, performed by Florence pugh in Black Widow, is known as the Passionate Assassin who came from the Red Room’s relentless workout routine and has a bone to choose from with Black Widow.

According to Hot Toys, each of the Yelena figures are created in 1/6 scale and are expertly crafted with amazing detail and screen precision. Based on Pugh’s portrayal as Yelena, each figure features a freshly designed and hand-painted portrait that shows the assassin with perfectly sculpted hair, a tight-fitting snowsuit, several weapons and accessories, and of course his unforgettable vest with multiple pockets and magnet function.


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The Yelena figure also comes with a long list of bonus features, including interchangeable hands so you can pose her in different fighting stances, 28 points of articulation to facilitate those fighting stances, a set of armor pieces. shoulder, boots, black wrist guards, elbow guards, and a helmet. In addition, Yelena arrives heavily armed with: a long baton, a pistol with a thigh belt holster, a pair of batons and three daggers.


Every collector knows that no figurine is complete without a display and Yelena is no different. The figurine will come with its own themed display with a Black Widow movie logo and character nameplate.


With the holiday season just around the corner, make sure the figurine collector in your life gets their hands on this gorgeous Black Widow figure. The figure is available for pre-order from Sideshow for $ 270, with an estimated delivery date of October through December 2022. Check out more images below:




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