Character ancestors we want to see in future Pokemon Legends games

Pokemon Legends: Arceus was special Pokemon game in many ways, from its historical setting to its new way of battling and catching Pokemon. Due to its popularity and title, fans are starting to wonder if Pokemon Legends: Arceus is only the beginning of a possible series of Pokemon Legends Games. If so, fans have plenty to be excited about for the future, as more regions of the distant past may be explored, which means more ancestor characters.


One of the delicious parts of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, is that fans could recognize the ancestors of the characters. Examples include Commander Kamado’s resemblance to Professor Rowan and Captain Cyllene’s resemblance to Boss Cyrus. Many ancestors were linked to characters from Pokemon: Diamond and pearl because they are in the old version of Sinnoh. If there should be a future Pokemon Legends games, so there are plenty of character ancestors that fans would love to see.

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The ancestors of red and blue

Gold versus Red.

Red and Blue are the protagonist and the rival that started the whole Pokemon series. They are the ones who eventually fathered Ash and Gary of the Pokemon anime, and have appeared in many other media such as Pokémon Origins, Pokémon Generationsand Pokemon Adventures.They have been in many games other than the first one, appearing in Pokémon Gold, Silverand Crystal, Gold heart and Underliver, Black and White 2and sun and moon.

Seeing Red and Blue’s ancestors would be amazing, especially since fans have known about these characters since the early 90s. If a Pokemon Legends The game explores ancient Kanto, Blue and Red’s ancestors are a must see. Could their ancestors also be rivals? Would they have the same Pokémon, like Pikachu and Raticate? There are a lot of things that could be interesting to see.

No more wicked ancestors

Split image of Giovanni and Lunasamine.

Villains are some of the most interesting characters in the Pokemon series. Pokemon Legends: Arceus has already shown a number of Team Galactic villain ancestors to Sinnoh. However, Team Galactic is known as one of the least memorable Pokemon bad guys. Future Pokemon Legends games may show the ancestors of far more interesting and memorable villains such as Giovanni, Lusamine, Guzma, Max, and Archie. Seeing what developers can do with their designs in an ancient region would be a lot of fun. As shown on the Pokemon Legends: Arceusancestors don’t have to be bad guys too.

Even major villain characters who are more famous in anime, like Jessie and James, may have ancestors in another Pokemon Legends Game. After all, Jessie and James have appeared in games like pokemon yellow and Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee. Another character, who can technically be called a villain (for part of the game) is N. In the Black and White games, N is a major fan favorite character. Seeing his ancestor would definitely excite fans.

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More Elite Four and Gym Leader ancestors

Split image of Misty and Opal.

Over several generations, Pokemon like a huge range of Gym Leader and Elite Four trainers that they can play with. Of course, some are considered far more memorable and interesting than others. Misty and Brock from the first generation would be an especially popular choice due to their nostalgic value and their roles in the anime. Anyone from the first generation would be a good choice, as they have been in many games. This includes Koga, Erika, Sabrina, Erika, and Blaine.

There are also Gym Leader and Elite Four members who are popular due to their memorable designs, such as Opal, Valerie, Skyla, Winona, Wallace, Fantina, Elesa, Sauntal, Acerola, Roxie, Leon, Iris, Piers, and Drayden. Memorable designs would greatly help players recognize their ancestors. For example, Piers’ ancestor could easily be identified by hair and Opal by clothing. Not only that, but their ancestors may be connected in some way to the type of Pokemon the Gym Leaders and Elite Four specialize in.

More Pokemon Professors

Split image of Oak and Kukui.

With the wicked and the bosses, Pokemon the games always have their teachers. Some were much more popular than others. Oak would be a good choice because of its fame and nostalgia. Kukui, on the other hand, is a teacher that many like because he wears a shirtless lab coat like a true professional. The teachers are also highly appreciated, such as Sonia from Sword and Shield and Juniper from the Unova region.

Since there’s only one professor per region (usually), they’re all pretty memorable characters. It would be interesting to see if their ancestors were also very curious about Pokémon. It would also be fun if their ancestors were very different people, maybe even villains.

AZ and his family

Az holding Floette.

AZ is a special case, as it is over three thousand years old. He could be the only character in a Pokemon Legends game is not an ancestor, but a younger version of itself. He is one of the most interesting characters in the series, but has received very little attention despite his unique backstory of being thousands of years old and creating the ultimate weapon during a war between two nations. If there is ever a Pokemon Legends game set in historical Kalos, it could be during this war with the young me of AZ.

The man would look quite different, as his most memorable aspect, his height, was actually due to his exposure to the ultimate weapon. Fans also got to meet his brother, who apparently buried the ultimate weapon. His mother was also known for giving him her precious Floette, but fans never met her since she was alive only thousands of years ago.

There’s a ton of content that Kalos and AZ’s story can dive into for a future Pokemon Legends game. This is especially true knowing that there are multiple universes in Pokemon. So players who change the course of history are not a concern. They might actually stop AZ from using the ultimate weapon in the first place. Of course, all of this would happen while also meeting the ancestors of Kalos characters such as Korrina’s ancestor, Lysander, and Sycamore.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is now available on Switch.

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